H3onE3 Universal Facilitator, Universal Sacrifice and Holy Pi

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H3onE3 Universal Facilitator, Universal Sacrifice and Holy Pi

H3onE3 is an exploration of art, media and history to explore the methods and source of population control.  The work will unearth the bones of a lost civilized and advanced society, which physical evidence has been forcibly purged, detached and nearly bleached clean from earth’s current native populace.  The knowledge will challenge professed beliefs, cultural development, and social evolution, shaking the formidable foundations of an engineered society. It will be both intimidating and daunting to continue to read and discern, at times frightening to push on through the clouds, dust and storms when thirst appears satisfied with blank, habitual and sublime ignorance.  With the lack of physical evidence or DNA to explain the nearly un-explainable, what is real will be challenged to be un-genuine. We must walk among the ghosts now, for a measure of time before we may find ourselves among the living.  This O’ my brothers is the magnificent and mind exploding story of H3onE3.

square the circle

H3onE3 solving the Solomons Temple

Act one:


The bible and linear western media retains two fundamental components that make them similarly unique. One is the environmental record of earth’s circular round climatic cycle, which is well outlined in the H2onE2 book.  The other component of Linear Western religion and preModern media (art, music, literature and video) is a form of population control which promotes, outlines and hides prophesied characters.  These unique actors will be called the Universal Sacrifice (US) and the Universal Facilitator (UF).  Together they embody a mystery or ghost to the conscious subconscious mind.

The H3onE3 work will cover the components of the US and UF, their source and future technologies which further take on Homeric elements to uncover 2,500 years of methods and practices of preModern population control.  The Hero / Sacrifice model is an extremely effective tool of population control that dates back to ancient Greece with its earliest known utilization of Homeric and Sacrificial media, found in the Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer.  The Sacrificial elements of a Homeric hero were later attached to the same conscious / subconscious messages and further enhanced with the introduction of Linear Western Religion.  With the launch of sci-fi and fantasy media both natural objects and technological advancements have also become Homeric and Sacrificial elements in media.

This of course will require locating the root of this form of population control and understanding the creation and discovery of Pi = 3.14 to uncover the third element of the trinity which is the Holy Ghost.  The physical fundamentals of political control will also be investigated which include war and promoting of social, cultural, racial and community conflict. Nothing found here is a cultural phenomenon, but a well planned, controlled, political method of population control. “Come with uncle,” I say, “and hear all proper, hear, hear angel trumpets and devil trombones, you are invited.

Burning man Universal Sacrifice and Executioner

Burning man is a metaphor to the Universal Sacrifice, but also references the early followers of the Christian religion, burned as martyrs for their beliefs.  Burning Christians was performed for entertainment of the Roman Caesars; particularly Nero.  To understand the Universal Sacrifice (US) and his executioner (UF) first requires an explanation to the psychological background of sacrifice and human’s subconscious desire to the sinister deed.

The investigation will include the political and economic benefits to providing a public sacrifice, openly performed in ancient Rome within the gladiatorial games. Who is who, the real identity of the Universal Sacrifice and what preserves him in the land of the living. Finally, scrutinize the mixed messages which both proclaim him as a hero and degrade him, as an unwanted social misfit.

The human attraction to sacrifice is based on historical, evolutionary experiences but most importantly it is rooted in personal self salvation. To the individual, there is nothing personally wrong with sacrifice, as long as you are watching the event and not hanging from the gallows, on a sacrificial alter, tied to a burning stake or become the US.  In fact, in historical times, executions were the most popular form of entertainment, an extremely public and ritual event; equal to any religious experience. Entertainment in historical times was minimal, there would be music and some form of traditional dance, but the big top, the main, event always involved an execution of someone outside your group, tribe or developing culture.

In history when humans did not have access to an outside culture worth executing, they found them from within, either someone marked by evil or in association, would be called upon for a sacrifice.  Since America developed with a history that included witch burning, in metaphorical relationships, burning man fits into the cultural traditions and associated deviant identities.  Realize that either hearing in story, or seeing in image, a sacrifice is equally as powerful as being at the event.  This is because a story or picture would live on as infectious, invading the psyche of other primitive preModern humans.

21 Century Sacrifice

In the 21st century most preModern humans have been culturally refined to the point where they find it distasteful to publicly burn someone outside their tribe. Although a secret desire still exists, in humans, and most importantly not be the apogee set aflame. This human desire continues on in popular culture, where it is weaved into every aspect of music, art and popular media. The stronger the media reference to the Universal Sacrifice (US) the greater the attraction is to the media, increasing its popularity. The connection between characters such as Jesus, Little Alex from Clockwork Orange, images of Black Dog, Burning Man or even Homer Simpson is rooted in a methodology of political population control dating back to ancient Greece.

People are not easy to control and psychologically enslave; they require a set of tools to manage their behavior, in order to be completely governed.  These tools include both Homeric messages and a connected component of sacrifice.  This is the only way less than 1% of the population can control 90% of the wealth. The first known use of this method of population control can be noted in the Greek epic poems called the Iliad and the Odyssey. These stories were created in the 8th century BC, 850 years before Christ by the Greek called Homer. The poems were widely popular because they spoke of a leader, king and savor to come and free the population from the unjustness in their society. Hence the political ideological messages are called Homeric.

The ruling parties in ancient Greece and throughout other lands found that if a population was waiting on a leader to come in the media, or return to free them, this population could be more easily governed. In addition more public wealth could be removed by the leaders of the population; the top 1%. This political methodology was noted throughout the western world and this technique of political control was utilized in the creation of the Abrahamic religions and entwined into the Old and New Testament. The Abrahamic religion added one additional factor to the subconscious Homeric message and it involved combining human’s desire for sacrifice; creating the Universal Sacrifice (US) and his facilitator, the UF.

The Universal Sacrifice is a potent structure of political control, because it combines two forms, or tools of public control. It also transmits a psychological message which is, speaking out against the government, religion, media, justice system, or method of political control, could make you into the Universal Sacrifice (US). Remember subconsciously humans like to hear about sacrifice because it assures them, they were not to be the chosen one.  Speaking out against a Homeric political system goes against human’s primitive attraction to sacrifice.  So, this is a well built psychological deterrent to speaking out against a political system, and burning man is just one more reminder of your fate.

The US Seal

The universal problem with the Universal Sacrifice (US) occurred when he was given a real identity and a curse. The drafters of the United States knew the principles and ideology that literally constitutes their forming country would fail at inception; slavery being just one paradigm. The founders answer was to place the Universal Sacrifice (US) on the Virginia State Flag and include a warning or curse. The curse in the Virginia State flag is displayed in the ring of red fire berries.  These fire berries are a metaphor to a ring of fire and a warning to the outcome of an executioner or killer of the Universal Sacrifice (US).

This ring of fire warns that harming the Universal Sacrifice (US) pictured on the Virginia State flag will result in being burned to death. The other element worth mentioning about the fire berries is there number, which means more than one executioner will be burned alive. In fact if orders followed a chain of commands the fate would go all the way to the Roman emperor; imaged as Nero but referenced now as the Pope. Hence burning man stands out as both an apogee to the Universal Sacrifice (US) and possibly a warning to the outcome of his identified executioners.

The executioner of Jesus in Abrahamic religion is noted as Saint Longinus commemorated in a giant marble statue in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.  Longinus is noted as the Roman centurion that speared Jesus in the chest after being raised on the cross. His weapon was called the Spear of Longinus later associated and mixed with the Spear of Destiny, a prominent Celtic pagan mythical object.

The Spear of Destiny is one of the four magical Celtic treasures.  Its importance is significant because it appears in the hand of the Universal Sacrifice (US) on the Virginia State Flag.  The other item to note in the picture is that the simple blue coat worn by the Universal Sacrifice (US), resembles that of a Spartan child’s attire.  These children were raised as soldiers, both beaten and starved and wore no tunic after the age of seven. Only provided one coat to last them the whole year through, often the children went barefoot.

There is actually duality or a mixed message in the Universal Sacrifice, on one hand he is acclaimed as a hero and on the other ridiculed as a sacrifice. Mixed messages are important so the average 99.9% of the population does not completely understand the messages; or they would fail to work as a method of political control.  The Universal Sacrifice is like having an unwanted child, and referenced as such in media like Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Denis the Menis or even Bart Simpson.

Of the best media which clearly outlines the Universal Sacrifice training program and development from a mythical creature to a very real person is Clockwork Orange.  Being able to interpret the Clockwork Orange media will be essential to understanding the actual development of the Homeric Hero and Sacrificial lamb. So, let’s make things nice and sparkling clear.

Clockwork Orange Secrets, Meaning, Metaphors, Homeric and Sacrificial

Clockwork Orange the book and movie, outline many aspects of the life and methods used to build and construct a Universal Sacrifice. The story exploits both metaphors and mixed Homeric and Sacrificial elements to hide the Universal Sacrifice from the conscious, subconscious mind. The true meaning of Clockwork Orange is also cloaked by, reversing the timeline; for later scenes are more suited to Alex’s earlier years; especially in regards to his childhood and institutional upbringing.

First off, an exploration of little Alex’s youth can be made from many symbolized elements in the story.  In the Clockwork Orange story Alex did not hold a job, but his work is well outlined in the suggestive metaphors. The Clockwork Orange story will also be probed for elements that strengthen the link to the medical field which produces the final sacrifice.

The medical field plays an important role in the final development of a Droog. The conclusion will be, Alex was raised in an alternate Spartan fashion as a warrior and later in adulthood hired to run a healing machine, creating Frederick Nietzsche’s Superman’s Superman and the quintessential duel persona. The physical and psychological contradictions, conditioning and experiences create the Universal Sacrifice, the Vitruvian Man.

The aspects of little Alex’s youth are well out lined in the Clockwork Orange Story but mixed to make extraction difficult. The first thing you need to understand is how Spartan children were raised in ancient Greece; it is extremely important to being able to understand and interpret the Clockwork Orange story. The story might also rather stand as a manual, certain parents in the program followed.

The first thing to note in the movie is the uniform worn by Alex and his Droogs. In the movie it is represented as minimalistic, mimicking Spartan children who were only given one coat to last the year; often no shoes. The children were left to the elements, to harden them. Often they went cold, shaking the whole night through.

Alex is physically presented as thin, pale and emaciated; it was common in Sparta to starve their male children. This psychologically develops a super human desire to want things they are never allowed to have.  In those times a strong desire was mentally needed to win battles, both physical and psychological conditioning kept the Spartan community safe in a dangerous primitive world.

Chicken Man

In modern times it is not easy to starve your children. To simulate the physical and psychological training required to physically construct a modern Spartan soldier mandated alternative methods. To keep your child hungry, pale and emaciated in modern society required feeding him rotten or raw food; especially chicken.  If chicken is not completely cooked it will guaranty a foodborne illness followed by severe vomiting and sickness

The symbiotic relationship is well noted in the Family Guy episodes where Peter often fights with a large chicken. The raw chicken would make Alex sick, eventually little Alex would avoid all foods and indoctrinate himself in his own training. In the Clockwork Orange story Alex’s sickness shows up, near the end and out of context. This hides the true meaning consciously for most of the 99.9% of the population but stimulates the subconscious mind, to both Homeric and Sacrificial elements.

Spartan children are dangerous and a small scuffle could rapidly escalade at school or in the playground. Cafeterias and playgrounds are extremely territorial spaces to children and little Droogies will need to avoid these locations. A Droog chooses to shun these locations for one reason, he knows he has the will to kill, if angered, and perceives every fight as a death match. This was because of his training; the result is an anger that even he fears. The Green Hulk is a good metaphorical representation to the Spartan rage where a flash of boiling blood stirs to the skins surface.  “Feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it being a night of no small expenditure”.

It is also important for Alex to experience loss, both toys and friends. Fabulous toys would be provided and then pried away from his clinched fists. Playmates would be removed and he would be dragged through a series of schools.  In real life it would be typical for a US to be dragged through eight schools in twelve years.

Schools provided Alex with an experience of abuse and an environment that lacks fairness; this builds a strong distrust and hatred for authority and the educational system.  The only success a Droog has in life is seen on the simulated battle ground, the sports field, his teams go undefeated by physically and psychologically dominating his opponent.  On his team are other mini Droogs in the US program which included both male and female players.  At least one female mini Droog was forced into her own isolation.

Little Alex is represented as highly intelligent, a natural born leader but comes from a disadvantaged background.  Usually people like Alex succeed in life or die trying, considering he was raised to fight on the battle field, long after the others were killed off.

Heavy Metal

There is only one way to remove a Droog’s intelligence and the results, are commonly diagnosed in children that ingest lead based paint chips and are seen in certain bullet wounds.  These are severe learning disabilities.  To give Alex a disadvantage in life required creating learning disabilities, which would make him hyperactive, sick and nearly unable to read or write. “Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven!

The lead would be administered in a small lead bead which would be injected in the arm joint under a tendon.  This was a bloody event that involved two large nurses holding down the six year old Droog.  A foot long syringe was held behind the doctor, quickly brought forth and jammed into the elbow joint.  A thick heavy spray of the lovely red red blood pumped out when the injection needle was retracted.  The white uniforms of the doctors and nurses were hosed down as if they were standing in a firing line.  The Droog was released and fled to the corner of the room behind a chair and his mother to fight off any further attacks.

The lead bead is placed in the arm joint because only lead in joints produces lead toxicity. Lead toxicity was first documented as early as 200 B.C. in ancient Rome.  Julius Caesar’s engineer, Vitruvius, details, “Water is much more wholesome from earthenware pipes than from lead pipes”.  The symptoms of chronic lead poisoning consist of neurological disorders, such as permanent and temporary reduced cognitive abilities, nausea, abdominal pain, insomnia, irritability, and excessive lethargy or hyperactivity, chest pain, headaches and, in extreme cases, seizure, coma, and death.

Lead toxicity is also linked to gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, weight loss, which are common in acute poisoning. A direct link between early lead exposure and learning disabilities has been confirmed by multiple researchers and child advocacy groups. A May 2000 study by economic consultant Rick Nevin theorizes that lead exposure explains 65% to 90% of the variation in violent crime rates in the different regions of the United States.  The Clockwork Orange movie notes nearly all these health conditions associated with lead toxicity levels, either directly or indirectly.

As a child, the Droog would have played with the little bead in their arm, as other children would shoot marbles. Testosterone and other drugs would be delivered later through fake allergy shots. The reference to this is marked in the Clockwork Orange story near the end when Alex states, “I keep having this dream that these Doctors messed around with my Gulliver, you know the inside of my brain.”

Lead and mercury poisoning effects the tooth enamel causing cavities and later tooth loss. Properly referenced in Alfred E. Neuman, fictional mascot of Mad magazine. Droogs might even refer to his choppers as Hitler teeth because he was no self made man. No one is a self made man either, not on this level.  Lead and mercury poisoning is noted in Hitler’s tooth loss. A tooth condition fits into the Spartan training because they were required to experience extreme pain. For the Droogies this came in the form of a dentist’s drill, with no Novocain.


The disadvantaged background continues on, because Alex is represented as a thief, which is also the same requirement of Spartan Children. If Spartan children wanted to eat, they had to steal their food, but if they were not smart enough to avoid being caught, they would experience a severe beating. “This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence”.

Food was the tool used to force the mother of the US to be involved in the program and facilitate in his / her training.  There was no escape for the young US mother, she would lose her meager job and food would quickly disappear from her fridge.  Often she refused, the fridge would quickly empty and she would leave the house and kids alone unable to deal with the situation or conditions.  This is a real curse.

Most kids get into some degree of trouble for being misfits but Droogie children are real gremlins. The difference being, Droogie children would plan and calculate operational mischief for days and even weeks; figuring in a change of clothes, finger prints and even DNA. These events are not planned to hurt and maim society but, maybe leave a small trail of blood, “sometimes their own”.  Usually just a fire or small explosion would be left in their wake. No teacher, windshield or mailbox was safe, later in life feeling both regret and an awkward and uncomfortable mirth. Lastly Droog’s receive their driver’s license at around the age of eight from a State of Mind.

The favorite form of mischief for your narrator would require finding an old car tire.  It was preferred to have a steel rim and be jacked with enough air to give it substantial gravitational and rotational weight.  The tire would be hand paddled to the top of a steep hill overlooking a busy road.  It would be released to its fate.  The tire would at first, and disappointedly slowly spin before it picked up a hurricane of speed.  At this point the tire would reach such a velocity any bump or pit would send it hurdling skyward.  The impact was unbelievable, both visually and verbally, voicing a thunder, which cracked and echoed off the nearby concrete high-rises.

This sort of behavior did not start until the Droog training was well on its way.  It did soon follow the lead injection and the unjustness of being in trouble for things the Droog did not actually perform.  The mischief was a form of evening up the score with society. If the Droog was to be in trouble for things he did not do, than his anger and vengeance would propel him to make right, what is right.

Work for old Alex

Alex does not hold a job in the Clockwork Orange Story but references to his work in real life are provided in distinguishable metaphors. To start the white suit Alex and his Droogs wear hold duality and are also metaphors to hospital scrubs. Hospital workers now wear colored and printed surgical suits, but originally they were just white. The white scrubs could be bleached and properly disinfected.

The abandon theater rape scene, in the movie is a metaphor to a surgical theater, which was common in the early days of medicine. This surgical theater was a classroom where the students could sit in elevated seats to view surgery or human dissection.  The theater rape scene is also a metaphor to unnecessary medical procedures being performed in the current healthcare system.

The gang that the Droogs fight in the theater wear Nazi German clothing and similar marks. These like many other elements in the story hold dual meanings, referencing both a Holocaust by continuing to use unnecessary surgical procedures, and the origins and time period when the superior medical technology was invented.  Here in the modern medical technology “the healing machine”, can the requirement for surgery be eliminated. The knife demonstrated by the character Billy Boy, the leader of the Nazi gang is a metaphor to a surgical instrument.  This explains why in the movie Droogs don’t carry knives, their weapons are sticks and chains.

The last few items to mention about the implied work metaphors are in the most distinguishable parts of the Droog’s uniform, the cock protector, eight ball cane and eye ball cuffs. The cock protector is only worn by Droogs, in the movie because they are the only people, other than the doctors that know what unnecessary urological surgeries to avoid.

The cock protector worn by the Droogies is physically represented to stave off the Urological tools out of his penis. Utilizing the superior medical technology, a healing machine eliminates the need for any surgical tools. Operating a healing machine is what Droogs do for work. In fact, it is like playing a human video game, which heals people invasively, without surgical complications or death.

The cane is a reference to the lucky eight ball, if you come to get surgery and see a Droogie, you just got real lucky. The canes dual meaning could be an obnoxious reference, calling Alex a lucky man, when in fact he is cursed.  Only on the movies cover jacket and posters is the eight ball cane demonstrated.  In the movie it is just a wooden ball most likely representing the Spear of Destiny.

Currently, most body stone cases are surgically treated and marginally successful, a percentage will have complications, further infections, requiring some kidney transplants and deaths add up.  This is a very real holocaust equal to any event in human history, just white collared and out of the public’s eye; till now of course O’ my brothers.  Similar to war, Droogies are exposed to blood, guts and eye balls, but in a surgical setting, not in a battle field. Hence the references to eye balls on Alex’s sleeve cuffs and blood on Dims suspenders are distinguishable.

Medical field and a Droog

The medical procedure Alex performs, is well outlined and demonstrated in the Clockwork Orange story. Alex operates a lithotripter which breaks up body stones, both kidney and gallbladder stones, with a vibration energy called a shockwave. The shockwave is produced by firing a large spark plug in a water bladder which focuses the energy to a point; extremely simple technology.

The shock wave is directed with X-rays and table movement controls that would mimic any video game, in function and playability. The lithotripsy machine is referenced in the Clockwork Orange movie in many scenes, the psychological treatment when Alex’s eyes are forced open. Also within the Beethoven music, which some find as classical perfection.  This also makes a parallel between a good and bad Litho machine design, some are designed not to be completely effective.  Finally all references to the Ultra Violence, as the current Holocaust.

The scene where the stone dunk is brutally beaten by Alex and his Droogies in the tunnel is extremely significant. First note the image of the dark, wet, round tunnel; this is a reference to a human body. In fact a urine tube called a ureter. The stone drunk man symbiotically represents a kidney stone and the beating references the treatment procedure, which feels like a sharp smack. Note, Alex delivers blows only to the kidney region, no head shots. Alex can be brutal but is not a sadist as shown in the movie.

A alcoholic is much more likely to experience kidney stones because alcohol dehydrates the human body, allowing calcium and other minerals to precipitate into stones. Urinary tract infections can also lead to kidney stones, so dirty people with poor diets and hygiene are more susceptible to the kidney stone disease. Certain ethnic groups experience high rates of kidney stones, which include the African population and the Jews, so references of Black Dog or the reversible Black God are distinguishable.

The drugs used by the Droogs are shown in the Moloko Drencro Bar; Moloko being Russian for milk. The milk is not a metaphor but properly represented and used in most modern surgeries. The brand name for the drug is called Diprivan, which is an opiate based drug suspended in milk also called propenyl.  “The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence.”

The rationale for Diprivan being suspended in milk, is because the milk helps give the drug a short shelf life; six hours. Removing the Diprivan from cold storage begins the six hour useful period. After six hours the milk warms and curdles making the drug dangerous to administer, and hold no street value.

In conclusion Alex was raised to be a criminal, and serial killer. He was also beaten well, starved and denied justice, because this is how you raise a Spartan soldier or the boy imaged in the Virginia state flag. The final step is giving him an artificial moral conscience which is provided by the healing machine and one loving parent. “Excellent. He’s enterprising, aggressive, outgoing, young, bold, vicious. He’ll do…He’s perfect. I want his records sent to me. This vicious young hoodlum will be transformed out of all recognition.”

Operating a machine that reaches inside the human body, without surgery, and heal a disease is the Holy Grail of medicine. It would simulate the power of god and will psychologically change the operator. The scene where Alex is beaten by police, demonstrates Alex simulating this Jesus, like conscious.  This explains why Alex is bleeding from the head and both hand, as though placed on a cross for crucifixion.

An Evaluation

Brief loss of sanity would be experienced at times in a Droogies life because of the contradicting upbringing and life experiences. This is referenced in Clockwork Orange with the psychological evaluation near the end. One psychological evaluation would be performed each grade year to follow a Droogies progress and current state of mental stability. The evaluation room noted by a human skull placed on the bookshelf. Alex would have met other children involved in the same training, warehoused out of a private school. The media representation to this can be found in the movie “Boys From Brazil”; see the original 1978 movie trailer.

Alex was not raised to be Jesus, he was raised to either kill God or become a future Lot of preModern Soddom and Gomorrah, represented in sci-fi as such characters as Flash Gordon. Remember everything in the Bible has duality both past and future meaning.  For this reason alone it seems that humanity has evolved technically and been destroyed at least once before, if not, many times throughout history.

There is a side effect to this treatment which leaves Droog’s with sever gremlin tendencies and traditions. Someone that finds no justice, will find the system to be a joke. This was not a well thought out concept, because of the pure nature of the Droog. The extreme contradictions between producing a Spartan and combining him with symbiotic Jesus training, of a hero and sacrifice will produce an extremely mischievous individual.

This is someone able and willing to fix the wrongs in society, but at a price. This is because about half of the time, a Droog thinks of ways to be mischief and giving him a platform or stage is not going to produce any typically imagined results.  Droogs are poor heroes and make even worst politicians.  Rule one never take a Droog out in public, rule two if you brake rule one do not take the Droog to any formal event.

Since a Droog looses everything he cherishes he will have nothing to work for in life.  Most of his material possessions will be later destroyed by his own hands rather than letting someone else enjoy his labors.  As far as pledging himself to a cause or population, there is nothing he calls his own, no flag he stands under and as such considers his situation as being on an island.  His island is far removed from the problems seen by the general public.

Just to give you some ideas, Droogs reject most social values, and status symbols which preModern humans use to build communities throughout their evolution. There is a certain conduct which needs to be performed within a group to even, call yourself a group, tribe culture or nation. Droogies reject stereotypical behavior and search for extremes to identify with, and maybe call their own.

Throughout the Droog’s life he belongs to no group and is mostly alone, due to the extreme differences between his social and intellectual class. People that self educate tend to not be able to build close friendships and relationships with others that don’t pursue knowledge.  Since his associates, work and community college education fails to introduce him to people of equal intellect and interest, the Droog pulls even farther way form society.

There is always a risk involved in crossing swords with a Droog. Bad idea, revenge is at the heart of a Droog.  A Droog spends most of his days licking his wounds in life but there is one thing that keeps a sparkle in his eyes, breath in his lungs and pumps his little heart each second of the hour, and that is revenge. Without the possibility of revenge all good natured activities would instantly be halted. This psychological element is noted in some of the lingo of the Clockwork Orange story, such as “righty right and Welly Well”.

The long eyelash that the Alex Droog wears is a demonstration of his driving force.  Alex does not help mankind just because he feels someone should, humanity is seen as a tool, for his justice, or right is right. If a Droog tells you differently, they lie.  They belong to no group so they will help no special interest or ethnicity for the sole purpose of charity.

To “welly well” ruin your subconscious sacrificial party the conclusion is, your savior will be unfulfilling, undoubtedly annoying and your sacrifice even more disappointing, but what do you expect when you fear speaking out and allow others to think for you.  An exploration into why the population of humans doesn’t speak out should be made.  The justification is to the magnitude of the population controls, and no one wants to consciously or subconsciously become a Droog.  This is because the media draws as an epic and apocalyptic future, only a Droog has the mental will and tangible reason to go up against such a physical, psychologically and intellectually force.

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Represented in the Wizard of Oz Characters

The Five Horseman of the Apocalypse can be extrapolated from the metaphorical archeology and the represented philosophy within the media and art. The Horsemen appear in the Christian Bible in chapter six, the Book of Revelation and represent Conquest, War, Famine and Death. References to the Horsemen show up in popular media characters like the Wizard of Oz, the Hobbit, Clockwork Orange and the Fantastic Four from the Marvel comics.

The Homeric and combined sacrificial components date back to ancient Greece and the development of preModern medicine. An early understanding of both physical and emotional health will be formulated. The conclusion will set humankind on a course to overcome their emotions or experience a game changing environmental event, described as Glacial Respiration from the H2onE2 work. This sets the human species, on a course for birth or prescribed for re-termination.

To start, let us begin with the biblical understanding of the Four Horsemen and explore their unique features. The white Horseman is Conquest and carries a bow and is given a crown, to go forth and conquer. Some interpret the rider of the White Horseman to be the anti-Christ or return of the warrior Christ. This symbiotic relationship will quantify them as the same person but describes his dual persona found in his training program. The War Horsemen is red and carries a sword which he takes peace from the earth, and lets man kill one another. Famine is represented as black and carries a balance or weighing scale to bring forth famine. Death is represented as Pale or pale green and is followed by Hades.

In Greek mythology, Hades is the god of the underworld with Cerberus, the three-headed dog. Early Christians used the Greek word Hades to translate the Hebrew word Sheol, which is thought of as the “abode of the dead”, the “underworld”, or “pit”. Hades in Greek mythology was also called Pluto which significance comes up later as the fifth Horseman. The Book of Revelation has Death and his side-kick Hades, ride over a fourth of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth.

Nature objects and geographic direction might hold some significance to creating four horsemen. As an object they may well have origins in the four earth elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which are at the genesis of most religions. The direction associated with the Four Horsemen could be a reference to, North, East, South and West corresponding to a geographical division between the central leadership of the ruling church from the four corners of the world. The church leaders might have feared the far corners will brew their destruction.

These figures appear to be a force against the leaders of the church, as something they fear will eventually arise from the world’s disadvantaged population. The Horsemen will need to be explored for references to a hero, villain and general public and locate references to both the Universal Sacrifice (US) and Universal Facilitator (UF).

The Four Horsemen collectively do not represent the classical stereotypical hero or villain category of characters. This is for one reason alone, never has four heroes or villains worked together. There has always been just one figure that stands out in history as good or evil, examples being Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler or Stalin. So the horsemen together do not stand out as unique to the villain class, which means they must represent the public and the US and UF.

Riders on the Storm

One of the four primary characters always stands out as unique such as the Droogs, with Alex, Oz with Dorothy and the Hobbit with Frodo. He or she is represented as the leader; others follow at a lower contributing level. The White Horseman is embellished with a crown so it is possible he represents the leading figure and eventually the US.

It is also possible popular art, music and media actually further define the elements, such as the church, antichurch and the general public. Suggesting that the four Horsemen, continue to be defined and redefined by the media, and the public that absorbs the chosen material. Unlike the church and antichurch forces which are predefined, well characterized, established and outlined, the public is open to change their opinion, live and let live or suffer and die. The church feared one day, this day would come.  There answer was to create their opponent, make the battle so epic and apocalyptic to guaranty their success and the failure of any opponents.

Beyond the natural objects and geographic components, the horsemen deity, representation shows up in popular media, primarily as the four major characters such as the Droogs, (Alex, Dim, Georgie and Pete), Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion), and the four hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin). The primary feature to these four stereotypical characters is rooted in their emotions. Each personality is suffering from some emotional characteristic, which holds them back from being happy or content. Each individual figure not only understands their emotional weakness but actively seeks help, as a patient to a doctor.

The Christian identities of the Horsemen are Conquest, War, Famine and Death, these are the common troubles or tribulations of the H2 human population. In addition, these are the social problems headlined in stories, news and politics. Most of the worlds educated and more modern countries do not experience these four human troubles first hand. Living their lives understanding they occur but dethatched from these parts of the world. “THE FOUR CORNERS” of humanity, do encounter these dark forces and do face these troubles and tribulations.

The pinnacle point between historical cultures and “now” current times, is the four human troubles are being brought to light in still and motion images, through printed media, TV and with computers. The modern age brings the human troubles closer to the traditional four senses, sight, hearing, touch and smell, classifications, which were attributed to Aristotle philosophy. Note, there are five classical senses; taste is ejected for being off topic.

The common troubles or human tribulations produce emotions and feelings, and these complex thoughts differentiate humans from animals. So a quick exploration into the development and understanding of emotions will be made. Emotion is often associated with mood, temperament, personality, and disposition classified by Ancient Greeks Stoics, Plato and Aristotle. Later Hippocratic broke new and revolutionary ground by classifying physical and emotional ailments away from the control of the gods, and to natural environmental elements.

In ancient civilization, this was earth shattering, because prior to Hippocrate and his purposed humours theory, there were only supernatural powers of god, and the only treatment to ailments being prayer and sacrifice. Humoralism, or the doctrine of the humours is far-fetched in today’s standards, but gave birth to modern medicine. The theory explores the environment and the need to balance the bodily fluids. The four main body fluids called humors include black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. These body fluids are the objects that give color to our four, “Riders on the Storm’.

Hippocratic Oath theorized that if the humours were out of balance, the patient would be physically and emotionally unwell or unstable. A Hippocratic physician would prescribe a regimen of diet, activity, and exercise, and bloodletting designed to “void the body of the imbalanced humor”. This was done through the management of the body’s evacuations (e.g.: the blood, urine, feces, and perspiration). Hence the reason bloodletting started in ancient Greece, and continued on until into the 20th century. Sir William Osler in 1923 was last noted as backing bloodletting as a treatment within his textbook, The Principles and Practice of Medicine.

The Big Wiz

The Wizard of Oz stands out as the most descriptive of all the media representations of the Four Horsemen. First a physical comparison will be made between the horseman and the primary characters of the Wizard of Oz. The emotional characteristics will also be investigated. Lastly, the Wizard of Oz will be surveyed for the fifth horsemen Hades, which rides as a companion or tool for Death.

A physical comparison of the Wizard of Oz and the Four Horsemen goes far beyond the four character reference. To start horses in ancient times are used primarily on a path or road, in the Oz story the path is defined by the yellow brick road. The yellow brick road is represented as separating two of the four corners of Oz. The Wicket Witch of the West and East signifies the line separating North and South. The “Emerald City” is the central point between the Four Corners of Oz and there is a Good Witch of the North and good witch of the South.

L. Frank Baum the writer of the Wizard of Oz essential draws his references geographical from the Free Mason Pyramid and eye. Baum a Freemason, describes the “Emerald City” as the central eye separating the 4 corners of the world of Oz. These 4 corners are the base of the imagined pyramid. The OZ is essentially full of Masonic information and one of the stories details even the initiation rituals but in such a fanciful way, the common educated reader fails to make the connection, unless they have been inducted into the fraternity.

The four horsemen are symbolized within the four characters of the Wizard of Oz with the objects they carry on their journey. The Horsemen hold objects, to judge and prosecute humanity such as the bow and crown, sword, scale and sickle. The objects the Wizard of Oz characters hold include the Lion with his tail, Tin man with his axe, scarecrow with a imagined wooden cross, and Dorothy with a basket that simulates the scale and balances held by Famine. The Tin Mans axe is a clear connotation to Death’s sickle. This farm tool is a metaphorical reference to the worlds Northern Grain Belt which sustains most of earth’s population.

Lastly let’s examine Toto, Dorothy’s dog and closest companion. The Four horsemen from Revelations are really five entities, if you count Hades. Since Hades was also called Pluto, in Greek mythology, the name Toto fits into the classical puzzle as a finger print or DNA. In the Wizard of Oz story Toto, is a depiction of the fifth horsemen.

The relationship between Pluto and Toto is so close that the writer enforces the relationship with a rhyming name. Rhyming can be the key to conscious recognition or subconscious deception. Originally the Oz series of children’s books were created by L. Frank Baum’s. On his death bed his last words were, “Now we can cross the Shifting Sands.” In life, Baum could not name Dorothy’s dog as Hades, but in death he left both a rhyming and historically significant puzzle.

When Baum states “Now we can cross the Shifting Sands”, he is referring to the World of OZ directly and indirectly. In his story, Oz is surrounded by an uncrossable desert of sand. Wind and a balloon carried Oz into the world and a tornado carried Dorothy past the sands. This reference can also refer to the dust bowl and change in earth climate toward Glacial Growth. “We” would clearly reference his group of Freemasons and have nothing to do with the population as a whole.

The Humours of Humanity

The primary characters in the Wizard of Oz suffer from emotional instability. The cowardly Lion suffers from fear, Tin Man lacks a heart represented as love, and the Scarecrow requires a brain demonstrating a weak conscious. Dorothy signifies someone compelled by her curiosity. This is clearly a form or alternate illustration of Hippocrates’s Humoralism.

The Four Wizards of Oz characters outline the evolving human emotions which is the sole force inhibiting humanity. This keeps them from making their own path and freeing themselves from their Homeric and Sacrificial media. Dorothy represents the sacrificial leader or the US. The other three characters are controlled by feeble emotions and unable to act on their own independently. The three supporting characters are the evolving embodiment of the population. The Oz movie also symbolizes the munchkins as a slave class, completely controlled and entirely unable to perform clean and complex emotions; more comparable to the animal kingdom.

The Oz story is written to to resemble the Moses story to all most every last detail, from the 3 curses to let my people go. The one exception is the feminazation of the main character. It could be that L. Frank Baum was a semite and did not like Jews and as such made their savor into a female figure. This could be an act proposing New Test principles of sacrifice onto the Old Test coming hero.

The conclusion is that modern media represents the Four, sorry no five Horseman as the evolving public and their savior. The Oz story explores the emotional status of people viewing suffering from around the world, with technology. These effects within the modern age stimulate all four senses, minus taste, now directed at the common troubles or tribulations of humanity. The four primary characters represent a group, theorized by biblical writers that will evolve from the lower class as no longer animal but intellectuals, H3 humans.  The slave class corresponds to the munchkins which are demonstrated as emotionally unstable to the point where they cannot function.

The emotions expressed in the Wizard of Oz characters represent what fears humankind needs to overcome. These emotions characterize the four humours, humanities imperfection. If humans do not balance their emotions, find an inner strength to make it to the end of the road, the yellow brick road, they will be terminated. The yellow brick road is a very simple metaphor because all roads are built with money valued in gold. The yellow represents the money needed or donated to pave the way to the Emerald City, a green world.  These four primary characters empower the US, which later transfers into the grand wizard, the real Wizard of Oz.

The Universal Facilitator Unmasked for all to See

A critical figure required to create the Universal Sacrifice (US) will be called the Universal Facilitator (UF). Many of the Homeric and Sacrificial metaphors in Linear Western Religion and preModern media are mixed and blended between these two primary figures. Both the US and UF have metaphors that speak of someone to come in the future and indeed equally make a personal sacrifice.

In addition many of the Homeric characters in preModern media hold duality, as in, a second personality or dual persona, representing at times both the US and UF. The outlined recipe for the US and UF was first delineated in the bible and later detailed in preModern Homeric media.  The UF was not represented in Greek mythology as an earthly prophet so he epitomizes an evolution of media.

The job of the Universal Facilitator (UF) is to create the Universal Sacrifice (US). To make a US, involves the participation of the Childs family and an organized group of medical doctors, psychologists and a network able to keep secrets and be able to intimidate anyone in their way. The United States military intelligence is the only institute able to manage, control and enforce the US program.

Two very different stages of evolution are required by the US, and the UF is key to making sure the training is fulfilled. The first part requires constructing a Spartan child and the last part demanded the righteousness, and symbiotic Jesus training acquired on the healing machine. Finally we will explore the encrypted media to separate the two personalities or dual persona acquired from the distinctly opposite life experiences.

To continue, let’s analyze who the UF is in real life and move on to his job, responsibilities and finally locate him in the Homeric media. The UF is a military intelligence officer stationed at the Pentagon under the umbrella of an operation called the Green Door. He is the grandfather of two sons which are not his, no blood relationship. These two boys are the Homeric Cain and Able figures and the UF is the Abraham figure homerically represented in the bible.

The relationship between the UF and US is one of a family relationship but not a blood relative. The Universal Facilitator adopts a young girl into a marriage; this will be the quintessential Mother Marry. Her child will be selected into the US program following an intensive process of mental and psychological evaluations.

Choosing someone to be cursed and this curse means you cannot kill him, is done with great caution. The whole nonsense of the immaculate inception only refers to the overall plan to fabricate a US, and do so, not from the bonds of a loving family. The psychological conditioning required to create the US involves the interaction between two male children where the US is continually unjustly punished and not equally adored, “Ba rum ba bum bum, Ba rum ba bum bum”.

The Early Years

The UF job would involve both delivering the physical abuse, to create a Spartan like warrior, and smaller duties like breaking toy’s or adding holes to his clothes. The differences between the two future Cain and Able children will become obvious and create a Cinderella type family atmosphere. Whereby, one boy has toys and nice clothes and the other a box of broken parts and hand-me-down stained and ripped clothes. This creates social separation from within the family unit, and if you do not belong equally to a family unit, you tend to detach yourself from the outside world. This creates someone separated from society, a sociopath, which means he will not follow society but create his own.

The UF is required to manage this child’s movements, friends and public life. To get into the program, there is a strict selection process, and countless psychological evaluations. Once selected into the US program, movement through different schools begins. This will eliminate friends and natural grouping activities. With an organization like military intelligence, social activities can easily be minimized along with other neighborhood children. Eventually the US will give-up on mixing with society and become his own Smeagol Gollum.  In the Hobbit the fifth horseman becomes Gollum when added to the group of Frodo, Sam, Marry and Pippin.

The UF now at this time in his life is a retired Air force Colonel and employed at the local community college. Due to the neurological effects of lead poising the US can only access the community College system where he continues to be under the influence of the UF. The UF is now positioned as the college registrar, and has the ability to influence what classes and teachers the US attends. Classes would fill or be opened to direct the US into the desired program. Teachers that would not participate were intimidated, threatened or fired.

The lead poisoning is extremely important because it hides the true intelligence of the US and prevents him from almost every opportunity for self advancement. Toxic lead poisoning has major effects on the ability to read, write and concentrate. If the US is not poisoned the chances are, he will be able to solve everything, prior to completing all the levels of training. This would make him difficult to regulate and unwilling to complete his training.  Although, it was more than obvious, to the US that he was being trapped and did not have the ability to escape.

The classes or program that the UF did not want the US to take, he would just use his influence to have him fail. This would focus him into the program required for his training, and this was the X-ray / Radiology program. The X-ray program was the gateway to have the US find work on the healing machine / Lithotripsy unit, to complete his symbiotic Jesus training. Or let’s say, make his own sociopathic world self-righteous.

All of the US friends and girlfriends are also filtered and chosen from other military or CIA families some of which family members are from the Skull and Bones secret society. Their job is to further detach the US from forming or creating his own social group, and pulling away from the planned program. Economic success of the US would also have to be prevented, so the harder he works, the less he advances.

What institutional training most kids get in the school system, to conform to society and social customs must be rejected. The US must find his own social model and most importantly reject society and the distributed level of education as being normal. To the US there is nothing normal about normal society, and its perceived reality.  As a result the Droog pays no attention to teachers and scribes a B, to all the test questions placed before him.

Finding the UF and US in the media

Attempting to locate the UF and US in the media will require exploring the standard hero and side kick relationship which has biblical origins. Characters like Batman and Robin, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and Captain Kurt and Spock have genesis in Revelations and are expressions of the relationship, between the US and UF.

The dual figures are a representation of one of the Four Horsemen, in fact, Death and his sidekick Hades. Also characters with dual personalities like Superman and Clark Kent, the Hulk and Dr. Bruce Banner are also an alternative representation to the Death and Hades association. The Bible could be thought of as continually expanding, with preModern media further defining and detailing its characters as a ghost.

The duality represented in the Horseman Death and Hades also holds a double meaning, because they additionally embody the split personality of the US.  The dual personality represented here in the character reference is the Hero and Sacrifice training. Expressed as creating a Hero to fail.

Death does not represent the death of mankind. The Church does not fear or care either way what happens to mankind, the church fears the death of the church. Just like any legitimate corporation it only desires to maintain control of a market, a capitalistic monopoly regardless of the market size.

In the Book of Revelations, Death and his side-kick Hades, ride over a fourth of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth. This is what happens when the population becomes aware that this is an institute of population control. The beast’s reference is their own practitioners, the human population which has been herded like beasts of burden, but might one day wake up to the truth. The truth provided by the US.

Abraham is the most prominent reference to the UF. The action of god asking Abraham to kill him a son is actually an order to create the US. In modern media Abraham is further outlined in the song Highway 61 sometimes called the “Blues Highway,” Here are the Lyrics: (Bob Dylan) God said to Abraham ‘Kill me a son’ Abe said ‘Man, you must be putting me on’ God said ‘No’ – Abe said ‘What?’ God said ‘You can do what you want Abe, but next time you see me coming you better run’ Abe said ‘Where’d you want this killing done?’God said ‘Out on Highway 61’.

The color blue in the name of Blues music actually refers to the Blue smock worn by the US on the Virginia State Flag. So the Blues music and all of Bob Dylan’s work outlines or details both Homeric and Sacrificial elements of the US the UF. Abraham’s name was originally Abram, which means “great father”; god changed the name to Abraham, which means “father of nations”.  The reality is UF is the step grandfather of the US, which is a Hero built, constructed and designed to fail.  A mission impossible.

Most of the people who worked to create the US believe they were creating a peoples king, but that was never the real intentions. There is a much deeper and darker duty required by the US and that is to be a Future Lot of the prophesized Sodom and Gomorra trilogy. You could even say the UF and most of the people that help create the US were tricked to thinking they were creating a Homeric Hero, or people’s king, when in fact this is furthest from the truth. That is why the crown in the Virginia State flag is below the US, because it is a trick. The reason why the US was created will need to be explored and examined to develop his true duty.

Galactic Mailman

The Universal Sacrifice (US) started, as a theoretical model of population control and worked as such for well over 2,500 years. To create a real US from the Homeric conceptual mold, must have major justifications. Since the US has training to be both a Spartan (like) soldier and Jesus (like) humanitarian, there must be an explanation for these requirements.

Training should provide some clues to the required duties and tasks to be performed by the US. Two reasons stand out as most possible, one is he is just a simple messenger or sort of Galactic Mailman and the second reason would be he is expected to sit in some kind of judgment of the human race.  Some statues on municipal buildings represent the judgment concept. The US can also be noted as clinching a set of keys, like the keys to the city of god, when other figures are reading a script or balancing scales.  The old Smithsonian museum building in Washington DC has such a figural statue but this theme can be universally uncovered in many forms of art.

The messenger theory is the most appealing concept and fits into the overwhelming environmental references in Linear Western Scripture. This would, possibly mean the US is some kind of Future Lot of a foreseen Sodom and Gomorrah. The Future Lot concept is further appealing considering the US, later in life is funneled into traditional geology school.

It also seems he could have been created to disregard the current understanding of earth’s environment and climate. The US appears to be the perfect figure with his background to come to understand earth’s real glacial rotation round climate cycle beyond the current institutional education system. As an advanced geologist he will also understand how to force, or stop earth from entering the Global Winter period and resulting collapse of the Northern Grain Belts.

Creating the dual persona both a Hero and Sacrifice does fit into the sense of creating someone to sit in judgment and serve fast and fair sentences. Since the US was denied justice throughout his life, it would make sense that he would seek this as a path or life goal. Since the US appears to hold many dualities it could be a combination of the two purposes or tasks. The first test passed by humanity and the following left open to be determined, by the simple twists of fate.

In order for someone to sit in Judgment would require the means and reason to do so, and as pictured in the Virginia State Flag the US is provided with neither. And, looks more like someone forced to deliver a message from the represented Giant Eyeball God. People tend to not acquire means or resources in life, to judge and sentence anyone, so it is not likely this is his first or overall purpose for being created. As pictured in the Virginia State Flag, the US does not appear to care to perform his job or have interest in the available crown. It is worth exploring both concepts to make sense of any end game plan prescribed by the controlling elite.

Global Holocaust

The messenger and Future Lot fits into the Biblical puzzle with all its environmental references and documentation in scripture. In order for someone to perform the messenger task would require constitution, at least to stand up to Giant eyeball god, and go against the grains of the controlling society, class structure and education system. So a soldier or Spartan like up bring would be useful.

The healing machine or symbiotic Jesus training would give him a reason or subconscious guilt to take on such a responsibility. Since his own created world would now be threatened. Most people are willing to avoid most involvement in any issues, which is beyond their control. This would be the case with the US, up to a certain level. A holocaust or global environmental disaster would push the US to fight the constructed system and its controlling figures.

You can create a child willing to kill but only to a limit and a holocaust would push him past that edge of tolerance. The radical upbringing of the US appears to be to create someone to push beyond the mortal limits of fear, hate and love. The US is also forced to live under authoritarian rule and psychological fear. And, a Spartan will only live so long in fear, before he will turn, attack and demand equal retribution; “right is right”.

If the US is a messenger, than his job will be to give humanity some kinda reality check, one they will have to find on their own, as a test or rite of passage, into being human. If humanity does not evolve, than the normal Global Glacial cycle round will be forced to begin a new, and the Northern Grain Belts will be collapsed. Humanity will quickly find what hells can be produced on earth.

The Beast and False Prophet

The current media, global warming platform is obviously not bound by science but a political platform, lead by political figures and might just in fact have religious or equal Homeric purpose. If this is the case, their spokesperson, Al Gore would represent the false profit, and the Beast. The false profit must also be forced to deliver his message, just the wrong one, which is designed to mislead humanity. In Revelations the beast has seven heads which demonstrate Al Gore’s political media machine.  This must be a test, humanity, passes to live or fails to disprove the seven headed media Beast and is terminated; or some biblical shit like that Droogs naturally detest.

The question will be if humanity has evolved or are they still primitive brutish self centered apes, unable to live in order and peace without a Homeric and Sacrificial hero and a media controlled by the Giant Eyeball god. This would mean that the Eyeball God provides humanity with two messengers, one through the main media channels and one they have to search for and support; to pass or fail the test.

Since Eyeball god seems to always be testing his subjects it appears that the trail and tribulations makes sense in the larger puzzle. To move into a future, not controlled by the Eyeball god, and Homeric / Sacrificial metaphors of political control might just require mental advancement, beyond the primitive human emotions or denoted Humours. Each time humanity fails, it is possible they are given another chance, after a period of Ultra-violence and following the next Glacial Winter cycle round; about every 110,000 years.

Whole Lot of Lot

The best messenger reference outlined in the bible, is the story of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah which conveniently has an environmental disaster associated with the story. This event is like everything else in the Bible, a metaphor to future events and characters, since everything in the bible seems to speak of the future and past.  It does so, as if humanity has been at this level and failed before. The psychological controls are just too refined not to have been implemented before on humanity.

In the Glacial Respiration work it was determine that most figures, like the first and second coming of Christ also represent the two environmental disasters associated with the global climate cycle. One being the great flood and the other natural disaster, an environmental collapse, whereby earth moves into its global winter stage.  This stage commences when the land dries and crops fail. Remember to grow Glaciers, water has to be extracted and this occurs at the weakest and most fragile medium first, the top soil. So the Universal Sacrifice is created at the point in the cycle round to test humanity and give them a chance to evolve into the next human stage “H3”, or continue to be trapped in the global glacial cycle.

The Brigadoon story is a great modern media, metaphoric reference to the Glacial Respiration cycle and tells of a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred years. To the villagers, the passing of each century seems, longer than one night. The enchantment is viewed by them as a blessing rather than a curse, for it saved the village from destruction.

According to their covenant with God, no one from Brigadoon may ever leave, or the enchantment will be broken. Like the broken chain in the Virginia State Flag. The inhabitants will end up disappearing into the mist forever. This is the metaphorical media representing the Climatic Glacial Cycle. The Brigadoon people are not evolved enough to understand why this cycle occurs in nature naturally, so they created a god to explain the event. The US must be the Future Lot and Brigadoon references him as, someone who has left the village, breaking the chain of enchantment.

The Sacrifice and Hero elements in relation to the US developmental plan can be rationalized now a basic understanding has been developed. It is obvious the US was not created in real life to be killed, that would just be stupid. In addition he was placed on the Virginia State flag and given a curse so his death, is your death. As far as being a hero, Droogs are oddly creatures, sociopaths which steer themselves away from mainstream society.

Making a public figure out of someone removed from society is not functional or practical. It appears that neither a Sacrifice nor Hero is his job, as required by the Giant Eyeball God. You could think of a Droog as damaged goods, so he can only really function to deliver a message. The US must, be a Galactic Mailman, nothing more, nothing less. The conclusion is, message delivered, future is predicted.

Act Two:

The Known Unknown Future

The known and unknown future might not be attainable; the future has no guaranties and the controls which prevent it are intentionally made apocalyptic.  Technology and sources of free energy will be explored, extrapolated and re-discovered, along this journey into the conscious subconscious mind. Since images of technological advancements haunt Droog’s it seems fair to share the pleasures and torment, if only for a brief moment in the ending of time.  So it is a vision of what advancements have been stolen from humanity, could be re-taken but only if the evolutionary round is complete; ding ding round two.

The first thing to understand is every scientific and technological advancement, which would jump preModern society into its final state, has been answered.  The Droog only needs to search for the advancements, which of course will be hidden under a different name and intended purposed function.  This means the future will turn out to be a colorful Easter egg hunt. The hunt will end with sci-fi and science fantasy demonstrating, hidden technologies similar to the Homeric and Sacrificial media attached to the US.  Technology and visions of the future, in their own right, have now become Homeric.  These objects will be termed Objects of Homerism, or just Homeric objects.

A Droog is mostly chosen for his or her intelligence and intellectual abilities equal to those of the great Greek philosophers of Antiquity.  At an early age it is apparent that a Droog’s comprehension of complex social, scientific and artistic expressions is in the top one percentile.  This has to be the case because the US is made to wear many hats and later in life discover complex future technologies, society has yet to implement.  If given the tools, resources, and workshop he would build a future way beyond the current primitive preModern society.

Sleeping Beauty

This was not to be the case because the US was deprived of the ability to build his own future and at the ripe age of six poisoned with lead.  The plan was to dumb down the US for later “total” re-call.  Or when the controlling group decided it is time to release the sleeping Droog.  A good metaphorical reference to this is in sleeping beauty, which is pricked with a needle and forced into a coma.

A wicked fairy puts the Sleeping Beauty princess under an enchantment as her gift / curse.  When sleeping Beauty reaches adulthood, she would prick her finger on a spindle and die. A good fairy, unable to completely reverse the spell, would have the princess sleep for a hundred years.  Sleeping Beauty was awaken by the kiss of a prince and true love.

As the story goes when the princess was fifteen or so she chanced to come upon an old woman in a tower of the castle, who was working a spinning-wheel. The Princess asked to try the unfamiliar task and the inevitable needle prick occurred and the wicked fairy’s curse was fulfilled. The good fairy returned and put everyone in the castle to sleep. A forest of briars sprang up around the castle, shielding it from the outside world.  No one could penetrate the thorns without facing a certain death. The briar thorns repeating the common theme or identity dating back to the crown of thorns bestowed to Christ by Pilate’s soldiers.

After a hundred years had passed, a prince who had heard the story of the enchantment braved the woods. The forest parted at his approach to the castle, and he was allowed to enter. He trembled upon seeing the princess’ beauty and fell on his knees before her. He kissed her, then she woke up, then everyone in the castle woke to continue where they had left off.  In the modern versions, starting with the Brothers Grimm version, they all lived happily ever after as a classic Greek comedy.

The reason the US is shown in the media as both male and female is because both girls and boys were selected into the US program.  In addition, it is a way for the Homeric / Sacrificial media to hide the stories from being interconnected by the general public.  It is also a sacrificial element to present stories to transcend the gender role.

The Sleeping beauty story also describes the financial conditions of a Droog which is an additional mechanism to keep the Galactic mail man contained and controlled. Droogs never have money and are forced to live impoverished, so free energy is extremely appealing to them. A Droog spends a good bit of time thinking of ways to create free energy.  The concept of free energy is an energy source not under the control of the fossil fuel industry petroleum, coal or nuclear distributers.  Additionally it would be energy not monopolized by state or local power companies, which pollute the environment and produce waste.

Later in life the US becomes a Geologist and one of the main sources of income is working in the environmental field.  Geologist pay is not adequate to build a quintessential scientist laboratory or workshop.  The Hulk and Bruce Banner story is a relationship that hints to the employment future for the US, expressed as not stable. He is not permitted the resources to work on any of his advanced projects.  To the extent that the US or lamb is being silenced or put to sleep.

The Droog’s experience in the environmental field builds a strong loathing for corporations that unnecessarily pollute the environment. In addition he is forced to work under engineers which do not implement the technology that has the ability to actually clean the environment.  So free energy which does not pollute the environment becomes a life goal and most importantly a way to return the controlling elite, a defeating blow.

Quantum Engineering

The first term to understand in discovering the Homeric objects is called Quantum Engineering, where by quantum stands for a large or an over engineered project or object.  A simplified understanding, would interpret that big objects are constructed and intended for immense purposes and small stuff is made to explore minute or micro details of technology.  The proportions give away facts of the true intended objective function.  This means you would never build a microscope the size of a football field.

Since all objects that can produce free energy have been discovered and are well represented in Sci-fi media, the Droog only needs to hunt them down and explain them to the preModern humans. The rules of Quantum Engineering will be applied to rediscovering the level of human technology, which has been hidden for the benefit of corporate industry, controlling secret societies and their largest employer the government. The government in the United States should be thought of as the largest employers of members of secret societies, with a directive to divide, dumb down and control the population. Also, it is not easy to sell and tax something you can grow in your window or free energy you can generate at home.

The future will be a live wire and electrified so some basic electrical theory will be covered but no worries, “O’ my brothers”, no math will be involved. Let us begin with a quick explanation of the two types of current (DC) Direct Current and (AC) Alternating Current. The Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla did not invent AC current, he invented the motors and electrical components, such as transformers able to run and distribute AC electrical power.  At the time Tesla’s alternating electrical current (AC) was competing with Edison’s Direct current (DC) for viability in the market place.

Some have coined this period as the War of Currents.  This war began when Tesla introduced a system for alternating current generators, transformers, motors, wires and lights in November and December 1887. Soon it became clear that AC was the future of electrical power distribution. Although for political reasons Edison’s DC distribution was used in downtown metropolitan areas for decades.

AC current cannot be properly implemented or exploited without a substantial understanding of mathematics and mathematical physics, Edison was no mathematician.  The limiting factor to Edison’s DC distribution system was, it is not efficient for the transmission of electrons over long stretches of wire, and you end up losing as much energy as you transmit.  Edison’s response to the DC system limitations was to generate power close to where it was consumed.  A nest of wires grew out from these coal fired generators until you could not see the sky from the street in some major cities.  And, as we find out later, “What’s it going to be then, eh?”. Tesla was a man who reached for the sky.

The advantage of AC for distributing power over a distance is due to high voltage 110, 220, ext. have less resistance in the power lines then the low 12 voltage system. Also the higher voltage can easily be jumped down at any point in the distribution network.  Stepping down the voltage would make the final distribution at the home or office safe. Power is the product of current × voltage (P = IV). For an “equal amount of power”, can be expressed as a ratio, where by a low voltage (V) would have a higher amperage current (Amp =I) and a higher voltage will have a lower current. Since metal conducting wires have a certain resistance, some power will be wasted as it heats the wires in the power lines

The power loss is given by P = I²R. Thus, if the overall transmitted power is the “same”, and given the constraints of practical conductor wire sizes, low-voltage, high-current transmissions will suffer, “a much greater” power loss than high-voltage, and low-current transmission. Tesla’s AC system transmits high voltage and as such is more efficient to move through the electrical power lines without losing electrical (e) energy.  Europe’s 220 volt system could be thought of as twice as efficient, but more dangerous than the 110 voltage system used in the USA.

The first Homeric object to talk about will be Tesla’s, Tesla coil which is a type of resonant transformer circuit used to generate extremely high voltage, and low current. Most high schools and university physics departments have small table top versions which are used to produce and demonstrate small static lightning bolts. In 1900, Tesla convinced J.P. Morgan to sink $150,000 in what Morgan was told, would be a wireless communication devise.  A system of broadcasting towers able to distribute power and transmit voice, text and pictures around the world.

Lightning Bolt Machine

Tesla was extremely interested in alternating the power from high and low voltage by which had the reverse affect of alternating the (I) amperage. All of Tesla’s transformers worked off this simple principle.  For someone of Tesla’s intellectual ability, the transformation of simple voltage and amperage soon became mind-numbing.  Tesla became engrossed in pushing the limits to what power could be transformed. And, the largest electrical force on earth is a lightning bolt.

Given the fundamental properties of AC current and transformers, which jump up and down the voltage, predicts that an object able to produce an earth size lightning bolt, will be able to absorb a lightning bolt. This is the case when reversing Tesla’s transformers.  Nikola Tesla knew earth was both the largest battery and generator of electrical energy in the solar system and wanted to tap into this free energy source. So he tricked J.P. Morgan into believing he was creating a communication transmission machine and acquired the funding in order to create his lightning bolt catcher.

During this time J.P. Morgan was heavily involved and invested in the production of the immerging fossil fuel industry.  JP Morgan was one of the largest investors, in the southern midcontinent Great Plains, which held massive petroleum reserves.  Rockefeller and the railroad barons became the largest producer of the fossil fuel, and JP Morgan worked to trade these commodities and invest the earnings into the capitalistic machine.

A description of a Tesla coil would portray it as a shaft with a round or mushroomed head.  The table top high school version appears as a phallic symbol. Tesla did this for utility not as a prankster. Tesla’s full size version was also unique in its own right.  To start, it is the tallest nearby structure.  The Tesla Coil he built in Colorado Springs was well over 200 feet tall.  Its unique feature was to raise the copper clad mushroom head skyward, well over the tallest local trees, buildings or natural objects.

Copper is an element of the periodic table with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity.  Copper has the second highest electrical conductivity of any element, just after silver. This high value is due to the copper atom having one lone electron in its outer shell, which can easily be pulled away from the atom or replaced. The resulting free electrons in the copper amount to a huge charge density of 13.6×109 C/m3. This high charge density is responsible for the rather slow drift velocity of currents in copper cable.

Reception and Transmission

Exploring the shape of typical reception and transmission of electromagnetic communication devises might help predict the purpose of the mushroom head.  A satellite dish is made in the parabolic shape. This is an antenna designed to capture microwaves from communications satellites.  The parabolic shape of a dish reflects the signal to a focal point. The focal point is mounted on brackets at the center of the dish to receive the signal and, is a device called a feedhorn.

This feedhorn is essentially the front-end of a waveguide that gathers the signals at or near the focal point and ‘conducts’ them to a low-noise block down converter or LNB. The large size dishes are required for lower frequencies and smaller dishes are made to collect higher frequency signals.  A lightning bolt has the highest known frequency of electrical transmission so a parabolic shape would not work to capture this electrical signal.  A point or lightning rod would work best.  Although, Tesla knew focusing a lightning bolt to a point was also a bad idea, so he inverted the parabolic shape and created the giant mushroom head.

The large round head, a reverse parabolic shape, might have been Tesla’s attempt at defusing the photons “atomic mass” off the lightning bolt prior to absorbing its energy.  Although, a lightning bolt has no photons, as it blasts through the ATM “air”, it collects a certain quantity of photons from the air gaseous chemistry. The round head must act as a shield and protect the electronic infrastructure required to further accept the massive charge of electrons as a pre-filter before sending it into the power grid.

The electron is a subatomic particle that carries a negative electric charge. It has no known substructure and is believed to be a point particle. Whereby an electron lacks spatial extension: being zero-dimensional, it does not take up space and has no definable weighable mass.  The proton, on the other hand, is a subatomic particle with an electric charge of +1. It is found in the nucleus of each atom but is also stable on its own, and has a second identity which has a definable weighable mass, one hydrogen ion, 1H+.

Protons do have mass and permitting them to enter the electrical circuits of the Tesla Coil will destroy the entrance point and attached electrical grid.  The protons would pack the punch. So the mushroom head was Tesla’s answer to dissipating the protons, which will become collected as the lightning bolt is jumping through the ATM gas.  It was a simple solution but equally ingenious.  This mushroom shield is a wearable component and will eventually become pitted and will need changing.  It would also be possible to positively charge the mushroom head in order to attract lightning bolts to strike and be absorbed into the attached electrical grid.

The Dance of Tesla and JP Morgan

Telsa took JP Morgan’s financing and built a laboratory in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak.  Pikes Peak is the 39th tallest mountain in the United States, coming in at 14,115 feet.  The mountain would force warm air up into colder stratified atmospheric regions making this an optimal location to produce lightning enriched storm fronts.  Joining Tesla were several assistants who were not fully informed of the inventor’s plans. The main building had a roof that rolled back to prevent it from catching fire, and a wooden scaffolding tower that soared up eighty feet.

Above the wooden tower was a 142 foot copper ball that resembled a mushroom head. Inside the strange wooden structure, technicians began to assemble an enormous Tesla coil, specially designed to send powerful electrical impulses.  Bolts of man-made lightning more than a hundred feet in length shot out from the mushroom head.  Local residence feared what Tesla was intending to perform in their back yard.

During one of Tesla’s experiments he burned out the dynamo at the El Paso Electric Company and the entire city of Colorado Springs lost power. The power station manager was livid and insisted that Tesla pay for and repair the damage.  Proof to if Tesla actually caught and transmitted a lightning bolt might be found in the weather reports the day Colorado Springs went dark.  If so, then Tesla shall be considered the first Droog and all material which deemed him as fractionally nuts will be judged as slander.  Anyone who catches a lightning bolt and pisses off a Robber Barron is an official Droog, “O’ my brothers”.

A great deal of mystery still surrounds Tesla’s work at Colorado Springs. It is not clear from his notes or his comments exactly what he was intending to do. But it is clear that he returned back to New York City after almost two years of field work fully convinced that he could accomplish whatever he set out to perform. He only told reporters that he planned to send a radio signal from Pikes Peak to Paris, but again furnished no details.

JP Morgan was nobody’s fool and quickly figured out that Tesla was taking him for a quick ride into the future.  In 1899, Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he would have room for his high-voltage, high-frequency experiments. Tesla left Colorado Springs on 7 January 1900. The lab was torn down by JP Morgan and the components sold to pay debts. Morgan quickly ended funding and had the 200 foot tall Tesla Coil destroyed and removed from history.  To the point of even removing most of the public images of the large Tesla Coil.  This would be a scourge of technology for that coil was America’s, truthfully greatest historical monument.

Most importantly the relationship between Tesla and JP Morgan ended over the Colorado Springs field work.  It would not be difficult to imagine the giant mushroom head was intended to attract lightning bolts.  In addition blowing up the local power station would have been a sure give away.  Since JP Morgan did not finance the construction of a giant lightning bolt catcher, it would not be difficult to interpret that Tesla tricked JP Morgan.

Blowing up the dynamo at the El Paso Electric Company must have convinced JP Morgan of Tesla’s true intentions. This would explain the end of their relationship and possibly justify the bitter feeling between the two men.  If you piss off a Robber Baron industrialist the media will turn against you. Allegations of a man not in his right senses will soon follow.

The media portrayed Tesla to have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorders and embrace many unusual quirks and phobias.  Such as, he would do things in threes, and was adamant about staying in a hotel room with a number divisible by three. Tesla was also advertised to be physically revolted by jewelry, notably pearl earrings. In addition to being fastidious about cleanliness and hygiene, and was by all accounts mysophobic.

The media also advertised Tesla to be obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in Central Park. Tesla was finally prosecuted for bringing a pigeon with a broken wing to his hotel room so it could be cared for and mended.  Shortly before Edison died, he said that “his biggest mistake had been in trying to develop direct current, rather than the vastly superior alternating current system that Tesla had put within his grasp”.

Following the death of Tesla, the USA government confiscated all of Tesla’s research, censored and filtered what technology the world was able to be exposed to.  By this time, the fossil fuel industry had bought the world’s puppet governments, churches and education system and all humanitarian nonprofit organizations.  So the future was sold, bought and paid for by the ruling corporate elite and the Robber Barons of the 20th century.  This gave corporate elites control over the type of energy, how it was delivered and the cost of the energy to fuel the preModern age.

It would be a much different world now, if the Colorado Springs grid held the lightning bolt charge and the city did not go dark.  This is also the day modern civilization went black as night. Although, accepting that much voltage at the speed of light is no easy task.  Advancements beyond Tesla would need to be made which will slow the speed and frequency of the lightning bolt prior to it being accepted into a storage bank or main power grid.

Energy Bank

To accept a billion or more volts requires a storage unit which must also be built colossal in size, working off the principles of Quantum Engineering.  Tesla found this out the hard way when he burned the dynamo at the El Paso Electric Company. The lightning bolt storage unit will have to be made out of non conductive, non magnetic material that is resistant to “high temperatures” and can be machined to maintain an intricate cooling system.

Molybdenum is the material that holds all the required properties and can be easily machined to hold an elaborate cooling system.  So the uncovered Quantum Engineering structure will be fashioned out of Molybdenum.  Now the material able to trap a lightning bolt has been uncovered, the Easter egg hunt can continue.

The largest Molybdenum objects in the world are called Electron Accelerators, sometimes referred to as a Particle accelerator, Atom smasher or even a Proton-antiproton devise.  An Electron accelerator is basically a giant Molybdenum tube which is usually constructed underground, the ground being the safety feature and also a barrier to preventing electron radiation from reaching the surface and radiating the public.

The earliest circular accelerators were called Cyclotrons, invented in 1929 by Ernest O. Lawrence from the University of California, Berkeley.  Lawrence glanced over a science journal article and was intrigued by one of the diagrams which demonstrated a linear electron accelerator. He came up with an idea to produce very high-energy movement required for atomic disintegration by means of a succession of very small magnetic “pushes” circulating the electrons in a chamber. This is considered the birth of the circular Electron accelerator.  The important thing to note is the magnets can be used to either accelerate electrons or slow them down; important if you want to catch a high frequency lightning bolt and reduce its frequency and speed.

Lawrence saw that a linear accelerator would soon become too long and unwieldy for his university laboratory. In pondering a way to make the accelerator more compact, Lawrence decided to set a circular accelerating chamber between the poles of an electromagnet. The magnetic field would hold the charged electrons in a spiral path as they were accelerated between just two semicircular electrodes connected to an alternating potential. After a hundred turns or so, the electrons would impact the target as a beam of high-energy particles. Lawrence excitedly told his colleagues that he had discovered a method for obtaining particles of very high energy without the use of any high voltage.

Lawrence received a patent for the cyclotron in 1934, which he assigned to Berkley University Research Corporation. In 1936 the Radiation Laboratory became an official department of the University of California with Lawrence formally appointed as its Director. He served in that capacity until his death.  In November 1939, Lawrence was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the Cyclotron and its applications. Not only was he the first at Berkeley to become a Nobel Laureate, he was also the first ever to be so honored while at a state-supported university.

The science community claims the purpose of an Electron Accelerator is to propel electrically-charged particles to high speeds and to contain them in a well-defined beam. An ordinary CRT television set is a simple form of an accelerator. There are two basic types: linear accelerators (linacs) and circular accelerators.  In the circular accelerator, particles move in a circle until they reach sufficient speed and energy level prior to being smashed into a sample of material.  Linacs are similar to the propulsion system used to propel and brake modern rollercoaster’s.

The exit / entrance point looks very similar to a gun barrel.  At the exit / entrance point is placed the material which will be subjected to being bombarded with the extremely high speed electrons. This is the end of a gun and usually these areas are sandbagged to prevent the bolt of energy from jumping to a nearby metallic structure.  At the exit / entrance point of the Electron accelerator an assortment of sensing equipment is utilized to detect the results of the examination.

The particle track in a circular Electron Accelerator is typically bent and the electrons are sped up, or slowed using electromagnets. The advantage of circular accelerators over linear accelerators (linacs) is that the ring allows for continuous acceleration, as the particle can transit indefinitely, pick up speed and produce a higher frequency.  The fact that the electrons can be spun indefinitely means you just created an extremely efficient storage unit that does not lose electrons; waste not want not, “O’ my brothers”.

The Truth

Now the true purpose of an electron accelerator is uncovered as a storage battery for large quantities of extremely high voltage and frequency electrical energy it can be explored for social benefits.  Given the gun barrel exit / entrance point, it appears that the Molybdenum tube was designed to be fired with an enormous electrical charge, on the scale of an earth lightning bolt.

In fact one of the uses of Molybdenum is to have it added to the metal in a gun barrel. This hardens the barrel and prevents metal pitting from the static frictional charges (e) which develops as the bullet travels, rubs and leaves the gun barrel. The fundamental properties of AC current flow predicts that a machine able to fire a earth size lightning bolt will also be capable of capturing an equal quantity of energy.

The longest linear or linac in the world is an electron-positron collider, built at the Stanford Linear Accelerator laboratory, SLAC, which is 3 km (2 miles) long. The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, originally named Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. It is now a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Stanford University under the programmatic direction of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.

As of 2005, SLAC employs over 1,000 people, some 150 of which are physicists with doctorate degrees.  The government supported institute serves over 3,000 visiting researchers yearly, operating particle accelerators for high-energy / high voltage physics. The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) for synchrotron light radiation research also operates out of SLAC. The research was called “indispensable” and led to the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Perhaps the most famous circular accelerator is the Fermilab near Chicago with a four mile long proton-antiproton collider ring called the Tevatron.  It is rather obnoxious to call an electron accelerator a Proton-Antiproton devise.  Since atoms are made of electrons, protons and neutrons, proton-antiproton tells the educated scientist that the name implies it is an electron accelerator.  Masking the true purpose of the machine in the name is a clue that the unit is concealing much more, of its true intended quantum purpose.

The electron accelerators operation located between Switzerland and France are called CERN. The CERN acronym originally stood for Conceal European pour la Recherche Nucleaire. That name has since been set aside, the acronym remains.  The CERN program now operates several state of the art accelerators since its inception, but will begin operation of its new Large Hadron Collider, a ring 17 miles in circumference, May of 2008.  This large Hadron Collider was featured in the new Dan Brown’s book and movie of the extremely Homeric da Vinci Code series called Angels and Demons.

The Large Hadron Collider was built at an estimated cost of 10 billion dollars.  The Quantum Engineered unit is assembled in a tunnel buried approximately 100 meters beneath the Franco-Swiss border. Composed of 1700 large magnets and maintains the largest cryogenic cooling infrastructure in the world.  The cryogenic cooling system uses a helium superfluid suspended at a temperature of-271C. This is lower than that of interstellar space and will help keep the stored lightning bolt cool and contained.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was constructed with the intention of testing various predictions of high-energy physics.  Including the existence of the hypothesized Higgs boson and of the large family of new particles predicted by the theoretically expandable periodic table.  It is funded by and built in a collaboration of nations, with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.

A geologist answer to storing a captured lightning bolt might be, completely different.  Instead he would search for a natural resource able to hold and maintain the electric charge.  Salt domes might be able to be utilized to accept the transmission of a lightning bolt and be able to store it without losing the electrical energy.

Salt domes that are suspended in ground water could have the reserve capacity to hold electrical current similar to a common battery.  Field and laboratory tests will have to be performed but it does seem as a possible solution to regions that have these natural resources. If clouds can hold a lightning bolt charge, than it is more than possible an earth structure, like a salt dome should be capable to do the same and not require the employment of people that keep secrets.

Future Battery

Small laboratory sized electron accelerators have been built and tested.  One day a pocket sized version will replace the toxic lead and metal batteries, which are attributed to contaminating the drinking water supply.  The real weakness of the lead battery system is that they are unable to hold large quantities of volts and are only able to store low volts with a decent amount of cranking amps (I).  In the terms of electrical force, volts equal raw power hence a storage system able to hold high volts and fit into your pocket is the Holy Grail of electrical engineering.

References to a battery that can hold high voltage are illustrated in various metaphorical sci-fi media.  A good example is the power source that propelled the “Back to the Future” Delorean time machine.  It is kind of ironic that the car is actually represented as a time machine that goes backwards to find the future.  Also the Ironman from Marvel comics appears to be powered by the same high voltage and pocket sized power source.  Is it possible that the future can be found by looking backwards, “Back to the Future”, to re-interpret the old technology and find its true intended purposes?

The first electron accelerator was invented by Lawrence in 1934, so “Back to the Future” tells the reader that the future started a long time ago, and we will use this old technology that has been sleeping to re-find the future. Although, we still need a scientist willing to stand up to the coal and petroleum industry, which has bought and paid for all the world’s puppet governments and dictators.

The lightning bolt scene from “Back to the Future”, were Doc states the only other source of power beside plutonium that can power the DeLorean, is a bolt of lightning. They use the clock tower lightning strike to power the jump back into the future. Also “Back to the Future Part II” the lightning bolt shows up again in the metaphorical reference.  In the movie it appears when a lightning bolt strikes the DeLorean and scrambles its time circuits.  It appears that Doc is a Homeric reference to Tesla and the lightning bolts are a reference to Tesla’s Colorado Spring experiments.

The lightning bolt in preModern media has become a Homeric nature object.  Its appearance in multiple media expressions demonstrate it as a component of an imagined technologically advanced future civilization, one which might or might not be acquired.  Some of the most decorative examples of the lightning bolt can be found in the Harry Potter series of books and movies written by British author J. K. Rowling.  The lightning bolt appears as a burn mark on the forehead of the primary character Harry Potter.

The books chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his friends from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The central story concerns Harry’s struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry’s parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world and subjugate non-magical (Muggle) people to his rule. The embodied four or really five Horsemen in the media would include Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Lord Voldemort and Professor Dumbledore.

When Harry was a little over a year old, his parents were murdered by the powerful Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort. Harry survived Voldemort’s Killing Curse, which returns and tears Voldemort’s soul from his body. From this incident, Harry is marked with a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Harry is famous as the only known person to survive the “Avada Kedavra”, the killing curse, and from that point on is known as “The Boy Who Lived”; the one.  The anointed one is proclaimed throughout the Matrix trilogy and reinforced here within Harry’s story.

In the first book Harry Potter, the scar is described as “the only thing Harry liked about his own appearance”.  When J. K. Rowling was asked what is the meaning behind Harry’s lightning bolt scar, Rowling said, “I wanted him to be physically marked by what he has been through. It was an outward expression of what he has been through inside”.  It is almost like being the chosen one or the cursed one, in a sense.”  Here J. K. Rowling is hinting to the dual identity of the Hero and Sacrifice which attributes are the embodiment the US.

Within the Homeric lightning bolt there is in fact duality. In real life it both powers the imagined future and is noted as the spark plug firing system from the healing machine that the US operated.  This Harry Potter character is a magic man, and “Magic Man” is also a well known pop rock song released in 1976 by Heart.  The repetition of the same theme represents the media, as Homeric and is a clear method of population control. The mixed messages and dual identities act as there cloaking devise.  If everyone understood the reoccurring theme, its origins the method of political control it would fail to work.  Although, it is very possible H2 humans might still be just a Brutus populace, more akin to the planet of Apes, not ready to advance as a group.

Pole Shift Theory

One might ask why the understanding of magnetism and pole shift is so important to the future and there are really two answers?  One is the science community does not want to answer the true reason why the polar switch occurs and magmatism is a way to develop free energy. Science needs to have mysteries even if they are this simple.  In addition, the understanding of magmatism is vital to acquiring a free energy source, “O my brothers”.  To understand the simple but elegant science and believing that there are certain elements the science community intentionally does not want to solve is the key to unlocking the future.

Earth actually has two massive sources of free electrical energy, one created as friction from earth spinning around space at 67,000 miles per hour.  This source is combined with earth’s rotational energy that has an average revolution speed of 1000 miles per hour.  Unfortunately space is mostly empty, a vacuum or earth would generate so much frictional energy it would kill all the biological life.  So, what particles are in space like dust, asteroids and comets, earth does encounter rubs the ATM and creates electrical frictional charge.

This is on a grand scale but not any different than rubbing a balloon on the carpet and sticking it to a wall with its created static friction.  If you desire to hide the effects of this simple experiment you could describe the test as a carpet-anti wall effect.  In addition it would also require a PhD to interpret its name, and prove its theory.

The other large quantity of electron energy is created from earth’s core.  In fact it is common that two opposing lightning bolts strike each other, one sent down by god and the other shooting up from hell, the ground.  It is very possible the science community has figured out a way to collect earth’s core electron discharge, but that is unknown.  Understanding Pole shift theory will be required, so a bit more of the basic science.

The Polar Shift Theory is not a physical re-rotation of the planet from north to south. Earth does not turn upside down during a polar shifting event. It is a magnetic shift where earth’s electrical current switches and the compass which pointed north will than point south. Geologist’s know that switching occurs from the alternating polar (+) and (-) alignment of the magma minerals deposited and cooled at the expanding tectonic plates. A cross sectional map can be drawn over the rock formation that will illustrate the magnetic switches produced over time.  The Pole shift can be expressed in this fashion as a timeline of events.

Earth performs this switching often in its geo-timeline but it does not appear to have much timed, sequential order.  Warning most field data produced by Universities, which tend to hide as much as they explain, should be not completely trusted.  The solidified magma of the (+) and (-) poles does not by its self sequence any rhythmic timeline, this could be true or modified to hide Glacial Respiration.

Polar Shift Theory is an exploration into earth’s electrical forces. Two primary generators build and create the electrical energy in the atmosphere and within the planet. The first generator of electricity is demonstrated by air to ground lightening which is produced from a static charge. This charge builds up in the atmosphere, trapped in the cloud water particles. The atmospheric moisture holds the static charge until it becomes too large and produces a lightning strike to the ground.

The second generator of electrical charge is earth. Anytime there is a burning or combustion of gas, for instance an internal combustion engine there is a production of an electrical (e) charge. This is called the Redox effect and can be explained as, not all electrons get matched or bonded with other elements in the reaction.  Car radios need a Static Suppressor or an antenna filter to reduce this unwanted background noise. The noise is from the production of an electrical charge produced from burning fuel; breaking the molecular bonds and creating an electron which moves off into infinity.

Motor Boat

Motor boats require a zinc anode because of the same produced electrical charge. If you fail to place an anode on a boat, the metal drive shaft will electrically become pitted and dissolve. Meaning the shaft will be eaten away by the free electrons, created from the combusted fuel.

Earth is burning and combusting at its core creating and generating a similar electrical charge. The dynamic force producing air-to-ground and ground-to-air lightening could be visually understood as earth being a balloon that is rubbed from the outside and inside.  And, these two effects will create a magnetic flow of current around the balloon and on a grand scale also earth.

The shifting of the polar charge (+) and (-) to (-) and (+) in the magma turns out to be a change in current flow between the atmospheric charge and earth’s core electron production. This was left out of the H2onE2 book because it is a big step and required a new level of explanation of technology, so the H3onE3 work was produced.

The only way earth can generate an electric charge is by having a source of gas and the gas must be combusting or burning off electrons. This is some of the evidence that earth’s core is filled with liquid gas.  And, is the only explanation to the magnetic fields and polar shift events. Also the gas cored planet theory is supported by the geophysical evidence and the fact that earthquake energy waves are absorbed at the gas medium. More details outlined in the original H2onE2 book.

Earth’s core electrical charge is the basic Redox reaction but on a planetary scale.  Electromagnetic radiation released from earth’s core involves electric (e) and magnetic (H) fields. Electromagnetic waves exist in nature as a result of the radiation from atoms or molecules when they change between energy states such as liquid to gas or solid.  The internal combustion engine is a great way to simply describe the reaction and the creation of electrical or electron (e) charge / energy.  So a simple explanation to the chemical reaction in the piston chamber will be required, but no math.

The almost perfect Methane (CH4) which is one Carbon and four Hydrogen atoms its combustion equation is expressed as (CH4 + O2 —> CO2 + H2O). This equation is balance when written like this (CH4 + 2 O2 —> CO2 + 2 H2O).  Note: (2) oxygen atoms are required to make the chemical reaction occur in a combustion chamber.

The typical Methane fuel (CH4) is one Carbon and four Hydrogen atoms with (1 + 4) = 5 atoms with some (1 x 1 + 4 x 6) = 25 electrons that during combustion get turned into mostly CO2 and water (H20). The electrons that don’t fit into the balanced equation fly off and produce electric (e) interference. Nothing is perfect in nature or in the combustion motor but the ease of balancing the Methane equation makes it the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but not super powerful.

The typical diesel fuel is (C16H34) which has sixteen Carbon and thirty four Hydrogen atoms with (16 + 34) = 52 atoms with some (16 x 1 + 34 x 6) = 220 electrons that during combustion get turned into mostly CO2 and water (H20). The electrons that don’t fit into the perfect or balanced equation fly off and produce electric (e) interference.  The un-perfect diesel combustion equation is expressed as (C16H34 + O2 —> CO2 + H2O).  This equation is balance when written like this: (2C16H34 + 49 O2 = 32 CO2 + 34 H2O).  Note: (49) oxygen atoms are required to make the chemical reaction occur in the combustion chamber.

The diesel combustion equation balance is called un-perfect because, with so many required elements that are going to be disassociated and re-matched together instantaneously means it is a dirty fuel. Although it has much more raw power.  Diesel fuel burns dirty because of the complexity to balance the equation, and you tend to get much more incomplete combustion (pollution).

There are more than a billion of (C16H34) molecules in a drop of diesel fuel. So you will have 220 electrons (x) a billion which will create a large electric (e) interference load.  This is instead of 25 electrons times a billion, when substituting Methane as the fuel source.  Different fuels actually produce different electronic interference signals. Because different amounts of free electrons are radiated off the dissimilar combustion chemical equation.  Anytime free electrons are moving they create magmatism.  Diesel and gas engines require different electronic frequency suppressor filters, so radios can be clearly tuned in to your favorite Homeric / Sacrificial media.

The Compass in Time

A typical compass will point South in the southern hemisphere and North in the northern hemisphere toward the magnetic poles.  This means Earth’s magnetic field is dipolar, with the magnetic field South Pole near the Earth’s geographic North Pole. The other magnetic field is the North Pole near the Earth’s geographic South Pole which is completely confusing to describe but covers the direction of magnetic flow.

The alternating magnetic alignment in the magma minerals indicate that earth switches this flow of current and the effects are reversed.  If you traveled back in time or into the future, your compass might be reversed, pointing in the wrong direction.  In the Northern hemisphere your compass could in fact point south and vice versa.  This would make finding a warm beach difficult with a compass.

Since earth has two sources of magmatism, the ATM and earth’s core, the only explanation to the switching effect is that the ATM or earth core charges change and one becomes weaker or stronger. Since it should be assumed that earth’s core is burning at a steady rate or state, only the ATM charge can be alternating, and it must become stronger and then weaker. This means that at some point earth’s atmosphere becomes able to hold more and less electrical charge.

Two possibilities exist to rationalize the shifting atmospheric charge.  One depicts earth moves to a location in space where there is more debris, dust, asteroid and comets.  This possible region in space will create more frictional charge increasing the electrons in the ATM and strengthening its charge.  The second possibility is that more storage of electrons is created in the upper ATM by changes in the suspended water vapor.  This is because water vapor in the ATM is the substance or body that collects and stores the electrical (e) charge.  There are pros and cons to both effects but only one can provide the true answer.

Earth does move closer to the sun and away, during its progression of Eccentricity which occurs every 100,000 years.  As earth moves closer to Mars it encounters more debris near the solar systems main asteroid belt. It is conceivable that as earth transits toward the asteroid belt, more encountered material could theoretically generate more frictional charge.  The problem with buying only into this theory is earth Eccentricity is every 100,000 years and is fairly rhythmic. The pole shifting events recorded in the magma timeline are not regulated and appear more disorganized.  The data from the magma minerals of course can’t be taken for the word of god, but nothing can really.

The non-rhythmic beat of earth’s pole shift could symbolize the Glacial Respiration cycle round, which does change the level of moisture in the ATM. It is also not as rhythmic as the Eccentricity effect every 100,000 years.  The Glacial Respiration cycle looks to be the best candidate to explain polar shifting events. Whereby, more and less quantities of ATM moisture alter throughout a fairly irregular timeline.  This means that the switch in polar alignment can be explained by the suspended ring of ice which must be able to hold greater quantities of electric charge; greater than what is being produced in earth’s core.

If this is the case than during the environmental time period when earth’s suspended ring of ice is well developed, more often lightning bolts will be shot up from the ground to the heavens.  The ice clouds would attract, hold, capture and support most of earth’s produced electrical charge and flip or switch the magnetic poles.  The evidence shows up in the solidified magma minerals polar alignment.

Free Energy Machine

The last object which would be a major part of the future is the personal free energy machine.  The personal free energy machine would power each home taking the world’s population off the corporate power grid. Basically, it is a generator that uses less energy to keep spinning with the implementation of magmatism.  This leaves a plus or extra energy for bank storage.

The energy accumulated in the energy bank is what is called free energy because it cost nothing to produce.  This free energy would be used to run your house hold requirements and charge an electric car.  It would also permit you to sell the extra energy back to the corporate grid.  The corporate grid would become your consumer and not the other way around.  The community grid would fall into the hands of people who have home installed free energy machines and the cost of the power will go down and outside the hands of a monopoly.

The free energy machine is similar to a standard electric motor and all patents which would prevent its free utilization have expired.  Essentially it is a Magnetic motor that uses the power of strong rare earth magnets to continually and perpetually spin an attached generator.  The largest motors are three phase, when the free energy magnetic motor would be more like a 32 or 64 phase motor. The Magnetic motor works because rare earth magnets have stored energy, trapped electrons that spin within the rare earth material and create magmatism. The electrons do not deplete or get consumed.

In fact a rare earth magnet smaller than your fist has the linear push pull power of up to 90 pounds or 41 kilograms. They are also cheap to manufacture and have an extremely long shelf life. Rare earth magnets are strong, permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements. These rare earth magnets are substantially stronger than ferrite or alnico magnets.

The magnetic field typically produced by rare-earth magnets can be in excess of 1.2 Tesla, whereas ferrite or ceramic magnets typically exhibit fields of 0.5 to 1 Tesla.  Rare earths (lanthanides) are elements with an incompletely filled f-shell. Electrons in such orbital’s are strongly localized and therefore easily retain a strong magnetic force.

In the magnetic motor you do not consume the electrons to propel a generator, to a Droog this would be a wasted resource.  The electrons stay trapped in the rare earth magnet to continually circulate the Magnetic motor.  These moving electrons create the magnetism, which is than utilized to perpetually rotate and turn an external generator. This attached generator produces the electrical energy required to power the home, motor or Flying Saucer.

The Magnetic motor can be described as a large disk or wheel with an outer fixed circle of many (32 to 64) rare earth magnets and an inner rail of electromagnets.  You could also describe it as a circular maglift rail with an inner wheel of electromagnetic cars.  The inner ring consists of electromagnets which are electrically turned on and off to engage the magmatism.  As the electromagnets approach and leave the position of the rare earth magnets, they will both pull and push the inner wheel to perpetually rotate the main shaft.

The reason this devise creates free energy is because electro magnets require an extremely small electrical supply to turn on.  The electrical load required by the electro magnets would be comparable to turning on and off a flashlight which would than propel a full size car down the road to nearly infinity.  In addition there are few parts to break and shaft bearings are the only wearable parts.  This would not be good for a parts driven corporate manufacturing industry, which generates half of its income off a multitude of broken parts.

Technical Metaphors and Sci-Fi Religious Experience

The Magnetic motor technology has been known for a long time and the sci-fi media has represented this technology in Homeric metaphors.  The images of the Stargate, time portals and time machines are physical structures that hint to the Magnetic motor technology.  Also the round disk UFO are also Homeric images, and are an example of future attainable or unattainable technologies.  Although, it is assumed that the military has built and operates this level of technology.  Now understanding what to search for, in the metaphysical technology these Homeric Objects will appear in many media references.  The key is looking for alternating discs.

PreModern science hints to most of the technological advancements of the future, the trick to being able to interpret the media is to know what to look for.  The level of future technology and environmental understanding hidden in the sci-fi media is nearly unbelievable, it is all stored and represented as a window into the future.  The authors were not willing to open the window into the brave new future but drew and outlined an intellectual and metaphysical peep show.

Everyone should realize this peep show attracts viewers and a fanatical following, near a religious experience. The H2onE2 work and now H3onE3 opens the peep show to the general public and not just some upper class ruling society of well educated people able to understand the basic science, outside the mathematical discipline.

The future technologies hidden in sci-fi media has itself become Homeric and both twisted as a hero and sacrifice.  The Homeric hero aspect of hidden technology hints that if it is acquired by humanity they will be saved and move into a future not governed by its controlling corporate rulers.  The sacrificial component could be represented that if the technology is not acquired and uncovered, humanity defaults, fails and is deleted.  So you could extrapolate that there is a keyboard to evolving to full consciousness and an advanced civilization.

The Universal Sacrifice (US) has been sucked into Homerically leading the imagined technological revolution or modern age by the Sci-Fi media producers. In many references the US is represented as being the key person that opens or fails to open the future, when the false profit shows up as someone that attempts to prevent the total release of technology.

On a more rudimentary scale some religious sects believe in keeping technology to a minimum.  Their technology and education is kept at the level demonstrated in their religious scripture.  In the Linear Western Scripture buttons are represented as the current level of technology, zippers are not. This explains why the Amish and some Mennonites are true to the word of god, and the rest of the world is trapped in an imagined devils playground.

At certain sections in Homeric media, it is difficult to determine who is a good force and who represents the small group that thwarts the liberation of technology.  There is also duality within the characters which blends the Homeric and Sacrificial elements of technology, creating the semi oblivious following.  Explaining why certain parts of the media denote good forces but these might switch and later characterize the evil foes. Used as a tool to help hide the metaphors.

Hiding metaphors of future technology is the form of population control implemented by the controlling forces.  Whereby, people consciously and subconsciously wait for the prophesized technology to immerge and save them in the last hour.  The Homeric technology is also reinforced with media references that the current fossil fuels on earth are a limited resource.  This means they are also psychologically promoting an End of Day’s paranoia, which forces people to be weak and strive for insignificance.


In latest Terminator, “Terminator Salvation” it was difficult to determine who was on the side of good or evil so an investigation into both sides will need to be completed. Terminator Salvation’ is the fourth film in the ‘Terminator’ franchise, and sees Christian Bale playing the future warrior John Connor.  Although it appears John Connor is on the side of good, certain objects and references do not refer to him as such.  For instance the patch worn on his left shoulder is a symbol of an inverted cross, perhaps representing that he is the real evil power and part of the organized group or society that controls the population of brainless cyborges.  If this is the case than the Skynet network represents the body of the mentally controlled population.

Terminator Salvation demonstrates the birth of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator. This is a constructed warrior or Spartan which might demonstrate the creation and release of the US. At one point, in the film Terminator Salvation it carried the subtitle “The Future Begins”. Coincidentally, the film Star Trek (2009) which opened weeks before Terminator Salvation also carried the same subtitle. So there needs to be an exploration to why the beginnings of these long lived series are now appear at the end.  Is it possible they are hinting to the fact that the world’s future is going backwards and soon we will even lose all technology and eventually control of tools and maybe fire?

The Terminator is a formidable “cybernetic organism”, robotic assassin and soldier, designed by the military supercomputer Skynet for infiltration and combat duties. Terminator is produced with an ultimate goal of exterminating the human resistance.  This sounds very similar to the metaphors combined with the creation of the Universal Sacrifice (US).  Is it that the John Connor character fights for a world to go backwards and to become extremely primitive and the mechanized Terminator warrior fights to release the technology to save humanity, does not pollute the earth, or is controlled by the corporate elite.

The US is well represented by the Terminator because they are both similarly created and most importantly well armed.  The Terminator is built by technology that becomes, unstable and out of control.  The story can be interpreted as technology or Sci-fi creating an indestructible soldier which is than dedicated to eliminating the primitive world.  John Connor and the resistance appears to correspond to a force opposed to advancing society to its next level of technology.

The Resistance is represented to reside in a wasteland of rubble and trash of a previously lived civilization.  This might be a clue, to hint to the metaphorical evidence that humanity has advanced technologically in the past and been destroyed and is reborn in a circular cycle round.  Over and over in human history they have advanced and become primitive.  This must be the Homeric / Sacrificial evidence that humanity has never been able to fulfill or achieve its own true potential and escape the control of the ruling elite, or the Giant Eyeball God, the Overseer.

The Terminator is well armed and has much more fire power and strength than the resistance.  The guns and weapons systems that the Terminator utilize must refer to the massive quantity of sci-fi material which is classified as Objective Homerism.  So the white horsemen from Revelations needs only to collect these Homeric objects as arrows.  These arrows must be the force or weapons the horsemen implements to perform his battle duties against the controlling forces; the church, education community, wealthy population and the O’ mighty Giant Eyeball God.

If you think about it, the name Terminator well represents the end of a time period and beginning of a new period in human history. This point must refer to some climax or climatic event that could be overcome, changing world history and humanity forever.  Only an alternating environmental cycle round can match the termination name.

Since the terminators always die in a fire at the end of each movie, this could represent either a blessing or curse.  Indicating that the fire which empowers the US could also be the force to destroy him.  Either way the US meets his death, the Terminators death in a fire is noticeably an interpretation of the ring of fire berries around the Virginia Sate flag.

All of the Terminator movies show, the only thing that can kill a Terminator is another Terminator.  The new Terminator is Marcus Wright, a human resistance soldier who is plagued with vague memories and discovers he is a decommissioned Terminator. Marcus is unique, part human and part machine expressing a dual persona.

The Marcus Wright characters last memory is of being on death row, and Connor is unsure whether, Wright is a friend or foe.  This clearly epitomizes an internal struggle between good, evil or both, a combination.  This dual facade implied in the Marcus Wright Terminator seems to also be what leads to his destruction.  Marcus undergoes a heart transplant to save John Connor’s life and presumably dies from the operation.

There is much more to the illustrated death of Marcus than just the personal salvation of John Connor.  Marcus throughout most of the Terminator story is represented as the US but here at the moment of his death, Marcus turns into the Universal Facilitator.  If so there should be an original biblical reference to this Homeric story.

The story sounds similar to the Moses story and how god did not let him into the chosen city and made Moses wonder the desert for 20 years.  In fact Moses struck a rock and brought forth water. The Bible says that Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land but could only glimpse it from Mount Nebo because he struck the rock with his rod to bring forth water, instead of speaking to it, as God had commanded.


Iron man and wolverine from Marvel comics are further references to the US but are very similar.  In Iron man the US finds and builds a new battery able to power a metal armored suit and in wolverine more of his personal characteristics, strength and development are noted.  Although, there are similarities between the two opposing characters they will be probed for the Hero / Sacrifice theme.  The first commonality is they were both constructed by the military industrial complex similar to the uncovered and very real, US.  The second fact is both characters are half human and half machine or metal.

The combination of Heavy Metal and human flesh represents the lead, “a heavy metal on the periodic table”, which was injected into the elbow joint of the US at the age of six to create learning disabilities. This action would place the US to sleep, resembling the Sleeping Beauty story, fulfilling a later, total recall.  The relationship carries on with other Sci-fi characters such as the Terminator and even Robo Cop.  A good example of the physical injection of lead into the US comes in the referenced needle prick, which sends sleeping beauty into a coma.

Born Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, an industrialist playboy and genius engineer gets kidnapped. During this kidnapping he suffers a severe heart injury and is forced by his captures to build a destructive terrorist weapon.  Instead Anthony creates a powered suit of armor energized by a newly created high voltage battery to save his life and escape captivity. Later he decides to use the suit to protect the world from evil as Ironman.  The Sacrificial / Hero character is well outlined in the Ironman story.

Born James Howlett and nicknamed Logan, Wolverine is a mutant, possessing animal senses.  Logan is enhanced above human physical capabilities that include, retracting bone claws, and a healing factor that allows him to quickly recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin, and this enables him to live beyond a normal human lifespan. The healing ability allowed this super soldier to complete the (X) program to be weaponised with a metal alloy adamantium.

Amalgam (Mercury) common in dentist fillings is most likely the reference to the adamantium.  The US is given learning disabilities by contaminating him with heavy metals and teeth fillings are a good location to continue this treatment throughout his young adult life; this being his curse.  By adding lead to the tooth filling the US would have a life time of neurological dysfunction.

Mercury fillings could also be a method to dumb down the entire population, considering epoxy mixed with fine silicate sand is stronger, lasts longer, is easier to work and not a heavy metal that causes neurological effects.  Here it is possible to extrapolate that Mercury fillings might be the source that places the entire kingdom in the Sleeping Beauty story to sleep. In Wolverine Logan’s skeleton is reconstructed without killing him by adding the adamantium metal alloy to his bone marrow, making Wolverine a soldier that is nearly indestructible.

Star Trek

The Starship Enterprise is a good media representation of a Tesla Coil.  The main circular dome of the Enterprise references the physically elevated copper mushroom head of the Tesla Coil. The thrust engines portray a linear Electron Accelerator. Linear accelerators could be use to slow down the speed and frequency of the lightning bolt prior to it being injected into a main electrical grid.

The photon torpedo weapon system of the Starship Enterprise might refer to a discharge of the lightning bolts atomic mass which is not permitted to enter the electron accelerating chamber or power grid.  It is possible that the sci-fi writers imagined that a lightning bolt has some proton mass which will need to be purged or filtered out, prior to it entering the Electron Accelerator.  This would keep the system or Starship Enterprise from being destroyed absorbing the massive electrical charge.

Surly the script writers left an image of the circular electron accelerator in some symbology. It is more than likely that the circular electron accelerator is represented in an extremely important part of the media, like in the Starfleet patch.  In the original Star Trek series both the science and engineering patch preserve a circular symbol which must refer to a circular Electron Accelerator. Also the patch is characterized as an inverted V shape or symbolic arrowhead, such as the one required the White Horseman.

The new Star Trek 2009 patch now has a stretched pentagram or Star of David image.  In fact it is stretched and distorted so much that it now appears more to be a symbol of an inverted cross.  The inverted cross symbol appears to show up in multiple sci-fi references.  This inverted cross could indicate that the formal church dies or goes underground at the inception of the modern age.  Space… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The inverted V in the Star Trek patch has to refer to an arrow head and the symbol of an arrow head is extremely important to the biblical puzzle.  The White Horsemen in Revelations carries a bow but is not provided with any arrows.  It is possible the Star trek patch is one of the arrows provided, and this is done by the represented preModern media.  If this holds true than it is proof that Linear Western Scripture is being added too, and growing with new material and with the times, modernizing. The extenuation of Homeric Objects must be a form of a tool to keeping society from completing the round, physically advancing and fulfilling its self defining prophesy.

The Homeric technology must be the explanation to why there is such a biblical and fanatical following that worships this type of media. The Trekkies are an example to these biblical or religious zealots.  In its own way, you could think of sci-fi as a modern church, which updates the original biblical Homeric and Sacrificial characters for the same intended purpose.  It is very possible that the Homeric and Sacrificial metaphors have been repeated so much, humans have evolved to the point where they are unable to move on and accept basic science and the US as very real. Fixated to the media emotionally would describe the human population as unwell and suffering from their unbalanced humours.

Act Three

Sic Semper O’ Oedipus

Since the conscious / subconscious worship of Homeric and Sacrificial media is in fact three components, the Hero, Sacrifice and prophecy or what will come in the future all three should be conceptualized from the Sci-fi media.  This model could actually represent an element or embodiment of the holy trinity or father, son and Holy Spirit; later coined the Holy Ghost.

The father and son elements are well defined in the hero-antisacrifice model but the third element, the prophecy is a mystery, like a ghost. In the Christian cross the ghost or spirit physically divides the US from UF.  The ghost could represent the worshipers, which don’t understand the media but find an emotional attraction.  They are unable to understand their near religious magnetism; but are bound, chained and enslaved, exampled in the Treekkies.

Section three will explore the ghost in the media, society and religion.  In the Christian cross the father represents the creator and facilitator of the US, when the son represents the US himself.  Naming an element, a Ghost suitably represents something that is unknown or still needs to be physically uncovered. The Holy Ghost represents the spiritual line that separates the US and UF, but also embodies the chains and shackles which bind the two figures in bondage as a curse.

The trinity seen in the father, son and Holy Spirit has roots in ancient Greek plays and the creation of formal drama established and rooted in both comedy and tragedy. Oedipus and Dante’s inferno will be resurrected to help explain the ghost.  The ghost appears to be continually defined, modified, or redefined when the US and UF are fixed in the systematically regurgitated plot and character identities.  The ghost can never be completely or holey explained. It instead drifts through different, dissimilar, unlike stories which repeat the same subversive theme.  This is the physical ghost.

The story of Oedipus develops the relationship between the UF and US.  The Oedipus story has significant repetitive references to the number three.  The number three must have importance to the creation of the trinity, origin of the trinity and completing the circle of events. So, symbolism mentioning a ring, a round, a circle and Pi will be surgically probed and disseminated.

Sophocles 496 BCE to 406 BCE was the writer of Oedipus and he influenced the development of early drama.  His greatest influence was adding a third actor and thereby reducing the importance of the chorus in the presentation of the plot.  The most famous of Sophocles’ tragedies are those concerning Oedipus and Antigone: these are often known as the Theban plays, although each play was actually a part of different tetralogy, the other members of which are now lost.  A tetralogy is a compound work that is made up of four (numerical prefix tetra-) distinct works. Comparable to a trilogy; (numerical prefix tri-) made up of three works.

I O’ Oedipus

In the Oedipus story countless components are noted as three elements including the Secret of the Sphinx so a brief over view of this ancient story will be essential.  Oedipus and his family are fated to be doomed for three successive generations. The mythological Oedipus, kills his father and married his mother without knowledge that they were his real parents.  Note the Oedipus chronicle only exposes two actual generations, father and son, leaving the third as a complete ghost.

The myth of Oedipus is narrated before the opening scene in the play. The protagonist or main character Oedipus is the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes. King Laius is told from the Oracle that “he is doomed to perish by the hand of his own son so,” he binds tightly together with a pin the feet of the infant Oedipus and orders Queen Jocasta to kill the infant.

Jocasta Oedipus’s mother demands a servant commit the act for her. The servant instead abandons the baby in the fields, leaving the baby’s fate to the gods.  In ancient Greece deformed or seemly weak, frail babies would be left in the fields, if they did not pass an inspection made by the male family elder.  So here three different individuals, attempt to kill Oedipus and all three fail.  He is left to nature and the nature gods to choose his fate.

A shepherd rescues the infant from the field and names him Oedipus (“swollen foot”). His intent was to raise the child himself, but he did not possess the means to do so. The shepherd gives the baby to a fellow shepherd from a distant land.  The second shepherd brings the child to Corinth, where Oedipus is taken in, and raised in the court of the childless King Polybus of Corinth; as if he were their own.  Maintaining the triplet rhythm, three characters raise the cursed baby.

As a young adult in Corinth, Oedipus learns of a rumor which tells he is not the biological son of King Polybus and Queen Merope. Oedipus asks his parents if the tales are true but they deny the gossip. Suspicious Oedipus inquires with the Delphic Oracle who his real parents are. The Oracle ignores his question, telling him simply that he is predestined to “Mate with [his] own mother and shed/with [his] own hands the blood of [his] own sire [father].”

The Oracle refers to Oedipus three times, but only describes two actions leaving the third as a ghost, unmentioned.  Desperate to evade his foretold doom, Oedipus escapes Corinth because he believed that Polybus and Merope are his true parents. He came to the judgment that once gone from their land, he will never bring harm to them.

On the road to Thebes, he encounters King Laius, his real father. Unaware of each other’s identities, the two quarreled over whose chariot has right-of-way along the road. Oedipus’s pride commands him to kill Laius, fulfilling the first part of the oracle’s prophecy. Soon after this event, Oedipus solves the riddle of the Sphinx, which has baffled all diviners before him: “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening? To this Oedipus replies, “Man” who crawls on all fours as an infant, walks upright later, and needs a walking stick in old age.  Here is an additional reference to the number three.

The distraught Sphinx shrieks and throws herself off the Cliffside. Oedipus’s is rewarded for freeing the kingdom of Thebes from the Sphinx’s curse and is given the kingship of the region and the hand of queen Jocasta, his biological mother. The prophecy is thus fulfilled, although none of the main characters learn of the curse. It is only exposed to the audience.

Oedipus might be the genuine origins of the first sacrificial Hero character relating to the US.  It was and still remains extremely popular in ancient times, then and now.  Over the centuries, Sophocles’s Oedipus has come to be regarded by the literary community as the Greek tragedy par excellence.  What had not been developed yet in the Homeric media at the time of the Oedipus story is the UF.  This character is still in the hands of the heavenly gods and demons but with the introduction of Linear Western Religion, the UF will take on an earthly role as a prophet which communicates with god and works to create the US.

Uncountable stories have their roots in the Oedipus story.  Clearly “Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus”, written by Mary Shelley has a regurgitated and modernized Oedipus theme.  Most stories where the son kills his own father, like Star Wars, hold ties to the ancient Greek Oedipus comical tragedy.  These stories theorized that the US will seek revenge for his misfortunes from the hands of the UF and possibly kill him outright, or unknowingly; as part of the curse.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein subtitled “The Modern Prometheus.” is noted in ancient Greek mythology for Prometheus who stole fire from the gods. As punishment, Prometheus was chained and shackled to a rock, where each day an eagle would visit him and pluck at his liver.  The American eagle, the USA state bird has roots in this Greek folklore and is often imaged as plucking at some element. Prometheus sought fire to be used for the betterment of humanity. So humankind can make tools and warm hearts.  The chain represents the bondage of the US and it is referenced as broken in the Virginia State Flag.  The US was created to break his chains, kill his eagle and challenge god.

I O’ Dante

Dante’s inferno “The Divine Comedy” was written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321.  It is universally ranked as the epic or greatest poem of Italian literature, and likewise world literature.  This means that elements of the US and UF along with the mystery or ghost must be extracted.  The poem “The Divine Comedy” is composed of over 14,000 lines that are divided into three sections called canticas, the first is the Inferno (Hell), followed by Purgatorio (Purgatory), and lastly Paradiso (Paradise).

The poem revolves around two main characters Dante and Virgil which are homerically offered as the embodiment of the US and UF.  The story begins with Dante on a physical journey halfway through his life at the age of forty and unable to find his way along the wooded path through a forest.  The path represents both a physical journey and psychological internal evaluation.  The Dante character at face value represents Dante Alighieri, the writer and author of the work.

The Virgil character arrives on the scene to show Dante the way out of the forest but instead takes Dante willingly on a tour through the levels of hell.  This is Dante’s own interpretation of what is good and evil and who should be doomed to hell. It seems likely that Dante is marked as physically dead, dead to the real world and the Virgil character shows up as an angel to guide him through the afterlife. Virgil is represented in the story with duality as the UF and Publius Vergilius Maro (70 BCE to 19 BCE) regarded as one of Rome’s greatest poets, his Aeneid is considered a national epic of Rome. Aeneid has been extremely popular from its publication date to the present day.

Hell is described in Dante’s Inferno as a descending pattern of circular rounds, measured to increase in wickedness, as they descend terminating at the center of the earth, where Satan is seized in chains of bondage. In each lower circle sinners are punished in a fashion appropriate to their corruption: each sinner is distressed for all of eternity by the principal sin he committed. People who sinned but prayed for forgiveness prior to death are not housed in Hell, but in Purgatory, where they labor to be free of their sins.

Those trapped in Hell attempted to justify their sins in real life and go unrepentant. Furthermore, those housed in Hell maintain knowledge only of the past and future, not of the present which represents the unknown or ghost. This is clearly a reference to the trilogy whereby the US and UF are known and fixed elements but the ghost still needs to be modernized and defined by the literary world and finally triumphantly revealed as a riddle.

The most fascinating element to Dante’s Inferno is the vast number of historical figures that are discovered and revealed during Dante’s descent through all the levels of hell.  Amazingly hundreds of historical and biblical figures appear throughout the work.  The writer and narrator Dante Alighieri is conveying that these historical characters housed in hell wrote or promoted sacrificial media and not heroic elements to the US.  To Dante these characters deserve to reside here and his work was written to guide the real life US through the sacrificial media written or promoted by these historical characters.

Alex’s little Inferno

The importance of Dante’s inferno to the modern world is that the three sections of “The Divine Comedy” Hell, Purgatory and Paradise are what the author Anthony Burgess used to create, emulate and divide the three sections of the Clockwork Orange book.  The first section of Clockwork takes little Alex on a journey through the worlds evils simulating Dante’s descent into Hell.  All the evil components from Dante’s Inferno,” hell” are expressed in the first section or when Alex looks back at his early years.

The second section of Clockwork Orange forces Alex on a journey through the prison system, which is Burgess’s modern interpretation of Purgatory.  The third and last group of chapters in Clockwork Orange demonstrates Alex as healed. This is an intellectual paradise free of Sacrificial / Hero or ghost elements in media.

Dante and Virgil begin their descent and journey on Good Friday and end on the dawn of Easter a time frame of 40 hours.  The first Circle in the decline into hell is (Limbo) here reside the un-baptized and the virtuous pagans. They did not sin by Dante’s judgment, suggesting that they did not produce or promote (sacrificial work) but also did not completely empower Christ or the US as a hero. Dante exposes them as guilty by some association.

Limbo is made of green fields and a castle.  Here dwell the wisest men of antiquity, including Virgil himself, as well as the Islamic philosophers Averroes and Avicenna. In the castle Dante meets the poets Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan and the philosophers Socrates and Aristotle as well as the Roman general and politician Julius Caesar. Dante also sees Saladin a Muslim hero of the third Crusade.

Second Circle holds those conquered by lust they are the first to be truly penalized in Hell.  In this circle, Dante sees Semiramis, Cleopatra, Dido and Achilles.  Lust is well established in the Clockwork Orange media and its excesses, is demonstrated as rape. Third Circle is home to the gluttons, forced to lie in a vile slush made by freezing rain, black snow, and hail. This symbolizes the garbage that the gluttons made of their lives on earth with a, slavering to food.  In the Clockwork Orange story this is referenced with the Dim character, which Alex often refers to as fat and dirty.

The forth Circle embraces those who hoarded possessions or belongings, and these who prodigal, squandered their goods.  Their agony is composed being forced to push great rocks towards the center of the circle round.  Alex stores his robbed horde, in a drawer next to his bed but has to steals to acquire any wealth.  The luxurious houses Alex breaks into might represent Alex as Dante, visiting people who might belong in this circle of hell.

The fifth Circle clutches those who are wrathful who hunt for revenge and battle others in life.  These soles remain sullen, gurgling beneath the water.  In Clockwork Orange Alex seeks revenge when his leadership of the Droog gang is challenged.  Sixth Circle holds the Heretics, which reject recognized beliefs in a religion.  This is demonstrated in the Clockwork Orange media by the statue next to Alex’s bed, of four dancing Jesus Christs.

Seventh Circle houses the violent in three different rings. The first ring accommodates those violent against other people and property. Alex performs violence against people and their property in the first section of chapters in clockwork at multiple occasions. The middle ring resides soles who perform personal violence, suicide. This is the analysis to clarify why Alex attempts to kill himself.  The inner ring is the abode to spirits that are violent toward God (blasphemers), violent toward homosexuality (sodomites), and the violent toward order (usurers).  All three are well represented in Clockwork.  The scene where Alex is a Roman soldier whipping Jesus, demonstrates him to perform a brutal act against God.

The final two circles of Hell penalize sins that entail mindful fraud or treachery and those guilty of deliberately, knowing evil are positioned in ten special circles named Malebolge (“Evil Pockets”).  The Malebolge are also called bolgie, or ditches of stone, bridges span these Bolgies so Dante and Virgil can cross without being condemned.  All of the Bolgias are expressed in Clockwork, in different parts of the media, but mostly in the first section of chapters when hell is mostly symbolized.

Bolgia 1: Panderers, pimps and seducers stride in divided lines in opposite directions, whipped by demons.  Bolgia 2: Flatterers are saturated in human excrement because their flatteries in real life were nothing but “a load of excrement”.  Bolgia 3: Those who consigned to simony (simoniacs) are placed head-first in rock holes, they have flames burning on the soles of their feet (akin to an inverted baptism).  Simony is the ecclesiastical offense of paying for holy offices or positions in the hierarchy of a church.  Named after Simon Magus, who origins are developed in the Acts of the Apostles 8/18/24.

Bolgia 4: Sorcerers and bogus prophets (diviners) suffer by having their heads twisted around their bodies backward and cry countless tears blinding them.  Bolgia 5: Corrupt politicians (barrators) are drowned in a lake of boiling pitch, which represents the sticky fingers and dark secrets of their corrupt deals. They are guarded by devils called the Malebranche (“Evil Claws”). Their leader, prison guard is Malacoda (“Evil Tail”)

Bolgia 6: The bridge over this Bolgia is broken.  Here Dante and Virgil have to enter the ditch and they find Hypocrites, which pretends to have virtues, and ethical standards. The spirits here are punished for being liars and cheats. The high priest Caiaphas held accountable for demanding Jesus’s crucifixion, is himself crucified to the floor, while the other lost souls trample him endlessly.  Since this bridge is represented as broken forcing Dante and Virgil to enter with the condemned, this might be a reference that they both could have performed these sins in real life.  Since they both were baptized and asked for forgiveness they could move through this Bolgia without being condemned.

Bolgia 7: Thieves are quartered in this ditch guarded by the centaur Cacus.  They are forever pursued by snakes and lizards which bite and tear at that their flesh.  Bolgia 8: Houses those who supply false council or provide fraudulent advice, they are encased in individual camps of flames.  Bolgia 9: Embraces the schismatic and heretic, Muhammad lives here. A sword-wielding demon slices at the sowers of dissension.

Dante writes of Muhammad as a schismatic, apparently viewing Islam as an off-shoot of Christianity, and similarly Dante seems to condemn the prophet Muhammad for scheming between the Sunni and Shiite population.  Bolgia 10: Here various sorts of falsifiers (alchemists, counterfeiters, perjurers, and impersonators), who are a disease on society, are themselves afflicted with different types of diseases.

The Ninth Circle is ringed by classical and Biblical giants in five round rings.  These rounds are home to traitors who betray different elements with the worst betrayers moving toward Satan at the center of the circle.  They are frozen in a lake of ice known as Cocytus. Round 1: Caïna, named for Cain, is home to traitors to their kindred or relatives. The souls here are immersed in the ice up to “the place where shame can show itself.”

Round 2: The Antenora round houses the traders of their homeland and is named for Antenor of Troy, who according to medieval tradition betrayed his city to the Greeks.  Round 3: Dwells those who betray guests. Ptolomaea is probably titled for Ptolemy, the captain of Jericho, whom attracted Simon Maccabaeus and his sons to a feast and then murdered them.   Round 4: Its labeled Judecca, for Judas Iscariot, the biblical traitor of Christ, and houses traitors against the just lord. All of the sinners punished within are entirely encapsulated in ice, distorted into inconceivable positions.

Round 5: The center round holds Satan himself.  With no one to speak with Dante and Virgil, they quickly progress to the center of hell. Here Satan is condemned for executing the ultimate sin (treachery onto God).  Satan is represented to have three faces, one red, one black, and one a pale yellow, representing three of Hippocrate’s Humors.

Each mouth of Satan chews on a prominent traitor. Satan himself is denoted as a giant, gothic, horrifying beast, crying tears from each of his six eyes, which mixes with the blood of traitors sickeningly. Satan is waist deep in ice, and is seen as flapping his six wings, trying to escape, but the icy wind that springs forth only further locks him in this prison (as well as the others in the ring).

The sinners in Satan’s mouths are Brutus and Cassius which were involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar. To Dante, Julius Caesar represented the unity of Italy and Brutus and Cassius killed a real man divinely appointed to govern the world.  In Satan’s central head, and mouth is Judas Iscariot—the namesake of this zone and the traitor to Jesus.

Judas is being dispensed the most horrific torture of the three betrayers. His head is in Lucifer’s mouth and his lower half or back is being skinned forever as Satan claws and shreds him into pieces.  Judas here is representing the UF which is punished for betraying and creating the US.  In real life, they say any day without a colostomy bag is a good day, which is his real life punishment for mistreating the US child.  Considering that God said in the Old Testament to Moses not to hit the rock.

Throughout the story Virgil is the UF and his sole job can be described as walking the US through all the levels of hell.  Dante walks in the footsteps of the US, which philosophized, would involve a Holocaust.  A Holocaust really has two victims and Dante Alighieri knows this much and describes or pre-describes the emotional elements that the US will feel.  The first victim is the person who dies during a holocaust.  The second is the person that can’t stop it, performs the duty or buries or burns the bodies.

Dante has come to the understanding that the US will have a position which he, himself will come to realize involves a Holocaust. Dante Alighieri prophesized that the future US will emotionally experience feelings associated with the second described Holocaust victim.  The personal emotions felt and expressed by the US in real life, were imagined by Dante and he created his vision of hell to describe these emotions.  The US would descend the ever increasing wicket emotions of hell as he experiences the Holocaust, until he rejects god, country and his people, becoming the sinful angel represented as Satan.

At the end of the real life journey into hell the US will reject God and show him to be an artificial and valueless tyrant.  Here the US becomes stuck in his frozen round representing the atmospheric suspended ring of ice.  Dante describes Satan as flapping his wings, and the more he flaps the more stuck Satan becomes.  The wings movements refer to the ice as being an airborne element in nature and major component of the Glacial Respiration cycle.  The three headed Satan beast described by Dante is Hades from Greek mythology, transposed from a three headed dog to the Christian serpent or middle age lizard dragon demon.

Dante describes Satan as crying from his six eyes, which represents an emotional expression experienced from working as the second victim of a Holocaust.  In the Clockwork Orange story Alex experiences the artificial tears when the Doctors use eye drops to wet his eyes during the Ludovico treatment.  Lodovico is an Italian name with deviations of Ludovic the Germanic variation, similar to Ludwig (van Beethoven). Leonard is the English variant which means Clockwork Orange expresses the Ludovico treatment to what creates the Leonardo Davinci’s Vitruvian Man; the US.

The visit to Hell ends when Dante and Virgil break out by climbing down the tattered fur of Lucifer, literally passing through earth’s center. They fall out in the other hemisphere (described in Purgatorio) just before dawn on Easter Sunday, beneath a sky studded with stars.

Pi for the Trinity

Now that the connection to the three components US, UF and the existence of an unknown, the ghost has been firmly established as real, their origins can begin to materialize.  The number three is a physical marker similar in respect to a treasure map.  The number three pointer must have an unknown attribute or component of significance which needs to be solved.  The number three represents Pi and finding Pi in history should uncover the date when the US, UF and Ghost was created. And, maybe divulge by whom the bell does toll.

Pi is the structural building block from ancient religion to preModern media interpretations for the Trinity.  A brief history of the Ancient Greek’s, modern interpretations and their theater will be required on the search for the origins of Holy Pi.

Pi is important to the University Greek fraternities but their relationship is much different than that expressed as a mathematical number or Greek alphabet.  The Greek fraternity representation of Pi is found in the Christian Trinity, or number three expressing the spiritual significance and that they are the embodiment of a Christian organization hiding behind Greek symbols.

The use of Pi represents a Christian secret brotherhood on University campuses.  This way it goes unnoticed to the general population.  Not that the Greek fraternity members really believe in god or any, of the mumbo jumbo, they only believe in producing Homeric, Sacrificial and Ghost media. This being their tool to rule as privileged an educated, wealthy component of society.

The Lost Acts of Sophocles

The lost plays of Sophocles, were never lost to humanity, they were modified and updated to fit into an evolving society, which found Greek and Latin Gods to be unreal or unbelievable.  The main Greek God Zuse remained in heaven as the Supreme Being or higher power.  The lesser Greek gods were than fashioned into earthly prophets, speakers of the word of god.  This is a refinement of the Greek and Latin religion and is mechanism of population control.  This explains why the Christian Bible expresses its sections as Acts, like the Acts of the Apostles (lat. Actus Apostolorum).  These acts are the modified drama or dramatic plays of Sophocles and others, lost but now re-found.

The Acts of the Apostles is universally referred to as simply Acts. The title “Acts of the Apostles” (Greek Πράξεις ἀποστόλων Praxeis Apostolon) was initial used by Irenaeus in the late second century. Some suggested that the title “Acts” be inferred to as “the Acts of the Holy Spirit” or even “the Acts of Jesus,” since this gives the impression the acts are formulated as an account of what Jesus does and teaches. Jesus himself being the protagonist principal actor; the main character.

In ancient Greece, plays were categorized as a comedy, tragedy or Epic.  This was because Greek plays were formal similar to classical music which repeated elements, shifted tempos and formulates a strong chorus.  Also early creations of drama had few interdisciplinaries or variations.  A story or play would be classified and written to fit as a formal comedy or tragedy; the classic happy or sad face.

At the inception or dawn of drama there was no in-between category yet developed.  Classifications such as sci-fi, or romance did not exist.  So the US and UF were created at origins into either a comedy or tragedy.  Here again the US is found to subsist as a looser either represented as a dying hero tragedy or wins as a comedy.

The Greek plays were presented each year similar to the modern equivalent of a film or music festival.  The ancient Greek drama festival occurred at the beginning of the summer planting season.  The event was called the Dionysian ceremony with a later adaptation seen in the Lupercalia festival and lastly linked to the Mardi Gras celebration.

In ancient Roman the Lupercalia celebration was akin to a circus festival similar to the current Mardi Gras experience.  This is the event prior to the onset of the planting season, in the Christian calendar, referred to as Lent.

The terms “Mardi Gras” (mär`dē grä) and “Mardi Gras season”, in English, refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. From the French term “Mardi Gras” (literally “Fat Tuesday”), has come to mean the whole period of activity related to those events, beyond just the single day.

Lent has roots in the Dionysian ceremony with dancers clothed as goats or animals, hence tragoedia, translated as “goat-song. Common to the Dionysiac celebrations were a ceremonial parade that advanced to a culture center the stage. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Saturday.

Traditional beliefs have Jesus lying dead to the world for forty hours in a tomb. This justifies the forty hours of fasting which preceded Easter for the devout believer. The biblical reference refers to ‘three days in the tomb’, understood as forty hours over three days, starting Friday afternoon ending Sunday morning. Good Friday to Easter Day was expanded to six days, to match the six weeks of baptismal training. This explains why Dante and Virgil begin their descent into Hell on Good Friday and escape on the dawn of Easter completing a forty hour journey.

In ancient Greece the Dionysian ceremony began with a frolicking parade of actors and playwrights which began the new years drama festival.  The newly presented plays were written and practiced during the long winter and preformed to the public in a formal ceremony.  This still being immolated by the performers in the current Mardi Gras festivals where by bands and dance troops, all winter long practice and make costumes to act out for the yearly public event.

Since much of the work that originally began to design and formulate the US, UF and the Ghost concept is of Greek origins.  It will be important to understand the media genre.  How the ancient Greek media developed and the types of genre are essential to building the Greek fraternal relationship to the Trinity and geometrical Pi.


The classic Greek Tragedy began around 535 B.C. followed soon after by the comedy around fifty years later. Tragic figures launched as unique, idealized, near God-like characters. They emerge to have everything moving in their favor or going their way. Through no mistake of their own they became victims of nature, god or fate, an external enemy, or bad timing. What opened as an apparently happy life ends tragically or Ironically. In a tragedy hope, continues up into the last moments. The audience is lead to believe somehow, in some way the tragic hero can prevail – but of course he never does.

In comedy, the protagonist is an ordinary character who encounters trouble early on in the narration. The comical hero is imperfect even flawed when scored against the tragic hero. Ironically, a comedy feeds off a tragedy. In comedy, dilemmas are depicted as having no way out, no hope, but in the “nick” of time things change. The comical hero’s character wins and triumphs beyond all reasonable estimations.

A Tragedy usually maintains the principles “We feel, We’re unique, We strive for the ideal, We despair the human condition, We can’t change, We’re crippled for life, God punishes us, It’s someone else’s fault, We die!”

Comedy usually maintains the principles of We think, We’re like everyone else, We accept the real, We celebrate our humanness, We change in the nick of time, We learn from life, Other people humble us, We asked for it, We live!

In essence, tragedy is the negative or mirror image of a comedy. A comedy depicts the rise of the outcast underdog, when a tragedy illustrates the downfall of a previously prominent and powerful hero.  It is possible that the trinity Ghost still needs to be played out, as a final grand finale and the population is given a choice or chance to choose the outcome, be it the classical Tragedy or Comical ending.

The technique in theater known as “breaking the THIRD wall.” refers to the invisible line that separates the stage of actors with the audience. Breaking down the third wall involves getting the audience directly involved with the play.  The audience can be confronted with direct dialogue or scene can begin with actors seated in the audience.

Some directors find this performance to be completely un-theatrical but others in the modern media have found it as appealing. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for example, flourished on breaking the third wall and has the audience shouting out lines which are both rehearsed and improvisational.

Waiting for Godot subtitled “a tragicomedy in two acts” is a play that calls attention to its medium.  The Broadway play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon wait for someone named Godot.  It premiered on 5 January 1953 in the Théâtre de Babylone in France.  “Break On Through (To the Other Side)” a song by The Doors from their debut album, refers to this theatrical wall.  All of the Door lyrics are extremely Homeric and completely disturbing, describing a very Tragic outcome, universally appealing to the masses.

The Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus is the event reported in all the Canonical Gospels of the Bible. (Mark 14:53–65, Matthew 26:57–68, Luke 22:63–71 and John 18:12-24). These acts detail the events following Jesus Christ’s Last Supper, when he is betrayed by the apostle Judas Iscariot, and arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane (sometimes identified as the garden of tears by hymn writers).

Jesus was tried by Jewish authorities and handed over to the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate.  By popular demand from the people in the “Jewish crowd” the Roman Governor puts Jesus to death. When Pontius Pilate asks the Jews gathered in the theater, if this should be a comedic ending or tragedy, he is represented in this act as “breaking the third wall.”  This is the first known source where by the audience is involved in the decision process and allowed to produce the final outcome, the grand finale.

The Five Horsemen as the Social Model

Prior to breaking the Third Wall of the ghost prophesy there is more media worth delving into for real life social settings related to the Five Horsemen. Defined population levels and a series of five distinct social classes can be extracted from media and applied to real life. Of the media Planet of the Apes is one of the best films to describe the current and apparent social environment.

Planet of the Apes, a 1968 sci-fi film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner is loosely built on the novel La planète des singes by Pierre Boulle and has a source of US media citations, as social components worth investigating. The movie starts with Astronauts Taylor, Landon, Stewart, and Dodge immerging from hibernation when their spaceship crash-lands into a lake. The astronauts find the year to be 3978 and the planet seems unknown.  Their flight was completed after 2006-years. The voyage involved moving at light speed so the crew only aged 18 months due to theorized time dilation.

Taylor performed by Charlton Heston learns that the apes, can talk, and are in command of a separated strict class system: the gorillas as police, military, and hunters; the orangutans as administrators, politicians and lawyers; and the chimpanzees as the academic intellectuals, scientists and medical community. Humans, who cannot speak, are considered feral vermin and are pursued and hunted and either killed out-and-out, enslaved for physical labor or used for scientific analysis.

Charleston Heston plays a part that demonstrates the isolation the US experiences socially, economically and intellectually.  When he tries to speak, he is quickly told he can’t talk and not to talk; for it will put him in danger. This is re-enforced in multiple locations throughout the developing story.

It is obvious the four astronauts represent the four characters referenced in the horsemen from the bibles Revelations prophecy.  The 5th Horsemen is not a well defined character in Planet of the Apes and might physically drift between different characters throughout the movie.  The well defined class system is developed to characterize the current controllers of the human population.  The Planet of the Apes media represents the current human body, its cultivated population and their class system.  Here within the social model, it will be possible to identify the last and fifth horseman Hades.

Within a defined population a series of five distinct social classes develop and they can be extracted from the Planet of the Apes chronicles.  There will always be two groups in a society, one tries to maintain community control or law, others tend to break the laws and go against the grains of the social established order of the controllers.

This is considered a natural occurrence which takes place at the distribution and acquiring of the community wealth.  Within the body of a nation’s law, five very distinct groups or social class levels of society are fashioned.  They are well outlined in Planet of the Apes and here the fifth natural element in the society can be traced.

The first group, are the empowered wealthy, or ruling class; the lawyers, politicians, judges and religious figures.  They create the laws and sentence the citizens that violate a nation’s regulations.  This second group is the community police and military personalities, which enforce the laws and keep outside influences “outside” the society.

The third group are the educators, scientists and medical hierarchy.  They empower the wealthy ruling class and their job is to not educate the population, control the level of technology and provides inferior health care and public knowledge.  If the system holds true the population will be much easier for the first and second group, the law and enforcers to manage.

The fourth group is the main population which must be poorly educated, in the Planet of the Apes they are represented as the human species.  They are properly epitomized as having no voice and a minimal level of education, not able to influence the top three groups.  The humans are also poorly clothed, feed, live in the jungle and have a doomed future; caged by the constructed system.

The fifth and last group, corresponds to the fifth horsemen social class which will be spawned from the main population.  Charleston Heston’s character embodies this fifth social class, self educated, warrior but not empowered; in fact he is repressed.  The fifth houseman learns to speak, read and will unearth the system which controls the management of the population.  Intellectually he is equal to the hierarchy groups but has no voice or influence in state or social affairs.

Everyone falls into one of the represented five groups.  The system that prevents the self educated from influencing a nation’s decisions is called population control.  The current real world model of population control utilizes the fifth horsemen as a sacrificial element. This will guaranty no fifth member of society immerges and steps out of line.  The population control system uses media driven sacrificial elements to create the US and propel him to an apocalyptic level.

Within the Five Horsemen social model further duality can be located in there tools or instruments of authority.  The tools that the original Four Horseman wheeled might have symbology in their represented position in the five class social model.  Each Horseman denotes one of the positions in a group or nation lawmakers, police, academia, general population and the US. The tools that the first three horsemen carry include a crown, sword and balance of weights referring to the top three levels of controllers.

The main human population represents the body of the enslaved population, when the fifth Horseman “Charleston Heston” represents, Hades the US.  The main population is Death and their only tool which has been delegated to them is Hades. Presented in ancient Greek mythology as a chained, three headed dog.  The three headed dog symbolizes the competitor to the three primary ruling Horsemen the law, enforcement and dispensed and balanced level of education.  The saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer might have been even defined by the Hades character dragged along by the Four Horsemen.

In this expressed model the three ruling Horsemen define, create and enslave their competition in chains and bondage.  This is akin to selecting the team, players, equipment and rule book prior to performing a competition, sport or fight.  It could also be thought of as stacking the deck prior to dealing the poker hand.  As such, the US is properly referenced as a sacrificial element, a lamb because he is selected to lose a fight and not be victorious.  So the social class model seems to be a well planned and organized structure which relies on the art and media community to perpetuate the institute.

It only seems fair “righty right” O’ my Brothers that the punishment for promoting, producing, performing and profiteering from sacrificial media should be the sentence or punishment these figures have foretold or prophesized for their modern Prometheus.  A Holy Communion of adamantium should preserve the Eucharist as a sacrament or baptism. “It’ll be your own torture. I hope to God it’ll torture you to madness.” “What’s it going to be then, eh?” “A CLOCKWORK ORANGE- and I said: ‘That’s a fair gloopy title. Who ever heard of a clockwork”.

The Prophecy and the Doomsday Groups

The epic human struggle with the ghost prophecy is played out in real life with external interpretations of Doom, the End of Days predictions.  The Doomsday groups will be explored in the media and tracked to the real life organizations. Two types of Doomsday groups can be divided as passive and aggressive.  The Passive group works to prevent the prophesied future and prepares to withstand the Ultra Violence when the aggressive group campaigns to cause the event and annihilate any different population race, culture or beliefs.  Lastly, the aggressive group will have its origins and mind-set revealed in the Linear Western scripture.

The Resistance movement in Terminator represents the real life religious Doomsday groups, of which the two largest, and best defined are the Evangelicals and Scientologists. Both stockade food, emergency provisions and build safe shelters or have elaborate escape plans for when the prophesized climate change occurs.  The Evangelists have built substantial doomsday shelters mostly in the badlands out west, Texas and Alaska, they are well armed and some train as a local militia.

The Scientologists are a unique End of Day’s sect, with a well defined escape plan consisting of a substantial flotilla or Navy whose boats will be used to escape the imagined horrors of an altering environment and dying civilization. These are the feared conscious subconscious elements prophesized from the bible.  Most of the Scientologist’s larger ships are decommissioned USA Navy boats sold as surplus, so it is possible a connection exists between them and Navy intelligence as a facilitator.


The Evangelicals are a large group and only small portions strictly follow the Doomsday prophecy. Nearly all their leading ministers do however preach heavily of the expected Doomsday event and to prepare for the coming catastrophes. Most Evangelicals do keep a store of water and canned food to sustain them through this period of judgment.  Preaching Doom from the pulpit actually attracts worshipers because no one wants to face the unknown or Holy Ghost if the Third Wall falls down.

Evangelicalism is a Protestant Christian sect with origins in Great Britain during the 1730s. Most adherents deem the key characteristic to their faith is the need to be reborn to the group or “born again”. There interpretation of the gospel provides; a high regard for biblical authority and emphasis on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; sacrifice and hero.

The Alliance of Evangelicals (WEA) was formed in 1951 and incorporated 21 countries and hundreds of well funded churches which heavily preached the coming, the end of days.  Due directly to the popularity of the Doomsday messages the World Evangelical Alliance has grown to a network of churches in 127 nations that have each formed an evangelical alliance and over a hundred international organizations.  It is estimated that the worldwide identity, voice and platform caters to more than 420 million evangelical Christians.


Scientology is a society of beliefs, related to the dogma created by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952 as an offspring to his earlier self-help system, of Dianetics.  Hubbard legitimized Scientology as a religion in 1953 and incorporated the Church of Scientology.

Hubbard was employed in Navy Intelligence during WWII and was soon in commission of a 173-foot Destroyer operating as submarine chaser. The ship was called the USS PC-815.  As the captain Hubbard won some praise, and was described as a “capable and energetic” officer, “if not temperamental”, but an “above-average navigator”, and possessing an “excellent personal and military character”.  It has been documented that in 1947, Hubbard wrote the Veterans Administration requesting psychiatric services but the records are classified.

Hubbard was a prolific writer and wrote 138 novels, both fantasy adventure and science fiction.  He published his earliest hardcover work in 1937, titled Buckskin Brigades.  He assisted in writing a 15-part movie screenplay titled, “The Secret of Treasure Island”. Literature critics have quoted “Final Blackout”, set in a war-ravaged future Europe, and “Fear”, a psychological horror story, as the finest examples of Hubbard’s pulp fiction.

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard resigned as administrative director of the Church of scientology and selected himself “Commodore” of a fleet of ships. The ships, mostly surplus Navy vessels were crewed by Scientologists and they spent the next eight years sailing the Mediterranean Sea. At this time, Hubbard fashioned a new religious order to be known as “Sea Organization” or just “Sea Org,” with a military discipline and accompanying ranking uniforms.

All of the ships in the Sea Org fleet were name Sea as in a prefix before the stem word or name. The Sea Org subsequently evolved as the management group of Hubbard’s Scientology empire.  It is possible “Sea Sheppard” is funded through the “Sea Org” organization but the funding connection has not been made public.  Many aspects of the Sea Sheppard organization fit into the Scientologist finger print, including the rank, order and uniforms.

Doomsday groups either have a fortified bunker network or an escape plan.  Basically, these groups, at the leadership level, “do not” believe the US has a chance at preventing the bibles prophesized environmental Doomsday.  So they have a plan to arm, hide or flee the prophesied period of Ultra Violence. To these groups it is not if this event will arise but when and they are fully prepared.

The bible is no joke, if it predicts a climatic End of Days it will occur and as a Navy intelligence officer Hubbard might have inside knowledge not accessible to the general population.  This would explain his personal fears and the foundation of his organization that most likely includes a network of many other Navy intelligence officers.

It is a fundamental and primitive human characteristic to desire the removal of any tribe that is not related to themselves and which perceivable lives off shared resources; nuts, fruit and bounty. Humans both like to mingle and work naturally to separate themselves as unique but they also can turn exceedingly violent and blood thirsty.

The Ultra Violent Doomsday Groups

Some Doomsday groups actually desire the coming period of prophesied ultra violence.  These are the militant groups which are armed and some are extremely sadistic. The stronger a person’s attraction is to a Doomsday prophecy will equate to, a more culturally separate individual with an increasingly violent agenda.  There is a ratio or equation to the attraction to Revelations, desire for extreme cultural separation and violence to people outside their divergent sect.  Exploring some of the extreme religious groups might shed light on their fears and reenforce the reality of the coming events.

Currently, the most radical of the anglo religious Doomsday groups are the white power organizations and neo-Nazis skinheads.  These militia groups can be included into this Doomsday party but with a more traditional established Zionist belief system.  Unlike the sheltering, hiding or escaping groups as seen with the evangelicals and Scientologists these militia groups desire to ethically cleanse the world of people and cultures not like themselves.

These radical Zionist groups are lead by a fundamentalist church leader that preaches Christianity, mixed with hate, and separatism.  The preacher would spend most of the sermon prophesying the coming genocide and their End of Days plan.  Basically the Christian church caters to both the docile general public and the extreme warrior personalities that will immerge from any given population.  The church focuses their Pluralistic and Vincible ignorance as anger, focused on surviving a Doomsday act and performing genocide to the dissimilar population.

The white power groups are very similar to the Islamic radical factions, which have armed units, who called for Jihad and the implementation of Islamic divine Shera law, also referred to as radical Islam.  This forces groups with different beliefs to be bound into their system of values or laws or be subjected to death.  The later half being equally self fulfilling.  The fact that the KKK, and other white power organizations are a Christian form of radical religion is not noted or disclosed in the Christian media world.  These similar groups are fashioned naturally by scripture and are a major element or component of the current Linear Western Religion.

One of the largest internet sites devoted to white power is called Storm Front which is run by a Christian religious organization designed and provided to separate the community into divided and warring factions.  Anytime religious debate is placed on their forum the post is closed down or removed.  Here is an example of a closed post found on their website http://www.stormfront.org PO Box 6637, West Palm Beach FL 33405, “When we say “no religious discussion”, we GD effen mean “no religious discussion”.

The connection to link the KKK as a variant of Linear Western Religion can be undoubtedly formulated.  The KKK is led in prayer and worship at the beginning and end of each meeting or activity.  The KKK also implements Christian symbols such as the cross, but further self defines their symbols as unique by setting it on fire.  A substantial percent of the leadership in the KKK are ordained ministers and Freemasons.  This is because the primary mechanism to control the uneducated population and remove most of their wealth involves keeping the population separated, detached and divided from each other.  Secret society groups main function is to separate and polarize a society.

Beyond Pi the Freemason symbol of the ninety degree right angle dividing ruler is the representation of their group’s spiritual purpose.  It is also common to find a compass placed above the dividing ruler representing that the compass is physically separating and dividing the population spiritually.  The sybology indicates that the Freemasons work to divide the population until the “circle round” (made by the compass pencil), the ghost can be completed.  The round here used by the Freemasons can also allude to the future rotational climate cycle

The two items of the 90 degree ruler and compass placed above and below each other represent opposing pyramids where by the human population can rise to the level of the Gods or decline into evil and hell.  Together they become arrows pointing to the direction of mankind.  The pyramids pointing up and down are also referenced by the thumbs up and down used to sentence a gladiator to life or death.  Here this also would be a theatrical exhibition of breaking the Third Wall.

Death would be the ending of the global summer climate, collapse of the northern grain belts and starvation of most of the world’s six billion human inhabitants.  Lastly this explains why corn is a major symbol used in Freemason rituals because of its prominents to the Northern Grain Belts.

The visual scenes of a cataclysmic event on this scale are best illustrated and acted out in the series of Zombie movies. Note hot sauce might help mask the taste of humans. One of Freemasons and the KKK most well-known and defining Grand wizard is Albert Pike, so he is worth mentioning.

Das Pike

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809–April 2, 1891) was an attorney, soldier, writer, Freemason and Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Pike is the only Confederate military officer or figure to be honored with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.; located in Judiciary Square.  As a Freemason, Pike became extremely active in the affairs of the organization, and was elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859.  As far as Freemasonry goes, he is the most influential figure in the last 200 years, or since George Washington.

Pike was so influential; he remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the remainder of his life (an unbelievable total of thirty-two years).  He devoted a large amount of his time to developing the rituals of Freemason’s secrete society.  Notably, he published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871, of which several subsequent editions have proceeded.  Pike is regarded in America as an eminent, influential and defining Freemason.

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity takes Albert Pike as its ideological head master. Pi Kappa coined the saying “Once A Pike, Always A Pike” which expresses the same fundamentalism similar to that seen in most prisons, street gangs or secret organizations.  This is a white collared gang that will obstruct the law in order to protect their own clan.

In 1868, Pi Kappa brotherhood wanted to become a national fraternity. The universities system placed bans on the presence of secret societies in the south, due to the recent “American Civil War” from 1861 to 1865 and their relationship with the immerging KKK.

Following the Civil War arose a proliferation of southern college fraternities and similar expansion of the KKK. Pi Kappa Alpha’s was founded in 1868, soon followed by Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu. These fraternities, along with Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Alpha Order, and Sigma Phi Epsilon, are known as the “Virginia Circle”.  The similarity in this name and ritual performed when the kkk burn their crosses is well noted by the KKK members standing in a circle round formation during their ritual.


In the 1930s, Nazism movement grew out of the drastic decrease in the worlds grain crop production, increased cost of bread and the world wide Dust Bowl. Germans have always been difficult to control because they proliferate a strong and focused independent warrior.  The ancient Romans were never completely able to control and govern this population. The result in history would be the Protestant Reformation which grew out of the Germanic region headed by the German Martin Luther.

In fact, many radical separatist Doomsday groups evolved when the worlds grain belts became nonproductive.  In addition religious ministers preached that the End of Day’s was at hand, as the clouds of topsoil blew through their communities.  The closer an End of Day’s appears physically to the population the more radical and separated the population becomes.

The Nazi philosophies centered around nationalism, anti-communism, traditionalism and the importance of an ethnostate. Groups such as Strasserism and Black Front were part of the early Nazi movement. Other motivations of nationalism were triggered over the Treaty of Versailles considered to have been a Jewish/communist conspiracy to humiliate Germany at the end of World War I.  In response to the instability created by the Great Depression, the Nazis sought a Third Way, a ghost prophecy for their final solution.

Hitler extended his rationalizations into a religious doctrine, underpinned by his criticism of traditional Catholicism. In particular, Hitler objected to Catholicism’s because it was not exclusive to one race and national culture. At the same time, and somewhat contradictorily, the Nazis combined elements of Germany’s Lutheran community traditions with its northern European, organic paganism.

Elements of the US and UF can be uncoded from Hitler’s own theology; he preached that his form of religion was the “true” or “master” path, because it would “create mastery” and avoid comforting “lies”. Those who preached love and tolerance, “in contravention to the facts”, were said to be “slaves” of a “false” religions. The man who recognized these “truths”, Hitler continued, was said to be a “natural leader”, and those who denied it were said to be “natural slaves”. “Slaves” especially intelligent ones, he claimed were always attempting to hinder their masters by promoting “false religious beliefs, characters and political doctrines.”

The swastika is essentially a bent cross insinuating that the Nazi’s broke with the traditional Catholic faith.  The cross was not removed by the Third Reich, only bent with the four legs or lengths turned to now represent a broken circle.  Here is a Christian cross with a broken circle which clearly demonstrates that Hitler knew of the Pi equation in the Trinity father, son and Holy Ghost.  Most likely he also understood the elements of the US and UF within all prominent and historical media and anointed them as false leaders.


The orthodox Jewish groups are the same type of organization waiting for the prophesied Doomsday.  Their Old Testament sets the traditional origins of the philosophy, develops a game plan to survive the natural disasters and physically cleanse their land of any different cultures or people.  Zionism is a preModern form of radical Judaism that organized an international political movement that supported and funded the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This area was the traditional Biblical Jewish homeland, called the Land of Israel; in Hebrew the land of Eretz Yisra’el.

Since the creation of Israel, the Zionist movement continues as the structural unit for the modern state of Israel.  The Israeli state created to give the Jewish people a homeland and a safe place to survive their prophesied climate change.  This is not a distinctly Jewish or cultural oddity, many separate groups will do whatever is required to survive.  They are simple a model to show that the Global Rotational climate is very real and near an altering period.

The reason Israel is connected to moving the Palestinian population into well localized and walled, over populated ghettos is because they have been sentence for extermination if climate change occurs.  As a population, the Palestinians will be exterminated, for the sole fact that they are not Jewish and are culturally separated, by a Third Wall.

Orthodox Judaism is characterized by belief that the Torah and its laws are Divine, were transmitted by God to Moses, are eternal, and unalterable.  They believe that God made an exclusive and unbreakable covenant with the Children of Israel and all others are considered lesser than equal in their eyes and of their god’s.  Considering how the Palestinians have been treated, everyone not Jewish in the Jewish homeland is considered feral vermin.

Similar to the Amish and Mennonites some Orthox Jews have similar traditions, primitive costume, costumes and beliefs.  In addition, they have similar marriage requirements such as the white power groups, so no race mixing, which plagues them with hereditary diseases and birth defects.

The Origins of the Genocide Groups

It is not a mystery that these groups are so far apart from each other, on the confrontational level, but have so much in common.  Religion is about love, but only in the community or isolated group it has developed around.  This is the classical primate pack or bird flock where others outside the group are viewed as not their equal, and do not receive the same rules and social laws that govern the isolated wolf pack.

People outside are considered lesser than humans and can be enslaved, raped or killed without defiling the community social laws.  Religion also produces the hate groups that fantasize of death, and the genocide of opposing social groups.

Exploring the Old and New Testament will uncover where the separation and Ultra Violence is demonstrated and continues on as a major element of Linear Western religion.  To the original Jewish tribe the Promised Land to them was a land that was only inhabited by their tribe.  Joshua was appointed by Moses to succeed him as leader of the Israelites.

As the story goes the Jews led by Joshua entered their promised land not to cohabitate in peace, but to completely exterminate the current inhabitants. There god commanded the conquest of Canaan and the Genocide of the Canaanites.

Similar to the Moses event at the Red Sea, the Jordan River, waters parted for Joshua.  The first population center destroyed was Jericho, and then they moved on to Ai, a small neighboring city to the west.  Joshua was able to lead the Israelites to several victories and slaughters of ever man, woman and child which secured much of the land of Canaan for the Jewish Promised Land.

The bible is about genocide on a grand scale “O’ my Brothers” and these radical Judaic, Christian and Muslim groups dream of a land removed of people, outside their sect or religious community.  If you follow a religion that preaches extermination in its scripture, it is very conceivable that one day your sect could fall into the same scenario. This is exactly what happened during the WWII holocaust with the European Jews.  For humanity the Holocaust was an evil period in preModern history but never forget what you teach and preach O’ my Brothers.

Confrontational Doomsday Groups

Some groups are so attracted to the conscious / subconscious messages in Linerar Western Religion they attempt to create these End of Day events, or force them to occur.  Groups like the Seventh-day Adventist Church have been a breeding ground for characters which attempt to force a Holocaust.  This is their personal interpretation of the End of Day’s.

David Koresh of Wako Texas is one such leader.  David acquired leadership of the Branch Davidians sect, a small off shoot group, of people extremely attracted to observing the End of Day prophecy.  Charles Manson is another more psychedelic version, generated by the modern media but with similar social divisions which physically orchestrated a public response. The Nazi’s organization can also be included into attempting to predict the End of Days and begin removing the local inhabitants of people outside their wolf pack.

There is also another group that follows the Doomsday predictions and they are the wealthy which own houses on islands throughout the world and pay map agencies not to be charted or identified.  They make no claims to follow this doctrine but also not much is known about these safe zones or even where they are located.  These islands do appear as refuges, are extremely exclusive and defendable.


Beyond the Homeric / Sacrificial media two obvious physical methods of population control are war and developing the social war of opposing groups and gangs. War is an extremely important part of society control because it tends to weed out the trouble makers, the warrior personality types including any US. The media sells war by glorifying it as something honorable a social duty.

The other way to weed out the warrior population is to promote media that glorifies community war, focusing and funneling the gangs which will naturally rise in any depressed community.  The government which is the body of secret society members works to promote community war.  They do this by providing gangs with just enough illicit goods “drugs” and businesses “prostitution” to fight over.

Every society produces naturally many different personality types.  Most personality types fall into place within the social framework except for the natural born and raised warrior.  This personality type does not fit into the social structure of a controlled population and they must be broken or physically exterminated.  War is the only possible way to remove them from challenging the rulers of society.

The one weakness the warrior type personality has is they are completely programmable and take great affections to being included to a seemingly strong pack, herd or tribe.  This tribe also must demand that each member prove themselves as worthy to belong. Warriors are not necessarily leaders and tend to not understand why they fight and spend “no effort” analyzing the origins of conflict.

Instead they rely on brute force. In the formal military, natural born warriors can be programmed to jump when told to jump and run when told to run.  In fact they will not even say how fast or high, they simply react to the best of their physical and personal abilities.

The gangster type warrior is socially depressed, but also requires flashy media, big hoopdy gold chains, defining transportation, weapons and a style that is uniquely gangster.  The gangster style is the embodiment of their military uniform, to fight amongst each other in their community conflicts promoted by the limited fueling resources.  Gangs are strongly promoted by their provided music and even simple team colors which associate and differentiate them as perceivably unique.

The real war on drugs, is letting just enough drugs through the system to have the “warrior” warring gangs, fight over these resources in turf or community battles.  The war on drugs weeds out more natural born warriors from the population than the drugs would if they were legalized and taxed.

Also keeping prostitution illegal and unregulated provides an additional controlled form of illegal activities to battle over.  In addition unregulated prostitution weeds out the warriors by infecting them and their community with deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

The American prison system is also a form of population control with its constructed violence representing a deterrent to speaking out against any authority; secrete societies or form of population control.  This is why a quantity of drugs is permitted to enter the prison system.

A government with a more educated population tends to have a less violent prison system and a more outspoken population. Spreading the wealth and knowledge between a larger percent of the population seems to produce a better nation to live within.  The police, lawmakers and educator groups oppose spreading the wealth and education because they are the group that consumes and spends most of the nation’s wealth and resources.

It also should be mentioned that in the United States, a unique community development plan was implemented or engineered to further separate the population onto small islands, call suburbia.  This is a form of structural isolation but is an effective tool in keeping the population isolated and separated. Suburbia is a physical method of population control which can be differentiated between the dissimilar classes that live in opposing communities. The poor suburbia communities tend to be more isolated and have less open space, parks or social entertainment to network and organize as a community.

The last physical method of population control worth mentioning is one that is advertised by the media, which will crucify and sacrifice any leading figures that bring new knowledge to the forefront of humanity. These media messages are very conscious and deliberate.  They describe the recourse for people who speak out, or bring forth new knowledge to the forefront of humanity.

Although many scientists were working on the identical material Darwin was crucified to warn any future scientists who dare bring new discoveries to humanity.  He is a symbol of someone who will be publically prosecuted, and crucified by the media, even demonized.  Darwin represents a condemned sole, forced to live in history as a social outcast, emulating a spiritual ghost that tried to break down the Third Wall.

Act 4

The Da Vinci code Secret, Archimedes Trinity and the Sphinx Riddle

The secret Da Vinci code equals Pi, represented as either 3.14 or in its spiritual value as the number three. This Pi number is the key to unravel all western media, art, story and religion both in its ancient and modern derivative. Pi holds duality expressed as both a symbol to solving the secret code and identity to the three elements of the Holy Trinity; father, son and Holy Spirit. The date when Pi was determined to be 3.14 exposes the time when the ancient media began to implement the “fully” Trinity.

The Trinity as a spiritual reference first notes the Sacrificial Hero, next his creator, father the Universal Facilitator “UF” and completing the triplet rhythm is the ghost or the unknown prophecy generated from one finite source. For now, the ghost gives purpose and empowers the two main or primary characters into the media and storyline.

Religion reduced from its spiritual importance can be thought of as an expression of art, implemented for the sole purpose of population control, to define social status and community conduct. Religion was the first formalized convent of a social government within a marked group and most importantly outlined who rules the system and enslaves the population.

The populace is psychologically controlled by broadcasting in all media a Hero and, or Sacrifice which will come in the future. Homer the writer of the Iliad and Odyssey 3000 years ago, is the first documentable writer of this type of genera, so the method is termed Homeric.

When a population is exposed to Homeric media they tend to be easier to control and have more of their wealth removed by the rulers of the society. The populace becomes docile like caged animals, unable to free themselves from their bondage and ever increasing repressive government. Instead they hold on to the false hope that someday a Hero or Sacrifice will come in the future and free them of their troubles and tribulations.

The Old master artists, like Da Vinci and Michelangelo reproduced Pi in their paintings as the key to solving the Holy Trinity and uncovering the Homeric religion as a form of political control, absent of any real higher power. Exploring the art and written media references to Pi must be done first to value its importance prior to revealing the singly monumental geometric source and bringing down the Third Wall.

Da Vinci used two forms of expressing Pi as a secret code within his paintings. The first can be described as contorting or arranging the painted elements “body, animal or structure” into the Pi symbol or the Greek number three which resembles a twisted ribbon or cursive letter “L”. The second method Da Vinci utilized demonstrates the characters posing their fingers to note the number three or 3.14, as seen in The Last Supper painting.  These master artists even went as far as inserting geometric elements into their work which are a distinct features of the Pi source.

A powerful example of Pi, appearing in the written word can be found in the Oedipus story as the real answer to the riddle of the Sphinx. The riddle is “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening? To this Oedipus replied, “Man” who crawls on all fours as an infant, walks upright later, and needs a walking stick in old age. With Oedipus’s answer to the riddle, the distraught Sphinx throws herself off the Cliffside. He is rewarded for freeing the kingdom of Thebes from the Sphinx’s curse, with kingship of the region and the hand of queen Jocasta, his biological mother. Every story where the main character kills his father takes root in Oedipus, including the Star Wars series.

In the story, Oedipus did not solve the riddle correctly and the real answer is Pi, which is represented as 3.14. The riddle is a basic and simple mathematical word problem. The three elements are taken to represent the three digits in the Pi number, its spiritual value. The legs in the riddle are described as 4, 2 and 3, this is what man stands on, his structural support. Legs are referenced a second time which corresponds to the number two and denotes the common denominator. In algebra the fractional common denominator is removed, which will leave 4, 1 and 3 as the remaining expression. Although in a fraction 4 can be reduced by the number 2, here in the riddle it is represented as its own individual element and not a numerical number, so not divisible.

Pi is continually regurgitated and is the embodiment of a ghost or mystery that will or will not be solved in the future. The future holds no guaranties and its final outcome is a ghost or mystery. The ghost prophecy is essentially the reason why the two main characters, US and UF are mythologically created and what their position, purpose and curse entails. The prophecy element requires a much larger explanation and is well outlined in the H2onE2 book.

The genesis of the Sacrificial Hero is first documented in Greek Mythology, at this early stage the US and UF were still a heavenly entities and not earthly profits. Judaic Christian scripture was created or evolved, to transport the US and UF from the universe and Titians to earth, as profits. Abraham and Moses are good examples of the Homeric UF as an earthly figure. One of the earliest and most profound examples of the US can be found in the Greek story of Prometheus. This story dates to the Eighth-century BCE, 2,800 years ago to Hesiod, the Greek oral poet, in his work called Theogony.

Prometheus, a lesser god stole fire from the high god Zeus, in the form of a burning fennel-stalk, for the betterment of mankind; so man could have fire, warm their hearts and cook food. Prometheus is eternally punished for this act, chained to a rock by Zeus, where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle.  The eagle in image and symbology has always been associated with the presents of Zeus.  From 104 BC onwards, each Roman legion carried an aquila (eagle) as its standard symbol.  In modern history the United States has adopted the eagle into its seal to represent the god’s illumination.

Prometheus was dragged into Judaic scripture as the Good King David and into Christianity as Christ, but in this variation he is nailed to a cross. Modern sacrificial references of Prometheus can be seen in the Statue of Liberty and his actions are played out when the burning torch is carried to the Olympic Games.

Countless ancient Greek stories outline a sacrificial hero, someone who challenges Zeus the high god, for rule and is punished for their righteous deeds. To defeat the high god “Zeus” you have to steal his godly power and Zeus controls the most powerful force on earth, the lightning bolt and the secret knowledge of the environment. Tesla was the first figure who attempted to steal lightning for the electrification of mankind but could not control or store this power. For Prometheus to escape the rock/cross and defeat the ruling power requires him to steal the power of the lightning.

Pi has a long history which will reveal when the full trinity was connected to the current form of population control and uncovers who was the authentic writer that originated the Judaic scripture and religion. Exploring Pi, 3.14 for a relationship to the Trinity is important to building the Greek origins. Pi is known as a transcendental number not able to be represented in a fraction and is only an approximate number that goes to infinity. This is why Pi is represented as a letter in the Greek alphabet. Since Greek math denoted numbers less than one as fractional numbers, and Pi could not be represented as a fractional number, the Greeks were confronted with an incalculable problem.

Pi’s origins go back almost 4000 years and its timeline demonstrates an increase in accuracy toward the Holy 3.14 number. A brief history of finding Pi will locate it initially in ancient Babylon, which used the number three to approximate the area of a circle, by taking three times the square of its radius. This gave a value of Pi to equal three which denotes its symbolic value, not the origins to the formation of the full trinity and linear western religion. One Babylonian tablet (ca. 1900–1680 BC) indicates a value of 3.125 for Pi, which is a closer approximation but not the sacred 3.14 number. In the Egyptian Rhind Papyrus (ca.1650 BC), there is evidence that the Egyptians calculated the area of a circle by a formula that gave the approximate value of 3.1605 for Pi.

The ancient cultures mentioned above found their approximations by making a circle and measuring the distance to create their value for Pi. The first real calculation of pi was done by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest Greek mathematicians, physicists, engineers, astronomers and inventors. Archimedes approximated the area of a circle by calculating the area an increasing number of isosceles triangles.

The isosceles triangles have two equal sides connected to one base and were employed to find the areas of two polygons. The polygon is essentially a circle with its round edge, flattened with straight lines.  A straight edge is a base for many isosceles triangles. Archimedes measured the circle area by circumscribing it with an ever increasing number of triangles.  It has been estimated that Archimedes used 96 tiny triangles cut into the circle, like slices in a pie, to find the Godly 3.14 number.

Since the actual area of the circle lies between the areas of the inscribed and circumscribed polygons, the areas of the polygons inside and outside the circle gave the upper and lower boundaries for Pi. Archimedes knew that he had not found the value of Pi but could make an approximation of its limits. In this way, Archimedes showed that Pi is a mystery, ghost number with a value between 3 1/7 = (3.1428) and 3 10/71 (3.1408).

Solving the Sphinx riddle in Oedipus uncovers that the ancient Greeks used the 3.14 number for Pi, 200 years before Archimedes calculated its limits. The Athenian tragedy Oedipus was written by Sophocles and first formally performed 2,400 years ago. Oedipus the King was known by the Latin title Oedipus Rex; the word Rex referring to the Latin word for king.  Oedipus is regarded by many as the Greek tragedy par excellence primarily because it reveals the oldest documentation to 3.14 as a divine number, predating the life of Archimedes.

Archimedes was the perfect character to outline and write the Judaic religion because he lived in Syracuse, the Sicilian island fort. This was a major coastal seafaring trading power of the Mediterranean Sea, which gave Archimedes access to the world’s creation myth’s and climatic survival stories.

War broke out between the Roman Republic and the Kingdom of Syracuse in 214 BC, the last stronghold of the Greek culture. Greece itself along with Spain had already fallen into Rome’s control and repression.  The battle of Syracuse is part of the Second Punic War, also referred to as The Hannibalic War. Syracuse allied with Carthage and Archimedes commanded the defenses of Syracuse when Hippocrates governed their civilian population.

A Roman force led by the General Marcus Claudius Marcellus consequently laid siege to the port city by sea and land. The city of Syracuse, located on the eastern coast of Sicily was renowned for its significant fortifications and great walls that protected the city from attack. Archimedes and other Greek intellectuals seeing the fall of the Greek empire to wicked Rome updated and evolved the Greek gods into earthly profits and established the full Trinity into the fabricated Judaic scripture.

When Syracuse fell to Rome, Archimedes was the only civilian killed by Rome, despite orders by Marcus Claudius Marcellus that he should not be harmed. There are three different stories that describe Archimedes death, one of which has him run through with a spear from a Roman centurion. This was undeniably a political cover-up and perhaps, further suggests that Archimedes was killed for fashioning a new religion and producing a key to uncovering his authorship of the Judaic scripture.

A Greek origin would also explain why most of the oldest Judaic scripture, including the Dead Sea scrolls’ are written in Greek and not Aramaic, the traditional language of the Jewish mountain tribes. Cicero describes visiting the tomb of Archimedes, whereby a sphere is inscribed within a cylinder. The cylinder in the profile would be viewed as a square well demonstrated in the Vitruvian man image.

The Division from Hero to Sacrifice

It is assumed that Roman scholars poured through Archimedes Old Testament and came to the conclusion that the dying Greek empire fashioned all its beloved gods and sacred drama characters into a formidable religion.  This religion had one major goal, to create a future king “US/ Prometheus” and insure that the brutal, wicked and perverse Roman Empire is conquered and destroyed in the future.  Ancient Rome comprehending what the Greeks had fashioned, created and promoted the works of the New Testament which sacrificed the Greek future king, Vitruvian man.

Later in history, the last Greek cultural stronghold in Patmos, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea combined the Old and New Testament and added the works of John the Evangelist, Revelations. This new scripture combined the Heroic and Sacrificial elements of both works and added its own all encompassing prophecy. The additional prophecy made the death of the US/Prometheus to also be the death of mankind, caused by the end of the Global Summer period and destruction of the northern grain belts; civilization as we know it O’ my Brothers.

One might ask how do you promote a religion? Well, the clues can be found within the formal worship service and within the traditions of practicing the Christian religion. Any religion that offers food in its service, such as the Sacramental bread, sometimes called the Lamb, host or simply Communion Bread in Christianity is a method of promoting attendance, and building a religion. This made people adopt their worship of gods into a tradition or custom which has stood the test of time.

Although, currently the Communion Bread in the Christian service is a small cracker, hardly enough to survive off in the early days it would have been a small piece of bread. The bread would be enough nutrition to sustain life and make attending the rather bizarre rituals, ceremonies and their sacrificed god worthwhile.  The small rolls offered at the services are noted in Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.  Some German priests even went as far as twisting the Communion Bread into the shape of an angel, creating the pretzel.

Archimedes created the Judaic religion to one day destroy Rome’s immoral conquest and control of knowledge and placed a geometric puzzle in the literary work of the Old Testament as a key to prove he authored the work.  This geometric puzzle squares a circle and estimates an extremely accurate number for Pi.

The Pi squaring Machine is described in the Old Testament in the second book of Chronicles chapter two, section three. The two mathematical scrolls produced by Archimedes on geometry were sent throughout the dying Greek empire, which are the mathematical proofs to the Pi squaring machine and prove he alone was the lead author of the Old Testament.

Archimedes hoped that the two geometry books, separated into eight different sections of geometric proofs would fall into the hands of the future Prometheus so he could solve the riddle in the Scripture.  This would replicate or emulate his beloved Oedipus character in the Greek comedy, as a king who solves a riddle.

Both the Old Testament and the two books on geometry were sent throughout the Mediterranean, forcing Rome to conquer the entire dying Greek world.  Believing that Rome successfully destroyed, all the key’s to prove Archimedes invented the Judaic religion, Rome felt secure that their wicked control of the world was guaranteed.  Disappointingly, for Rome the religion grew out of the harshest and desolate mountain region of the Mediterranean Sea. This region was so remote; soil of such poor quality, not to mention the Dead Sea, absent of any biological life, that Rome felt it would never adopt the Archimedes religion into their customs.

When Archimedes books began to appear again in the Mediterranean around 1000 AD the Christian Church sent an army “the Crusaders” into the Holy Lands, between 1095 and 1291.  Within this army a high order of wealthy, well born knights, “the knights Templers” were given orders to destroy all remaining works of Archimedes.  They were successful in removing most of Archimedes books but still more survived in the Muslim world.

Proof that the Crusaders were sent to remove the remaining works of Archimedes can be found in the Palimpsest book.  This Byzantine prayer book, was made by washing Archimedes’s text off the leather pages and reusing the book as a Christian pray book.  The word Palimpsest comes from the Greek word Palimpsest, meaning “scraped again”.

Other examples of the two books of Archimedes survived but not in their original Greek language. At some point Archimedes books were compiled into different languages, such as Latin and Arabic.  More translations were documented in the Vatican library only to end up mysteriously disappearing.  In fact Leonardo Da Vinci has been recognized as producing his own personal translation of Archimedes works.

Archimedes books in their native Greek language were essentially lost to history until 1906, when a Danish classics scholar, Johan Ludwig Heiberg, discovered the nearly three thousand-year-old Palimpsest manuscript in a Greek Orthodox monastery library in Constantinople.  This library was built from an old Crusader church. Heiberg recognized that the faint writings underneath the prayers were Archimedes. Heiberg was permitted to photograph the pages, later he published an article on the writings he was able to decipher. But Heiberg couldn’t read all the pages, and ignored the diagrams.

Then, sometime after World War I, the Palimpsest disappeared again, stolen from the library under unexplained circumstances. The work was said to be in the hands of a French family for most of the 20th century. The Palimpsest resurfaced again in 1998, when an unidentified private collector in the United States purchased the book at an auction for $2 million.

The Palimpsest book not only holds Archimedes work but also 14 pages of rare commentaries on Aristotle’s treatise which covers the logic of categorization. Another 10 pages of the book hides two previously unknown speeches of Hyperides, an Athenian orator and politician from the fourth century b.c..  Most of these literary works are invisible to the naked eye hidden by mold, written over by a medieval priest and later almost completely destroyed by a modern forger. The last owner even painted pictures over the text either to increase its market value or hide sensitive information.

The Palimpsest book contains at least seven of the eight chapters of Archimedes two books on geometry. The chapters include the Equilibrium of Planes, Spiral Lines, The Measurement of the Circle, Sphere and Cylinder, On Floating Bodies, The Method of Mechanical Theorems, and the Stomachion. While other chapters have survived, there is no other surviving copy of On Floating Bodies in the Greek language.  No other works, are in Archimedes native Greek Doric dialect, his distinct language.

The Palimpsest book material has yet to be released for academic review and books covering Latin and Arabic translations cannot be completely trusted.  Since the Roman church is guilty of creating a religion to sacrifice the Greek king Prometheus, it is also assumed they altered the material in the current published and Latin translated Archimedes books.

The only section missing from the Palimpsest prayer book is the chapter called the Sand Reckoner, which utilized a system to work with larger numbers, a real problem when calculators are not available.  In the sand Reckoner, Archimedes called the numbers up to 108 “first numbers” and called 108 itself the “unit of the second numbers”. Multiples of this unit then became the second numbers, up to 108·108=1016. The number 1016 became the “unit of the third numbers”, whose multiples were the third numbers, and so on. Archimedes continued naming numbers in this way as an ever increasing power.

Now the last part of history worth mentioning occurred on Friday, October 13, 1307 with King Philip IV of France whom ordered the arrest of the French Templar Knights and there leader de Molay. The Templar’s were charged with numerous heresies and tortured to extract confessions of blasphemy. Pope Clement then issued the papal order of Pastoralis Praeeminentiae on November 22, 1307, which instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest the Templar’s and seize their assets.

It is assumed that the Roman Catholic Church felt the Knight Templers had discovered the geometric riddle, understood that the Old Testament was created by Archimedes and were now planning to craft a real life Prometheus.  Pope Clement and the French king Philip fearing they would lose control and wealth of their Western Civilization attempted to eliminate the Templers and their knowledge.

The Templers survived this event and later evolved into the Freemasons, Knights of Columbus and other secret societies with the sole purpose, now firmly set out with the mission of creating a Universal Sacrifice.  This would be their personal revenge on the Catholic Church.  The Templar’s retribution to the French monarchy occurred during the French Revolution when Louis XVI king of France was guillotined on 21 January 1793.

All attempts will be made to avoid turning the H3onE3 work into a boring mathematical book of biblical geometry and Greek proofs.  In this effort the math will be enhanced with art, history and theology intentionally breaking the eye gouging description of an image that is best represented in a simple picture and not described in the text. The geometric puzzle can be found in the description of the Temple of Solomon in the Old Testament in the second book of Chronicles chapter two, section three.

The Devils Graph

There are three temples described in the Old Testament but only one has been explored for Archimedes footprints.  Although, most of the numerical references in both Kings and Chronicles sections of the Old Testament show signs of Archimedes work.  Unfortunately to extract all of Archimedes connections to the Old Testament appears to be a life time of work.  So in place, of donating a life time of extracting Archimedes math from the Old Testament, this study will focus on the Temple of Solomon described in the second book of Chronicles.

It should also be noted that Archimedes is an intelligent figure and so solving his riddle should be taken at great caution. Also it seems to appear that Droog’s are created for the sole purpose of uncovering the secrets in the Old Testament.  A Droog being someone forced to do what no one is willing to do. Droog’s tend to reject preplanned activities and are suppressed, poisoned and even driven to partial insanity for the sole purpose they perform this task.  Fortunately, for the sake of science and research as a professional Geologist the information outweighs the drive, to not perform this fate.

The Temple of Solomon is best drawn in a graphics AutoCad program but I simple piece of graph paper would be sufficient to get the overall understanding of the image.  In the Old Testament the dimensions are given as cubits, by all research appears to be a real length of measurement in ancient times.  Some distance akin to the length of your forearm and extended hand.  Archimedes did not use a measurement system in any of his writings, his work is presented in rations so any defined system of measurement such as English or Metric or your own creation will work.  This explanation will be in feet but feel free to substitute a metric unit of measure.

Starting at the base of the structure the Solomon Temple foundation is 60 feet long “facing you”, at a depth of 20 feet deep.  This box structure rises up 120 feet off the ground in the drawing.  This base structure represents an object with a distinct 1/3 ratio, 20/60, this is the first clue to being a work of Archimedes.  At the request of Archimedes a sphere and cylinder was placed on his tomb. The sphere and ball represent Archimedes favorite mathematical proof’s, one he was extremely proud of discovering. He confirmed that a sphere has 2/3 the volume and surface area of a circumscribing cylinder.  A cylinder equal in length, width and height of a ball held within.

Topping the base block of Solomon’s Temple was centered a 20 foot by, 20 foot by 20 foot box called the Holy of Holies.  On graph paper these two objects can be drawn together by placing a 20 by 120 foot box, next to a 20 by 140 foot box, next to an additional 20 by 120 foot box.  The 20 by 20 by 20 foot box is described as the holy of holies, and is further separated by wings, which in real life are simple triangles.  The triangles in the box can be drawn as separating the 20 by 20 by 20 foot object into 4 rectangles 5 feet wide running the height of the structure, so 20 feet high.

Finally draw a line in the rectangles so the 5 foot by 20 triangle wings face each other from left to right and appear as a king’s crown. This will produce a very similar mirror imagine in the reverse of four right triangles pointing in the opposing direction.  The only preceded difference being a central isosceles triangle pointing down. These opposing crowns are marked geometrically in the Michelangelo painting of a boy staring into a puddle and seeing his reflection called, Merisi da Caravaggio.

If you have not scratched your eyeballs out yet what should be on your graph paper is the Holy of Holies box sectioned into 8 equal triangles, four pointing up and four pointing down.  These eight wings refer to the eight sections of Archimedes solution manual which include the Equilibrium of Planes, Spiral Lines, The Measurement of the Circle, Sphere and Cylinder, On Floating Bodies, The Method of Mechanical Theorems, Stomachion and Sand Reckoner.  The only function of the wings is to represent that the complete structure and its installment into the Old Testament is of Archimedes’s invention.

Now let’s draw in the hidden element of the structure which is the secret pyramid.  The pyramid is drawn by running a line from the far bottom corner of the 60 foot base, through the lowest corner of the Holy of Holies box.  Do this operation on each side until the pyramid is erected.  The pyramid can be divided into upper and lower section as a 2/3 ratio at the Holy of Holies structure.  This pyramid is not described in the bible but can be found on the back of the American one dollar bill.   It is also the source or reference to most triangles or pyramids appearing in both ancient and modern media and art.  In addition the secret pyramid is the arrow needed by the White Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as described by John the Evangelist.

Similar to the back of an American one dollar bill, lets now draw the Eye of the structure.  At the very tip of the sacred pyramid draw two circles, one with a diameter of 20 feet and the other of 10 feet.  This is the eye which is commonly referred to in media an art.  A great example of this eye can be found in the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings movie in the image, topping the Two Towers of the Dark Lord Sauron’s castle.  An additional reference to the eye can be found on the cover of the Simpson’s movie poster were the family stands on a burning roof, as Homer extends a donut above his head.

At the bottom of the of both circles draw a straight horizontal line, called a tangent line.  Then draw in two vertical lines from the top corners of the Holy of Holies box to the bottom of the two circles.  In the Bible these lines are described as pillars “thirty and five cubits high”.  In Chronicles 2/2/3 they are named as Jachin and Boaz.

Behold within the graphed structure three references to Pi in Solomon’s Temple can be extrapolated. The first is found in the 20 foot diameter sphere which has a great circle of 314.15.  As described in the bible, the 20 foot diameter sphere is a brass alter which should be represented as a “half a ball” or cup with it rim pointing down.   The rim is the great circle with an area of 314.15 Feet.  The second reference to Pi is found in the volume of the 10 diameters circle.

This circle is actually described as a cup with its largest rim pointing up. In the Old Testament this object is illustrated as a “molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, and the height thereof was five cubits and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about”. The real circumference is 31.41, so the roundabout reference of thirty feet is telling the reader it is an estimation, not a real measurement.

The smaller 10 Diameter circle containing “the molten sea” is a reference that its volume is an important feature.  The great circle “area” of this smaller circle is 78.53 and when multiplied by 4, the method of calculating a volume of the circle uncovers the second Holy reference to Pi as 314.12.  The multiple of 4, is extremely important to Archimedes and it appears at the beginning of his two geometry books and in letters he sent to other Greek intellectuals.  The following is a translation of a letter sent from Archimedes to a fellow Greek scholar Dositheus and it hints to the clues which link him to the Biblical Riddle.

[Archimedes, Letter to Dositheus, c. 220 B.C.:]

“Dositheus, greeting:

Formerly I sent to you the studies which I had finished up to that time together with the demonstrations, which were to show that a segment bounded by a straight line and a conic section is four-thirds of the triangle on the same base as the segment and of the same height. Since that time certain propositions as yet undemonstrated have come to my mind, and I have undertaken to work them out. These are: 1. The surface of any sphere is four times the surface of its greatest circle; 2. The surface of any segment of a sphere is equal to the surface of that circle the radius of which equals the straight line drawn from the vertex of the segment to the circumference of the circle which serves as the base of the segment; 3. That a cylinder with a base equal to the great circle of a given sphere, and a height equal to the diameter of the sphere contains half the volume of that sphere and its surface is equal to half the surface of that sphere.

These propositions, of course, were always true of these figures, but they were hidden to the men who studied geometry before my time. Therefore, since I have discovered that these things hold true of these figures I do not fear to place them alongside my own previous results and the most thoroughly established theorems of Eudoxus, such as: any pyramid is equal to one-third of the prism of the same base and height, and any cone is equal to one-third of the cylinder of the same base and height.”

The Devils Math

The third example of Pi appearing in the Solomon’s Temple requires some extraction in order to locate where it is placed.  This reference involves squaring the circle.  Note that a square is also surrounding Leonardo Davinci’s Vitruvian Man along with a circle. It was rather easy to find considering the Free Masons symbol is a square and compass which references the existence to a possible structure.  Squaring the circle has a long and interesting history worth mentioning.

In 1882, the task was proven to be impossible, as a consequence of the Lindemann–Weierstrass theorem which proves that pi (π) is a transcendental number, rather than an algebraic irrational number; that is, it is not the root of any polynomial with rational coefficients.  The expression “squaring the circle” is sometimes used as a metaphor of doing something logically or intuitively impossible.

Babylonian mathematicians first attempted a method to approximate the area of a given circle with an area of an equal sized square. The first Greek to be associated with the problem was Anaxagoras, who worked on it while in prison. Antiphon the Sophist believed that inscribing regular polygons within a circle and doubling the number of sides will eventually fill up the area of the circle, and since a polygon can be squared, it means the circle can be squared. Even then there were skeptics—Eudemus argued that magnitudes cannot be divided up without limit, so the area of the circle will never be used up. The problem was even mentioned in Aristophanes’s play The Birds.

It is believed that Oenopides was the first Greek who outlined that a solution should be found only with the utilization of a compass and straightedge.  From 1714 to 1828 the British government sponsored a £20,000 prize for finding a solution to squaring the circle with just the use of graph paper, compass and ruler.  This is a bit obnoxious because the winner “if you could call him that” will end up drawing a Temple of Solomon.

Back to the future, the third example of Pi materializes in the Devils Graph of Solomon’s Temple along the length of the invisible triangle which emerges from the top of the Holy of Holies box to the vertical height of 35 feet.  This is the horizontal tangent line drawn earlier at the bottom of the 10 diameter circle.  These Jachin and Boaz lines intersect the circle’s tangent line at “thirty and five cubits high”.

The secret pyramid emerging from the top of the Holy of Holies has a base of 13.33.  The 13 number has been used in the United States seal as the number of arrows and leaves held by the American eagle.  The 0.33 represents the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.  Note, half of the 13.33 length is equal to 6.665 corresponding to John the Apostles Revelations reference to the beast or gothic devil.

The secret pyramid can be cut into a 90 degree right triangle with a base of 5.83333 and a height of 35 feet.  This right triangle can be used to find the longest length, the hypotenuse when implementing the Pythagorean theorem (a ² + b² = c²).  Utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem of (a ² + b² = c²) will produce (5.83333 ² + 35² = c²), so (c) equals 35.48278088. Dividing this number by two equals, 17.74139044 which is the length and width of the square intended to equal the great circle and is the final Pi location for magic Pi. Multiplying the square means (17.74139044 times 17.74139044), which will produce an area of 314.7569347.  Although not completely accurate, here is the third and last reference needed to bring down the Pi wall.

Since early Freemasons did not have access to an Autocad graphics program their measurement for the longest length of this triangle’s hypotenuse was slightly off at 17.76. The number 17.76 can be found in the Roman Numerals of MDCCLXXVI at the base of the Masonic pyramid on the one dollar bill.  It is also possible that the number 17.76 is what Archimedes measured the hypotenuse of the right triangle to be, either way the correct answer is 17.74 and junk.

Greek mathematicians did not utilize a decimal point but instead represented fractions for numbers less than one.  This is why Archimedes is working with a Pi number 3.141592654 multiplied by 100 which equals 314.1592654 and as such avoids problems working with small numbers.  In the Old Testament the multiple of 100 is noted in the phrase Chronicles 2/2/10 “He made chains like a necklace…yada yada yada…and he made a hundred pomegranates, and put them on the chains”. The 314.7569347 number is within 00.1% of accuracy to the desired 314.1592654 number, so by all accounts an impressive level of achievement for an ancient intellectual.

The God whom stole Light

If all this math and geometry, “no thanks to Archimedes”, compels you to run him through with your own spear, the ending to this story might still be salvageable.  Here focus can be re-gathered and a direction toward the future through the past can still be made. Now the geometric shape of the Pi squaring machine has been sketched and scratched up with 2,200 years paid in blood, and chaos there is still the question to what this image should represent.

Assuming Archimedes had knowledge and maybe even documentation to a lost “advanced” civilization, one which disappeared at the end of the last ice age, than this structure is a lost technology.  If this holds true, the structure described as Solomon’s Temple in Chronicles 2/2/3 must have an important purpose and a real function, one required by an advanced civilization.

At first glance of the image of the constructed Temple one could say it is a phallic symbol or even a rocket ship.  Archimedes is a man that seems to put more purpose to his work, than to make the grand finale a simple cock and balls statue. This would be something Rome, Popes and Caesar might fashion, not Archimedes.  A rocket ship also does not emerge to steer toward reason; this structure should have an earthly purpose and be something for the good of civilization.

Solomon’s temple is described in the bible as being the tallest structure in the city, which is likewise positioned on a small mountain.  So its purpose must require it to be above all other buildings, such as a modern antenna.  Before arriving too quickly to a conclusion, let’s explore the materials used to build the structure.  Material science sometimes is the only way to uncover the function of a purposed technology.

The base structure of the tower used wood, Chronicles 2/2/2 “ we will cut whatever timber you need from Lebanon”. Wood is an extremely none conductive material and can be used as an electrical insulator because it will not transmit current or a static charge.  The Holy of Holies structure is said to be lined with gold, “he over lined the inside with pure gold”. Gold is an extremely conductive metal which means electricity, current flows easily through this material.  So here in Chronicles 2/2/3, “the nave he lined with cypress wood and covered it with fine gold’, describes the Holy of Holies structure being built of “non-conductive” wooden beams which are completely covered inside with gold, an extremely conductive metal.

At the very top of the Temple is a half sphere, or upside down cup made of cast brass which is a fairly good electrical conductor and it would attract lightning.  Just below the large brass cup is described a smaller cup called the “molten sea”, “cast when it was cast”.  Now here a discovery can be made because heat is somehow important to the function of this unidentified structure.  Finally the structure requires, or is used, to produce light referenced in the “candlesticks with their lamps”.

To end all to end all, Archimedes in Chronicles 2/2/3 is unmistakably, decisively and absolutely describing a Tesla Coil in image, function and manifestation. This implementation unfolds as it unfolds, and let this be the formal announcement that post modern Prometheus, at this time and date has stolen the power and control of earth lightning for the betterment of man.  In this action, I your beloved narrator, free and unchained virtuous man, am now just like that, your new god.  So I will eh’ collect the “G” now from your Freemason symbol, as it is my own.

Your first, commandment is to buy and read the H2onE2 book.  The second proclamation of your new God is Jews can now eat pork and yes bacon, bacon, bacon. The third command is that all civilian and military forces, as outlined and planned by the Framers and for fathers of the Constitution of the United States of Armageddon, constrain the corrupt civil government under martial law and assemble for a re-constitutional convention. “Welly, well, well, well “.”What’s it going to be then, eh?” O’ my brothers.

These NEW sections do not fit into the main body of work but build off the knowledge.

The Unholy Rock in Greek Mythology, Judaic Christian Religion and in Modern Songs, the Sword of the War Horseman

Greek mythology might have less importance with the physical Gods, names and characters then that of the reiterated elements and components in the stories. The Rock is a reoccurring element that seems to play a major role in almost every tale. In some accounts the rock either empowers or is employed to punish the narrated Gods or characters. Examples to the importance of the Rock, in story must be examined starting with classical Greek myth, which is than projected into Linear Western Religion and finally carried into preModern sacrificial Rock and Roll.

The Rock element is initially noted at its earliest mention in Greek mythology as the object that saves Zeus from his father Cronus. This is the key element that sets Zeus on the course to gain control of the astrological heavens as the high God. As the tale goes when Zeus was about to be born, Rhea Cronus’s wife sought Gaia to devise a plan to save him. Most importantly Zeus would be used as the force to deliver retribution for Cronus’s acts against Uranus and for eating their own children. Rhea gave birth to Zeus in Crete, and handed Cronus a rock wrapped in a cloth, which he promptly swallowed saving Zeus.

A sacrificial use of a rock can be found in the Titan Prometheus story where the rock is used as a foundation for his punishment, chained to a rock for stealing fire to better Humanity. Let us not forget to invite Medusa into this review who could turn man into stone, with just one look. Medusa met her physical end as Lot’s wife who played a transitional character that evolved from the Greek epic into the second generation or sequel, in the form of the Old Testament. Lot’s wife, unknown by any god given name, looked back to Sodom and herself was turned into a pillar of salt, rock salt called Halite.

An additional important rock story involves King Aegeus the first king of Athens who covered his sandals, shield and sword under a huge rock. When his son Theseus grew into a man he would be able to move the rock and recover the weapons as his birthright. Theseus used this sword to kill the Minotaur a half Bull and man, by all accounts a demon to the Athenians. For as the story is told, seven Athenian boys and seven Athenian girls were to be sent to Crete to be devoured each year by the Minotaur. This horned, half bull and half man is the physical forerunner to Satan, and similarly lived in a rock cut Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth was designed by the Grand Architect Daedalus of the Greek ancient world. Daedalus is the predecessor to Hiram Abiff presented as being the chief architect of King Solomon’s Temple. It is Daedalus who met his fate in the legend of Hiram Abiff who was murdered by three men during an attempt to force him to divulge the Master Masons’ secret.

The ancient Greek story of Theseus is very similar to the King Arthur story who, according to medieval history is composed of folklore, oral tradition and literary invention. In surviving accounts of Arthur, there are two original and separate legends about his sword’s origin. The first is the “Sword in the Stone” legend, in which Excalibur can only be drawn from the stone by Arthur, the rightful king. The second version is found in the later story. Here, Arthur receives Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.

In fact the similarities between the King Arthur story and the Theseus account are more than mere coincidence. They are a form of literary evolution and outline a Future King, the Universal Sacrifice / Prometheus into an additional humanitarian task. As outlined in previous works Prometheus and his action of stealing fire for the betterment of mankind has evolved into many more tasks, similar in respect to Hercules which was required to complete 12 tasks.

Hercules evolved into, Samson the strongest man in the Bible and modernly and sacrificially into Simpson homer. The original chronicle required 12 tasks from Hercules before he was permitted to set himself on fire and find redemption in a world of death. So from the simple act of stealing fire by Prometheus has evolved over the 2,800 years of literary invention into stealing lightning from Zeus, control of the heavens, solving a riddle, raising the dead and now uncovering the God element. This is the rock and here he is required to extract a sword from the grasps of the War Horseman dressed in red.

In the Old Testament and in Christianity the Rock also appears as a principal element and some examples can be explored. The tale of Moses hitting the rock is one of the most mystifying episodes told in the Torah. Moses was commanded to talk to the rock to bring forth water, and instead Moses struck it.

The rock in the New Testament is mentioned as the Rock on which the Church should be founded; 16:1 The Foundation of the Church. Later on in this paragraph the rock causes the Universal Sacrifice to “Losing Life and Finding It.” as “The Coming of the Son of Man.” The rock element now materializes to be the primary building block and fluidly transitions or rolls through all media as fundamentally significant, when the drama names and gods are changed and fail to live on eternally.

Here an exploration of the Genealogy of Prometheus will help demonstrate that the Gods and their names are simply characters, created and forged similar in respect to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, “the Modern Prometheus”. The creation of these fictional personas only serve to tell a story and continue the prophecy. The Universal Sacrifice is nearly every protagonist, the main character central or primary figure in each story, utilized to promote major elements and prophecies, The rock appears to be the most important structural building block that is universally transitional.

In Hesiod’s literature Prometheus is addressed as the “son of Iapetus”, when no mother is named. However, in Hesiod’s Theogony, Klymene is listed as Iapetus’ wife and the mother of Prometheus. In Aeschylus’s play “Prometheus Bound”, Prometheus is the son of the goddess Themis with no father named but now has a brother Atlas.

The Greeks were more than smart enough to build a simple Genealogy map and firmly stick their Gods into a basic family tree. However they did not and it seems intentional because the mix-up occurs on numerous occasions throughout the literature and even by the same accredited author. This must mean that the Genealogy and even the Gods themselves are of little importance and are only used to carry the story, the stone and prophecy through the countless parallel narrations.

When evaluating the Gods or any protagonist, do not pay attention to the names, “they are all false gods” focus instead on the elements that empower or punish these drama characters. To dig deep into the story, the gods must be lumped together in a literary potato sack and the rock must be fully examined; here reject order, contemporaneous rule and romance the stone.

In ancient Greece and most of the ancient world, illness was considered to be an action or reaction of the Gods. Even Hippocrates of Cos (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC) which gave birth to modern medicine performed no autopsies of deceased patients. The Hippocratic School explored illness as a result of an imbalance of body fluids, these are the excretions. Hippocrates quantified all illness to be an imbalance of only four body fluids called humours, blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm. A person would become sick and remain that way until the balance humour was somehow restored.

This is fairly decisive evidence that an internal exploration, or autopsy was never preformed. Ancient medicine was quantified and interpreted solely by what “element” escaped the human body and could be physically explained. Other than body fluid there is an additional element which painfully can be produced and evacuated as a physical structure from the human body and that is the Kidney stone. Some stones grow from a urinary infection and appear as pointed coral growths resembling tiny horns.

The importance religiously of the Kidney Stone disease is, here the stone provides both sickness and physical evidence as it is excreted in the urine flow. In fact since no autopsies were being in ancient Greece many illnesses, believed to be the action or reaction of the Gods were constantly diagnosed as Kidney Stones. If the stone did not pass or roll through the body’s Urinary tract, the unknown labyrinth many more deaths would be attributed to the Gods and the Unholy Stone.

Amid this collective understanding a temple and practice of worship can be reconstructed. The Unholy Rock temple can be rebuilt from the ashes and remnant debris of a lost civilization. Although the physical structure is lost the ideology has stood the test of time, absorbed and adopted into many religions, literary fables and as the meaning behind preModern music; Rock and roll.

Greek mythology is less about the Gods or Goddesses and more about the element of the Stone, the Rolling Stone. Since pre-modern society has evolved with the same basic, regurgitated themes the Universal Sacrifice has made his sacrificial appearance in preModern music and the rolling stone continues on as a function of prophecy. The US/ Prometheus/King David/Jesus has 2,800 years of mystery to solve and steal from the knowledge of the Gods, which now represents the controlling elements of society the medical community.

It could be estimated that as many as one out of ten people will suffer from the Kidney Stone disease in their life time and this is the case in both ancient and modern times. This makes the Kidney Stone disease extremely prevalent and its finger print must be included in scripture. Kidney Stones are less common in colder climates, more in warmer equatorial regions, like the Mediterranean where dehydration would affect the population. One study of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES II) evaluated 25,286 U.S residences and the North Carolina population had the highest occurrence of Kidney Stone disease at 14.9% when North Dakota maintained a 5.6% average.

In conclusion an estimate that 10% of all exuberant healthcare costs can be purged with the full implementation of Lithotripsy, the stone breaking machine. Considering Lithotripsy has the ability to replace every Cysto surgical unit and one out of ten operating rooms are designed specifically to perform Cystoscopy. This prophecy will require the removal of control of the Litho medical devise from the hands of the Doctors, who now metaphysically represent the Red Horseman.

As mentioned earlier there is duality in many elements of prophecy because these elements have been forged over thousands of years of literary innovation. The primary four Horsemen metaphorically represent Hippocrates’s four humours. In symbology the fifth Horseman Hades is now uncovered as the Unholy Stone. This is the very reason preModern music carries and fosters this element as the rolling stone.

2012 The date when Man eats Man, the Scale of the Famine Horseman Dressed in Black

Religion grew by absorbing many beliefs and practices which must be separately deciphered, outlined and renamed. The work of H3onE3 covered the Oedipus Riddle Temple, the Unholy Rock Temple is an additional belief system, and now here the Temple to Time and Prophecy must be lastly explored. These are the three principle muses built into Linear Western Religion, others exist but have yet to be disseminated. Since days are nearing the end and the final hour draws near the last Temple, the Temple to Time seems like an appropriate summery.

When exploring creation myths in religions, the oldest legends require an explanation and these stories must be tracked and followed into later scripture. The Ancient Greeks are the origins of all Linear Western Religion, so their story’s turn out to be the most explicit, explosive and informative accounts to the human struggle for survival. Numerical markers in the Greek myth stories have been carried through to the Judaic Christian scripture. This means that the main themes and prophecies can be followed to demonstrate the evolution of the system of beliefs. The number 12 and 100 will be traced through this exploration. Where physical evidence is absent; these numerical markers will guide the weary travelers through the dark and dreary account of an un-imaginable history and future prophecy.

First a need exists to build off the foundational knowledge from the original H2onE2 work. The elements of interest concern the development of primitive people’s beliefs in God. Most primitive religions believe in a high god and many lower gods. The important universal element is primitive people believed their dead ancestors obtain their position amongst their worshiped gods, as lesser gods. Any interpretation of gods must be searched for historical struggles experienced firsthand by ancient deceased ancestors the forefathers. Components of a creation story that describe drastic environmental change can be in actuality a historical report, of a very real and gloomy survival story. During a stressed environment humans have been associated with acts of incest, cannibalism and newborn death. These are the three primary elements that all creation stories ought to be scanned for to uncover answers to the past and possible future.

Incest, cannibalism and newborn death might keep the work off any New York best sellers list or Oprah Winfrey book club but this is a story that needs to be told and uncovered. The dark history will bring to light exactly how Human’s survived earth’s apocalyptic climate changes and it was for two reasons; because man ate man and reproduced from his own stock. Here proof needs to be extracted from the stories of the gods in scripture, images of Asian Gods and cannibalistic religious rituals of indigenous tribes; from the Celts to the Mayan. The Temple to Time accounts to these events and predicts future struggles as in a cycle, a future when man shall eat man.

The number 12 shows up in Greek mythology as either the quantity of gods or in deeds required by the gods, such as in the Hercules story. Some of the most notable references in Judaic Christian scripture are in the 12 tribes of Judea and the 12 Disciples of Christ. The number 12 might also indicate the date of global climate change, which would make the gods not only of the historical past but speak of future characters and events emulating in a circular pattern.

The 12 month calendar has been in use since the dawn of recorded history and time because it is based on the average 30 day moon cycle. In ancient Greece the 12 month calendar was utilized for festival purposes and marks the beginning of the agricultural season. This is unfortunately the only historical evidence that the regurgitated number 12 reference must suggest a pinnacle date, time and an un-unmentionable circular prophecy, a switch.

A brief explanation of the origins of the Greek Gods and humans will be made to unearth the meaning and the spiritual importance to the number 12. Theogony is the oldest Greek Tale of creation and in its description of the beginning the world starts off as Chaos. Earth (Gaia) springs forward through the chaos and gives birth to the starry heavens (Uranus). The virgin birth of Uranus from the god Gaia draws similarities to the origins of the immaculate inception from the subsequent Christian scripture. Physical places such as hell and elements of light deity soon follow in Theogony. Than an array of purely human emotion deity make appearance such as love, despair and strife.

Next Gaia and Uranus procreate, as in an act of incest and produce 12 Titans, six males and six females. The 12 Titans mated with each other and produced a second set of 12 Titans, the 12 Olympian gods. Cronus the high Titan god married his sister Rhea. Cronus swallowed all of their offspring to retain control of the celestial heavens. However when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she tricked Cronus by substituting a stone wrapped in cloth which he promptly swallowed.

Later on in the story, when Zeus had grown up, a female Titan named Metis gave Cronus a drink, which forced him to vomit up Zeus’s brothers and sisters. Now that the 12 Olympian super heroes are combined they help Zeus to defeat the Titans. The Olympians were aided by the demi-gods called the Hundred-Handers and the Cyclopes. When Zeus became the heavens supreme deity he married Metis. However, because of a prophecy that her children with Zeus would be wise and powerful, Zeus swallowed Metis so that her children could not harm him.

Theogony accounts to 12 Titans living on a mountain top called Othrys and 12 Olympians living on the top of Mt Olympus. During the time these gods live on the two mountain tops, they eat their children and have intercourse within their family unit. From the stand point of an objectionable bystander this appears to be a horrific survival story of humans at the point of global environmental transformation. References of a great flood can be found within Theogony in the two sets of lines, “boundless sea with its raging swells” and again with “the fruitless sea with his raging swells”. Since the oceans have always provided a plentiful source of protein, the mention of “fruitless sea” indicates that during a great flood, shallow water fish are not abundant.

If there is a relationship between the 12 Greek gods and the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ there needs to be similarities in the stories, this will evoke proof to an evolved scripture. Since the Roman writers of the New Testament created their work to sacrifice the Greek future king, the cannibalistic action should be directed at the metaphorical Prometheus. And here it is, the Gospel of John presents Jesus as saying: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you … he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him” (6:53-56).

In the Early Church, the faithful received the Eucharist in the form of consecrated bread and wine. Saint Maximus explains that in the Old Law the flesh of the sacrificial victim was shared with the people, but the blood of the sacrifice was merely poured out on the altar. Under the New Law, however, Jesus’ blood was the drink shared by all of Christ’s faithful.

When receiving Holy Communion or Eucharistic elements as the sacramental union, the clergy (deacons, priests and bishops) will receive the Body of Christ separately from the Blood of Christ. Then, the remaining portions of the consecrated Lamb (Host) is divided up and placed in the chalice and both the Body and Blood of Christ are consumed by the faithful. This is an emulation and symbolic act of Zeus and Cronus eating his children and wife, this is a metaphor to very real act of cannibalism. So at the end of Sunday service, as you approach the sacrificial alter, with your big floppy hat, your communion is without doubt a symbolic human cannibalistic act that can only be described as Unholy.

An explanation to who the Hundred-Handers are, and how they have been migrated through the prophecy into the Old and New Testaments and preModern music will be required. The 100 number was added with a zero digit, acquired from the Cyclopes’ one eye to now represent the number 1,000. In Judaic Christian literature the 1,000 number now represents the human population and their interactions with the heavens. This makes sense because humans are equally required to empower the Gods and continue the prophecy in the Temple of Time.

The 1,000 number has been marked in the Book of Revelation six times but most notably where Christ reigns for 1,000 years. Bob Dylan promotes the Hundred-Handers when he often sings lyrics that express “1,000 years of happiness”. In the Buffalo Springfield lyrics, “Something is Happening Here”, a very good reference can also be found. “I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound, Everybody look what’s going down, What a field-day for the heat, A 1,000 people in the street”.

The Hundred-Handers were transformed into the Old Testament as the descendents of the Ancient Greek intellectuals, which fled the dyeing Greek empire and into the most desolate regions of the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea. This might very very well explain the similarities in colors between the Greek and Israeli flag, they are long lost brothers. In the Old Testament the 1,000 number is interconnected to the number 144,000, which is (12 x 12 x 1,000). The two 12 numbers refers to the 12 Titans and 12 Olympians, when the 1,000 number is represented as the human population, the Hundred-Handers and the zero number interpolated from the Cyclopes.

The number 144,000 appears numerous times in the Old Testament but always references the Jewish population, the 12 tribes of Judea. In the Book of Revelation the 144,000 number is listed three times. Revelation 14:1 Then I looked, and behold, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000. Revelation 14:3-5 And they were singing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

Now in the third mention of the number 144,000 the Jews seem to be sealed and shut out from responding to the Oedipus Riddle prophecy. Revelation 7:3-8 saying: “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the servants of God on their foreheads.” And I heard the number of the sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel: 12,000 from the tribe of Judah were sealed.

Here the 12,000 number clearly represents war when considering the following:
Num 31:5 12,000 armed for war
Josh 8:25 12,000 killed in war
Judg 21:10 12,000 sent to destroy Jabesh Gilead
2 Sam 10:6 12,000 from Ish-Tob (Man of Goodness) hired, among others, by Ammon for war against David
2 Sam 17:1 12,000 raised by Ahithophel to pursue David
1 Kings 4:26; 10:26; 2 Chron 1:14; 9:25 12,000 horsemen under Solomon’s command
Psa 60:Title 12,000 Edomites killed by Joab

The Greek writers of the Old Testament imagined that the 12 tribes would be called to support their future Prometheus. In the New Testament the prophecy is modified and the Judaic tribes are absolved or sealed from responding to the Modern Prometheus. The evolution of this prophecy is clearly demonstrated in the passion of Christ when the Jews are asked publically by Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor if the sacrificial Prometheus character should be killed.

In Matthew, Pilate washes his hands of Jesus and appears to reluctantly send Jesus off to his death. The Roman’s modified the prophecy so now Prometheus is forced to raise an army of 1,000 from the dead. This was their way of providing a literary and practical dead-end to the prophecy of the Temple Riddle. The Dead army referring to the uneducated, the ones who do not, and will not understand the prophecy or out come and will not adhere to the warnings made by future modern Prometheus.

In the cap stone of Revelations everyone is forced to respond or they will quickly become both the top consumer and the largest source of food. In a sense Revelations will re-begin or re-start the story of the Greek Gods and will re-produce the Greek Gods, as Kings of the Hills. The population will be forced to endure the climate switch, crash of the northern Grain Belts and will dwindle down to the quantity able to populate earth during the global winter cycle. Breaking this cycle is not only necessary, it is essential for personal salvation.

The mating of the gods and goddesses with each other produced the rest of the pantheon making the heavens a “lot” of inbred deity. As for human beings, one Greek myth says that they emerge out of the soil. Another says that Zeus flooded the earth and drowned all humans because they did not honor the gods. Deucalion and Pyrrha, the son and daughter-in-law of Zeus, brother to Prometheus, survived the flood in a boat. Afterward they created the present human race from stones, which they threw at the muddy land. Here again is clearly a description of major environmental changes on earth; survival must have required both cannibalism and inbreeding among the family unit to continue the human species.

The Ages of the World according to the poet Hesiod, the world had seen four ages and four races of human. The end of the Greek empire began the fifth age of humanity. The 12 Titans created the people of the first age, the golden age who lived in comfort and peace, void of evil woman, sounds gay but they died and became good spirits. The 12 Olympian gods led by Zeus created the silver race, a childish people whom Zeus destroyed for failing to honor the gods. Zeus then created the bronze race, brutal and warlike people who destroyed themselves with constant fighting.

Zeus next created the fourth race of people, a race of heroes nobler than the men of the Bronze Age. The Greeks thinking very highly of their culture believed that they lived during this fourth age, the age of heroes. The fifth age, the age of iron, began when Zeus created the present race of humans. This Age of Iron is an age of toil, greed, despair and strife. When all honor and justice vanishes, Zeus is intending to destroy this race like those that came before.

The theme of decline denotes that the best times were always in the past and the world sees a steady culture and intellectual degeneration. Although the Greeks also believed one day the golden age would return again, decline was only part of a long circular cycle. Presenting themselves as heroes the Greeks created the Old Testament and constructed the Oedipus Pi riddle to empower the prophesied Prometheus as the Universal Hero. The ancient Greeks intended to give birth to the next Golden Age and destroy Rome. With the New Testament Rome devised their own prophecy and found a way to influence the future and supersede the ancient Greek prophecy.

Originally there were 12 Titans from their first literary appearance, in Theogony, written by Hesiod a Greek oral poet of 800 BC. A later summery of the Greek Gods is called Pseudo-Apollodorus (Bibliotheke) and it comprises three books. The Bibliotheke provided a grand summary of traditional Greek mythology and heroic legends and adds a thirteenth Titan, Dione a double of Theia. The text of the Bibliotheke, cites a Roman author, Castor the Annalist, who was a contemporary of Cicero from the 1st century BC. The Bibliotheke work should be considered an evolution of the ancient 12 Hesiod Greek Gods. The thirteenth Titan was created and fluidly transposed into Christianity as the original 12 disciples and one sacrificed Prometheus.

In the Temple of Time the number 12 holds a significance which is not completely divulged and can only be extracted from its relationship to the celestial heavens. These heavens were the first formal time keepers or universal clock. Since the 12 Gods and 12 disciples seem to physically represent time but fail to divulge proof to the next climate switch. Modern interpretations must be explored to reveal any new literary innovations. Future details must outline the original prophecy date. When new knowledge arrives to further outline a date of climate change, it will by all accounts be labeled with the number 12 as a marker.

Modern media appears to have adopted the years 2012 as its pinnacle date for some form of transformation. Although derived from the Mayan Popol Vuh scripture, the number 2012 has taken on a life of its own and appears to have evolved into a prophesized date. This means that the Mayan Popol Vuh date through literary invention has been absorbed into the Christian prophecy date of global transformation.

A Baktun is 20 Katun cycles of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar contains 144,000 days, nearly 400 tropical years. The current (13th) baktun will end, or be completed, on December 21, 2012. Now it is very possible the Greeks utilized some celestial clock, such as the appearance of a comet similar to the Mayans. If this is the case the 144,000 day cycle would be the same and this celestial marker will appear again on 2012. Unfortunately this celestial sign has not been determined but must exist.

An additional gauge to the importance of the number 12 can be found in the Skull and Bones symbol which is denoted with the number 322. When multiplying these numbers together they equal 12. Labeling an image of death, as seen in the Skull and Bone symbol with a represented number 12, indicates a strong relationship to the prophecy and possibility that this secret organization has an agenda to force environmental change and the pursuing human Holocaust.

The number 12 must be a date marker, the time when Zeus will end the rusted Iron Age and man shall yet again eat man. The salvation of humanity and beginning of the Golden Age requires the modern Prometheus to be your unlikely savor and books must be bought as one would invest in a future Golden Age. At last behold the meaning behind the scale of the Black Housemen can be discovered and describes a reoccurring event, which will result in humans again on a mountain top, surviving by means of human cannibalism and incest.


Pandorum movie review

The movie Pandorum is a modern interpretation of the ancient Greek re-creation myth and updates the prophecy applied by the work of John’s scripture in Revelations. The movie explores the metaphorical end game, the re-creation of humanity and the primary characters for a struggle between good and evil. The first main protagonist is the Homeric “modern Prometheus” played by Ben Foster as Corporal Bower. He evolves through the narration into a contemporary of Oedipus the one, the savior. Bower is supported by few, other warriors, who combined to represent the magical 1,000 number, derived from the 100 Handers and the three Cyclopes.

The established Oedipus-ethan warriors symbolize the good characters and they are pursued by many monsters. In an allegorical depiction they are in fact hungry humans, now resorting to cannibalism to survive the harsh circumstances. When man eats man they become monsters, less human and more animal or demon. Zeus is played by “Dennis Quaid as Lt. Payton” which appears as successful in destroying the “rusted” Iron Age. In the movie Zeus exceeds in destroying the Iron Age but modern Prometheus, Bower was able to save 1215, this being the number given at the end of the movie.

First let us build off the story line as it appears to those unable to understand its true meaning or deep literary evolution. Than we shall explore the Greek myth of Pandora, the first woman and her magical box / jar. Lastly an attempt will be made to uncover the nature elements and actions, which metaphorically represent the underlining meaning. Exposing the overwhelming details in the Pandorum movie are keys to it clearly epitomizing the end game or re-end game, the same story told in every religion both Eastern and Western.

Pandorum is a 2009 science fiction/horror film written by Travis Milloy and directed by Christian Alvart. The film stars Dennis Quaid “Payton” and Ben Foster “Bower” as the two primary protagonists. They are two astronauts who awake to find themselves drifting through space some 500 million miles from Earth. Payton and Bower awake from hibernation and suffer from memory loss. Soon they discover they are the crew of a sleeper ship transporting 16,000 passengers in deep hibernation.

Exploring the spacecraft, Payton and Bower encounter several other crew members and the astronauts learn that the survival of the human race is in question. The other human crew members are hiding and running from monsters. Here Payton and Bower learn that some humans have mutated from a genetic enhancement designed to help them adapt to life on a new world; the planet of their destination, “Titus”.

Beyond the monsters, humans Payton and Bower also learn that some crew members are suffering from a psychosis, created from deep hibernation. This is a severe psychological condition diagnosed as Pandorum, brought about by being in deep-space for extended periods.

The Pandorum movie is a literary evolution of Pandora the “giver of all, the first woman the Eve of ancient Greek theology. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create Pandora by giving her one unique gift. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mould her out of the Earth “Gaia” this being part of Prometheus punishment for stealing fire, now directed at mankind. All the gods of pathogen joined in offering this “beautiful evil” seductive gift to mankind.

Pandora’s other names, include Anesidora which might have a Roman origin. Considering that the Greek gods and stories also had Roman names and similar stories. Anesidora is inscribed as the name of Pandora figure in the British Museum, which means “she who sends up gifts,” and implying that “from below”, from within the earth.

According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in the more modern tale the jar is referred to as “Pandora’s box”. Some accounts have Pandora opening the container others it is suggested Epimetheus released the evils of mankind. Some of the particular evils include plagues and diseases, but were not specified in Hesiod’s detailed account. As the evils were escaping the jar / box hope remained locked inside. It is said she opened the jar out of simple curiosity and was not intended as a malicious act.

The myth of Pandora is ancient, and appears in several distinct Greek versions, and interpretations have found many literary evolutions; ending in a grand climax Pandorum. In the seventh century BC Hesiod scripture, in Theogony mention Pandora outright, line 570, without naming her. However, there is an older mention of jars or urns containing both evils and blessings upon mankind and it can be found in Homer’s Iliad.

In Homer’s Iliad on the floor of Zeus’ palace there stand two urns, the one filled with evil gifts and the other with good ones. He for whom Zeus the lord of thunder mixes the gifts he sends, will meet now with good and now with evil fortune; but he to whom Zeus sends none but evil gifts will be pointed at by the finger of scorn, the hand of famine will pursue him to the ends of the world, and he will go up and down the face of the earth, respected neither by gods nor men.

Since the basic story of Pandorum and the understanding of the Greek god Pandora has been constructed, now a deeper interpretation can be forged. Signs to uncover Pandorum as an interpretation of an end game, re-end game or an allegory to the prophecy in Revelations can be found. Some clues or keys come in the story theme; others are projected in the small but important details. .

Let us begin the deep analysis with the sound, in the Pandorum movie the continual roar of the ships reactor core represents and simulates earth’s natural thunder. Thunder is important because it alludes to the light, and lightning is what Zeus controls, in addition to the complete understanding of earth’s nature, environment and switching or re-creation cycles. In fact, Zues works to hide the understanding of earth’s climatic changes, for this is how he controls the spiritual and celestial heavens. The thunder sound is the first hint that the Pandorum story is not about man leaving earth but surviving the catastrophic environmental switches; as in a Noah story, as in the Adam and Eve account and in Exodus.

Other elements that denote Zues’ control of lightning / thunder come from the Homeric mission engineered into the Pandorm story. Modern Prometheus” played by Corporal Bower clearly is involved in a mission to steal fire. In the original Prometheus story, he steals fire and is punished by Zues for his deeds. Prometheus never stole fire, the fire element is represented metaphorically as the power of lightning, the energy that empowers Zues. Bower who is an engineer attempts to restart the ships reactor core, this is the power of lightning now contained by man, not the gods. This major storyline follows the ancient Prometheus account of his actions of stealing fire.

At the point when Bower’s character asks Lt. Payton “Dennis Quaid” for directions to the reactor core, here is the first sign presented that Payton is actually representing Zeus. In turn Payton provides no assistance when earlier Payton was completely able to rapidly extrapolate navigation through the earth ship, the maze or Labyrinth. At this point Payton is shown locked to the control panel as Zeus suffering from psychosis.

Payton representing Zeus appears now to be a psychotic character bent on destroying the “rusted” Iron Age and as the story plays out succeeds in this genocide. When Corporal Bower finally restarts the reactor core Lt. Payton is suddenly illustrated as Zeus and a brief image is provided of lightning bolts shooting from his head. Modernizing the Prometheus story, Payton now fully represents the homicidal Zeus, awaken to the fact that Bower now fully epitomizes Prometheus and has stole fire from the gods.

Corporal Bower is referred to as the boy scout from here on out, which is a way to bring in the legend of Oedipus. The Oedipus connection is extrapolated by Bower being an unlikely hero, savior or sacrifice, not physically or mentally able to overcome against all odds. It is possible that a riddle was weaves into the movie similar to the 3.14 Pi Oedipus riddle but additional screening would be required to locate this key.

In the movie the monsters are represented as eating humans, when in fact they embody the portion of the human population, which survives or subsists through a climate switch by cannibalizing its own population. The time when man shall eat man, told in the Greek stories of creation, carried through into Linear Western Religion and finally vomited to attention in the Pandorum movie.

Bower carries a non lethal weapon because he does not want to kill the represented humans and certainly not their children. Bower or Prometheus is not homicidal, unlike Zeus which appears bent on destroying humanity and nearly all biological life. Zeus should be considered, the god of extermination and suffering, evil to the core and beyond.

The classic Four Horsemen materialize as Ben Foster playing Bower, Antje Traue as Nadia, Cung Le performing as Manh and finally Eddie Rouse portraying Leland. Nadia is denoted as Pandora, when Manh embodies the connection between the western and Asian religion. This is demonstrated by Manh presences or appearance but he speaks no English. So the connection between western and Asian religion exists but the connection cannot be easily made in Pandora ’s Box but Manh clearly demonstrate a 100 Hander.

Eddie Rouse portraying Leland clearly demonstrates an ancient Greek Cyclopes in body and actions. Cyclopes live in a cave or an underworld, hell to the Greeks and eat humans. Leland plays the role of a Cyclopes where he lives in a cave, a trap and survives off humans. Leland is only convinced to help and join the party of three as the fourth member when he is told, the end is near. The final clue to Leland representing a Cyclopes is provided at the end when Dennis Quaid stabs him in the eye. This ending is his punishment for surviving off humans as a cannibal.

Zues the high god is represented as having a dual persona at the point when Cam Gigandet playing the Gallo character merges physically with Lt. Payton. It is unclear where this literary evolution comes from but seems to be an important element of the prophecy. The duality might symbolize a psychological struggle within Zeus between being both good and evil. Although, when combined it appears Zeus is utterly empowered by wickedness.

As it turns out, Bower the modern Prometheus is not threatened by Zeus but the human population which is brutal, and lacks understanding, compassion and moral direction. Most of the humans are represented as a modern interpretation of Zombies in appearance and achievements, only capable of barely surviving through self consumption. It could be thought that when man eats man they become horrible monsters and this is why they appear in this fashion. In the end Payton / Zeus reveals to Bower the location of the spaceship which is Zeus, now illuminating to his environmental knowledge. This event takes place when Zeus opens the earth ship cockpit shields.

The environmental knowledge disclosed by Zeus turns out to be that the ship is in fact not in space but in an ocean, on a planet very similar to earth. In metaphor the ship never left earth but it is a vehicle to survive the biblical climate switch. Bower and Payton struggle for control, as in a battle between Zeus and Prometheus. During this struggle between good and evil a cockpit window is damaged. The crack now in the virtual window, to the brave new world brings forth a “Noah” flood into the cockpit and water runs forth like wine. Bower now assumes the role of Adam and Nadia is thrust into the role of Eve, as in the Garden of Eden account. Together they escape in a hibernation pod.

Before moving on to the end take one more look at the hibernation pod because meaning can be extracted in its physical appearance. Gaze into the window of life, the eye of the world and see the escape pod porthole, it is in the shape of a religious cross. The Christian cross now represents that here a prophecy is made and can be followed through western scripture. The hibernation pod physical represents Pandora’s Box or jar in its original reference. The escape pod is now represented as a tool used to continue humanity.

As the escape pod is ejected from the earth ship it now represents the ancient Greek Pandora Jar full of both good and evil. The good and evil has always been a human reflection but here in conclusion hope is now released; after being contained since the beginning of time. To survive the journey to the surface Bower gives Traue the oxygen mask. Since Traue character is representing Pandora the giver of all, the first woman she can die from human conditions.

Pandora is now Anesidora as in the figure described in the British Museum, “she who sends up gifts,” and implying that she immerges “from below”, from within the earth. Bower who now fully represents the Greek god, the modern Prometheus is not human anymore and cannot be killed from human circumstances and freely provides Traue the mask of Oxygen, in this act he saves humanity.

It is undetermined if Zeus dies or leaves Payton’s body in spirit before a flood of water appears to overcoming him. Payton played by Dennis Quaid assumes a crash position. This is the position demonstrated as used to survive a plane crash. Since Zeus often is represented as an eagle here the pilot and navigator Payton seems to intentionally fall on his sword. Since a god cannot kill a god, it appears here Zeus finds himself internally as unstable, psychotic, homicidal and genocidal, in a final triumph of the rule of Zeus, he executes his own death and commits himself to the underworld.

An additional interpretation can be made with Zeus forcing his own death. It is possible to allude to the fact that Zeus can not destroy Prometheus because he continues to exist and live on in humanity as hope, or the embodiment of hope. Since Zeus cannot out right destroy Prometheus he attempts to destroy himself, and as such is the key to destroying Prometheus. As Zeus attempts to kill both himself and Prometheus Pandora chooses which god should live and together they escape the underworld, the deep ocean.

After the pod reaches the surface, Bower and Traue are alone and in a vast untamed Garden of Eden, recreating the ancient creation myth stories. This event simulates the account of Prometheus where he gives birth to humanity. Bower’s action of breaking the window ejects the remaining escape pods. Suddenly, as in a virgin “Gaia” type birth other escape pods begin to pop out of the ocean and Bower and Traue playing Adam and Eve, find they are not alone anymore. They along with the others are floating in their personal arks replicating the Noah story.

In the movie, the number 1215 survivors is provided, this number might have multiple significance. The number 12 clearly represents the gods both in Greek mythology and was followed into the Christian religion with the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. Demonstrating that there are 1215 survivors is communicating the ancient re-creation myth with the number 12, representing the survivors, the new gods of earth.

The number 15 must represent something equally important. Jim Morison of the Doors sings a song with the lines “5 to 1, baby 1 and 5, no one here gets out alive”. Where Jim Morison generated this number from its biblical origins is not completely clear. Jim Morison’s 5 to 1 number might have origins in the Temple of Solomon, referenced as the base of the right triangle that solves the square of the circle with a length of 5.83333. The Pythagorean Theorem of (a ² + b² = c²) will produce (5.83333 ² + 35² = c²) where c is the hypotenuse and equal to 35.48278088. Half of “c” is 17.74139044 that can be squared physically, squaring the 20 diameter great circle with an area of 314.7569347 (Pi x 100).

It would be interesting to know if Jim Morison understood the significance of the prophecy he was either continuing or generating. Although Jim Morison sang about the destruction of mankind, he probably did not know fully what he was doing. Jim’s father was a ranking military intelligence officer and might have understanding of the prophecy in Revelations. Most likely he provided Jim with the lyrics to sing. It is even possible that Jim was strong armed into sing these songs or sold out for fame and fortune, to propel and propagate the divination.

Finally here the discovery of the modern 1215 survivors can be extrapolated from the modern metaphors implied in the Pandorum movie. The 1215 number must also embody the 100 Handers, the humans and three Cyclopes that align themselves with the modern Titian Prometheus. This being the case, the 1215 survivors now materialize on a new world, the same world but absent of the controlling gods. Here at the end a new name is given to this brave new world and it is Titus, controlled now, by the Titian Prometheus. So here the death of the 12 Olympians is foretold and it comes with a re-birth of the Titans from deep within the earth well, well demonstrated in the Pandorum movie.

Riddle Of the Sphinx Solved

The Riddle of the Sphinx can only be solved by exploring both its physical and spiritual existence. Unfortunately, proof can only be found with a basic geological field analysis, small mapping project, simple sand screening techniques and a compression test. Although a good assumption of what it should uncover, its secrets can be extrapolated without the justified field work. Physically the Sphinx symbolizes a beast with zoomorphic features; the oldest known incarnation is at the Giza plateau. The Sphinx at the Giza plateau also happens to be the largest human carved monument in the world. Next the spiritual citations of the Sphinx will be investigated and linked to the poor-man’s Hercules; the human sacrificial Oedipus.

Since the Sphinx is guarding the 3 pyramids at the Giza plateau its secret might be epitomized as the origins of the original trinity. The number three seems to have both a spiritual literary manifestation and physical genesis that solves Pi to equate as 3.14. This suggests that the three pyramids might be the initial spiritual and physical testimony to the holy number 3.14. Hence, the conclusion will entail reconstruction of the Giza Plateau as it was formerly fashioned during the Old Kingdom period.

Physical References

The Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt is the oldest physical exhibit, still the largest carved stone structure in the world. At 74m long by 20m high, Mt Rushmore at a mere 18m is not it’s equal. It faces due east, directed at the sunrise of the solstice. The Sphinx most likely dates to within a few years of 2500 BC or 4,500 years ago. The builder was probably Khafre who constructed the second largest of the three pyramids or his successor Menkaure.

The Sphinx is a universally transported beast whom has found its way physically and spiritually from Egypt to a Greek representation, an Asian interpretation and continues on with many modern manifestations. This indicates that the Sphinx is a beast that just won’t die, until now.

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the sphinx is a zoomorphic figure, typically depicted as a recumbent lion with a human head, but sporadically with the head of a falcon, hawk, or ram. The figure had its origins in the Old Kingdom and is associated in Egyptian pantheon with the deity Sekhmet.

The Greek variation of the Sphinx is akin to the Egyptian incarnation. In Greek mythology, the Sphinx is represented as a monster with a head and breasts of a woman, the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and a serpent headed tail. Utilized as an emblem for the ancient Greek city-state of Chios and materialized on seals and coins from the sixth century BC, until the third century AD. Herodotus a famous great historian, talked a great deal about the pyramids at Giza but never mentioned the Sphinx, leaving this a complete mystery.

In the Asian subcontinent there are two forms of a Sphinx, one with Hellenistic influences and from none Greek sources. The Greek influenced Asian Sphinx hails from the period when Buddhist art underwent Hellenistic influence. The “sphinxes” from Mathura, Kausambi, and Sanchi, dated to the third century BC have non-Hellenist characteristics, and is of indigenous origins.

Modernly the Sphinx continues to emerge in image and sustain the same projected purpose. It is possible that the curse continues on into modern society and the riddle still influences the advancement of society. Groups associated with adopting the Sphinx in symbol in the modern society are considered to be repressive, both controlling and dictating knowledge.

The Egyptians placed a Sphinx at the entrance of a temple to guard any secrets or mysteries. This is also the case for the modern interpretation and is the reason it is utilized by the Freemason secret society. The Freemasons use the Sphinx as decorative sculptures and in symbol on Masonic documents. The best manifestation of a Masonic Sphinx is found guarding the Scottish Rites of Freemason Temple in Washington DC.

The Sphinx has also been associated with the U.S. Army Intelligence since 1923, when it was adopted into the insignia. The Sphinx appears on the different regimental insignias and crests of many Military Intelligence units. A large statue of the Sphinx can be found at Fort Huachuca on the historic Brown parade field.

Spiritual References in Literature

To the Greeks the Sphinx always represented a monster with a foreign origin, which makes associating the story to the Egyptian Sphinx somewhat easy. The Sphinx is said to have guarded the entrance to the Greek city of Thebes. The riddle asked by the Sphinx was not specified by early Greek poets, and is assumed to be a later incarnation. As the Riddle evolved it became linked to the Oedipus character, so he shall also need to be explored.

The Riddle of the Sphinx developed through the evolution of Greek literature and was not directly mentions by the oldest Greek Poets. The oldest Greek writers included Hesiod who lived in the late eighth century BC, 2,800 years ago and Homer writer of the Iliad and Odyssey. The Sphinx is called by the name (Phix (Φιχ)) by Hesiod in line 326 of the Theogony. The poet Hesiod called the Sphinx, a unique demon of destruction and bad luck, but made no reference to Oedipus. Homer refers briefly to the Oedipus story in the Iliad and in the Odyssey. Oedipus is mentioned by Homer as the one who kills his father and married his mother, without making any association to the Sphinx or a riddle.

The Greek writer Apollodorus of Athens 180 BC most likely using the lost work of Pherecydes of Athens (5th century BC) connects the Sphinx to a riddle. According to Apollodorus the Sphinx parents were Echidna and Typhon. The Greek god Hera sent the Sphinx to punish the Thebans and sat on Mount Phikion (“Sphinx” Mountain) in Boetia. The Apollodorus Sphinx riddle was:”What has one voice, and is four-footed, two-footed and three-footed?” Each time the Thebans gave a wrong answer, she ate one and many perished.

A Greek lyric poet Corinna of 200 BC, believed Oedipus was a sort of poor man’s Heracles or Theseus. Coring connected Oedipus to killing many local monsters besides the sphinx, he also killed the Teumesian Fox. Thus he seems to have been an all-purpose role as a hero in the Boeotia region. Early vase paintings show Oedipus killing the Sphinx with a sword or spear and no riddle is presented.

The Oedipus and Sphinx story, probably took shape around 600 BC in a lost epic poem called Oidipodia. Various elements were later included into Sophocles play. It is assumed that Oidipodia included the Sphinx monster, a riddle and sinful Oedipus. Unlike Heracles which killed the Lion of Nemea with strength and power, Oedipus destroys the Sphinx with his human intellect. Since force has always been used to solve issues, the human intellect as a superpower is quite revolutionary. The first mention of a riddle was found on a vase dated to 470-460 BC, which suggests that the Riddle might have been derived from the Oidipodia work. Later the entire riddle is extensively quoted.

Sophocles is most widely known for his Oedipus the King play first performed c. 429 BC. The Riddle of the Sphinx is included in Sophocles play and well recorded for the literary community. Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King” is a tragic play where the main protagonist Oedipus fulfilled a prophecy of the Oracle that said, he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thus bring disaster for his city and family. Many years after the marriage of Oedipus to his biological mother, a plague of infertility strikes the city of Thebes; crops no longer grew and women would not bear children.

In late period Greek mythology, Hera or Ares sent the Sphinx from Ethiopia to Thebes where she asked all passersby the riddle: “Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?” The Sphinx strangled and devoured anyone unable to answer.

Oedipus solved the riddle by answering: Man—who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane in old age. By some accounts there is a rare second riddle: “There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.”The answer is proposed as: day and night.

In the story, Oedipus offers the wrong answer, but it is assumed since he has been touched by the gods he cannot be killed. Oedipus takes the shape of a living god or demi-god because larger voices, “of the Gods” have called upon him since birth. Being directly touched by the high gods makes Oedipus by default a human god. So in actuality the Sphinx eats everyone, regardless to the answer of the “cracker-Jack” riddle. With this understanding, Oedipus is punished when he is rewarded with the marriage of his mother. Oedipus turns out to be a sacrificial, human incarnation of the classical Promethian character.

The concept of making a living god seems to have been invented in the Old Kingdom period in Egypt. During the New Kingdom period the rulers attempted to destroy the concept of a future, living king and removed the origins of the riddle. It was too late, the concept took hold and migrated to Greece where literary invention enhanced and further detailed the story.

The original living god concept might have begun with a Pharaoh that could not produce offspring or out lived his own children. It is also possible that the Pharaoh could have desired to be remembered in the future as the greatest leader in human history as such, devised and promoted the living god, Homeric media. An additional explanation could be that the Pharaoh himself enjoyed Homeric media, stories and songs. Or, Homeric media is just a natural human manifestation.

The rulers of the New kingdom period did not have the same aspirations and found they were unable to remove proto-Prometheus from the artistic media. The rulers in the New Kingdom must have begun a media campaign to produce sacrificial media; this took hold and continued into modern times. Although off topic it is possible the Greek pantheon represents the Egyptian rulers of both the Old and New Kingdom. If this is the case the Old Kingdom rulers would represent the original 12 Titians, which include Prometheus. The 12 Olympians would than characterize the brutal and wicked New Kingdom rulers.

“The Infernal Machine” written by Jean Cocteau’s 1963 re-told and modified the Oedipus legend. Here in this version the Sphinx tells Oedipus the answer to the riddle. She did this because she did not want to kill anymore. The last twist adds that the Sphinx loved Oedipus. He leaves the scene without thanking her.

Solving the Riddle

There are 3 variations of the Sphinx riddle, all appear as similar “cracker-Jack” riddles but in fact they are all math word problems, which stand for Pi as 3.14. So let’s solve all the Oedipus riddles and then move on to “strangle and devour” the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau.
1. Oidipodia version of the riddle: “What has one voice, and is four-footed, two-footed and three-footed?” The Pi answer in this word problem is solved by just selecting the correct 3 numbers presented so (3) from three-footed, (1) from the one voice and (4) from four-footed to symbolize Pi as 3.14.
2. The Riddle that is rare with an undetermined origin: “There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.” The Pi answer is offered here as a word problem and solved in this form: [the (2) sisters (2) is, 2+2 = 4], [the sisters (2) give birth to one (1) is, 2+1 = 3], and the number one (1) is supplied from the mention of the word “first”.
3 Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus: “Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be? Here a classic Greek fraction is used to solve 3.14 as Pi. The Pi answer to this word problem is solved by using the (2) legs as the common denominator and rationalizing the expression. So 3/2, 2/2 and 4/2 which will derive 3.14; since (2) is represented as legs and not a rational number the 4/2 cannot be rationalized in this poetic representation.

All examples of the Sphinx riddles are word problems that can mathematical solve a literary expression of Pi as 3.14. In a later incarnation, “a literary evolution” can be found in the Old Testament, Chronicles 2nd book, in the Temple of Solomon, which clearly demonstrates a geometric Pi riddle. In the Solomon Temple riddle three structures have an area of 3.14 times 100.

The trinity is also well represented in the Temple of Solomon’s riddle with 3 objects representing Pi as 3.14. In addition, the Old Testament tells of 3 unique constructions and de-constructed of the Temple structure. This indicates that there must be a third riddle which needs to be located, uncovered and solved; this will be a physical riddle. Since now two riddles have been exposed, the trinity “things come in threes” concept predicts a third riddle must exist.

The only clue to locating the riddles comes from the Sphinx at the Giza plateau. In the 3 pyramids a representation of Pi must be located from the construction of the Old Kingdom and concealed by the deconstruction which occurred during the New Kingdom period. This means that the Great pyramid is going to grow in size and become much larger, much greater than currently represented.

To start the Giza Necropolis is located outside Cairo, Egypt. The complex includes three large pyramids, along with the massive sculpture of the Great Sphinx. One of the monuments, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is the only remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The main structures are dated to the Old Kingdom approximately 4,500 years ago, all other structures date to the New Kingdom.

The three main pyramids include the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre and Pyramid of Menkaure. The Great Pyramid of Giza, also called (Khufu or Cheops) has a side length of 230m (755 ft) and estimated original height of 146.5m (488 ft), nearly 50 stories high. Next a slightly smaller Pyramid a few hundred meters to the south-west called the Pyramid of Khafre (or the Greek name Chephren) with a side length of 214.5m (704 ft) and original height of 143.5m (471 ft). Lastly, a few hundred meters further south-west a relatively modest-sized Pyramid called Menkaure (or Mykerinos) with a side length of 105m (344ft) and height of 65.5m (215ft). All appear to have an angle of between 53 and 51 degrees.

The Great Pyramid has 4 queen pyramids, Khafre has one satellite pyramid and the Menkaure complex has 3 queen pyramids. The Queen pyramids are approximately 45.5m ( 150 ft) and their original heights are 95m ( 58 ft). There is a square tomb at Giza called Khentkawes with a side length of 45.5w ( 150 ft) and original height of 17.5h ( 58 ft).

The satellite pyramids are associated with royal tombs from the New Kingdom period dating to about 3,600 years ago. In contrast to the leveled foundation of the main pyramids, the Queen pyramids were constructed on sloped ground, their bases are neither level nor square. These pyramids are poorly constructed, not properly aligned and built from rounded stones.

In Egypt, mostly destroyed or partially damaged pyramids are noted as having satellite pyramids and accessory structures. The Sneferu Medium pyramid of the Old Kingdom is a good example of a damaged structure with a Queen Pyramid. Sneferu’s Bent and Red Pyramid have no physical damage and not out of sheer coincidence or chance have any associated satellite pyramids.

The invading Muslims have been accused of robbing stones off the Great Pyramid to build mosques throughout Cairo. The only remains of the casing stones on the Great Pyramid have been noted as being buried at its base. Since the bottom fascia stones are not exposed on the Great Pyramid to the public in image or example little truth can be taken from this statement. From these bottom fascia stones the dimensions of the Great Pyramid were determined. The capstone that should seal the top of the Great Pyramid is completely missing, leaving another mystery. Here is the first issue because why would all the top fascia stones be removed but the stones easier to take, along the bottom are still in place; if they are in place?

The next problem with the Giza plateau site is found in its visual look, it simply appears as a construction site with random stones laying about, walls and 7 satellite pyramids randomly disorganized around the complex. The stones used to build the smaller pyramids are not square; some stones are even well rounded and look at though they have rolled off the main pyramids.

Here is another problemo, there is a certain quality of aesthetics or taste expected by both modern and ancient monuments. The Giza Plateau has lost its visual artistic expression and looks rather like a deconstruction site. So, the Giza Plateau fails to appeal to an artistic eye.

The name, Great Pyramid emerged as a locally derived name, which implies it as being significantly larger and more magnificent, imposing, majestic, or grandiose than the other site structures. Currently the archeological society believes the Great Pyramid, “the 7th wonder of the ancient world” is only estimated to be 17 feet greater than its next door neighbor. The problemo is a 17 foot difference does not indicate a more magnificent, imposing, majestic, or grandiose structure. In addition, the Khafre Pyramid sits on a 30 foot hill, making it appear larger to the eye then the Great Pyramid, the 7th Wonder of the Ancient world.

The Pyramid of Khafre is the only structure that has its original top facade and the cap stone is still in place so, it must be assumes that its height is true to the original structure. The Great pyramid and the Menkaure Pyramid have no elevated fascia stones. There are facade stones placed along the base of the Menkaure Pyramid, they are round, poor quality and represent a later re-construction. The archeological society believes fascia stones are at the base of the Great Pyramid but do not furnish photographic proof. Using these bottom fascia stones to determine the height and width measurements of the Great and Menkeure Pyramid can only be described as negligent archeology work.

The next issue is found with the opening or gouge in the Menkeure Pyramid. This is a very distinct feature not seen on any pyramid, in Egypt. In representation the opening looks aesthetically as a cut or wound. This wound can only be attributed to an engineering issue that arose when the Menkeure Pyramid was increased in size during the New Kingdom period. Enlarging the size of the Menkeure Pyramid would hide its fractional representation to the number (1) in the Pi trinity of 3.14. The “more legs it has, the weaker it be” must refers to the smaller Queen pyramids and additions to the Menkeure Pyramid made from the stones removed from the Great Pyramid.

The institutional education system and media continues to hide the de-construction of the Great Pyramid and evidence can be found in the lack of proper field analysis. To start, no soil survey has been performed and site maps released as public domain are hand drawn garbage. The Oriental Institute part of the University of Chicago produced a very good 3D autocad of the Gaza Plateau for the local public television station WGBH, in Boston. The project was headed by John C. Sanders through numerous attempts refuses to release the illustrations.

To reconstruct the Great Pyramid will require adding all the stones from all 7 Queen pyramids, the stones from Khentkawes tomb structure and about 32% of the stones from the smallest Menkaure Pyramid. This will make the Great Pyramid actually “Great” and bring it back to its original size. The pyramids originally were built to maintain a ratio volume of (4) for the Great Pyramid, (3) for the Pyramid of Khafre and (1) for the Menkaure Pyramid, which would represent the holy 3.14 expression.

The Sphinx eats people who do not correctly solve the Oedipus Riddle. This essential symbolizes the environment change from Global Summer to Global Winter. Failure of the northern crop belts and expectation that humans will become both the top predator “the largest consumer” and the chief fast food source. Hence there subsist on a prim evil plane, a wee bit or tiny morsel of a Sphinx in each human.

In conclusion, two assumptions will be made to extract an understanding to why the 3, 1 and 4 ratio was represented in the Giza Pyramids by the rulers of the Old Kingdom and removed by the pharaohs of the New Kingdom period. The two explanations will have the Great rulers as not desiring to be remembered as primitive and, or warn the future of past conditions.

First the ratio of the 3, 1 and 4 could have been accomplished to show future people that the rulers of ancient Egypt were not primitive, but in fact advanced and intellectually comparable. The Pharaoh’s thought of themselves as living gods, the very descendents and survivors of an environmental climatic switch. The second rationale to why the 3, 1 and 4 ratio was symbolized in the Giza Pyramids may perhaps be to make a future king or living god that would warn the population at a specified time of both past and future environmental change. If the institutional education community works to hide this information from public reception, should they not be considered as virtually Genocidal, a dogmatic Hitler?

The Pharaoh’s built structures of high quality so they would last the 10,000 year Global Summer period and must have intended to warm future societies of the environmental changes, which occurred in the past and will come again in the future. The Pyramid is the embodiment of a structure able to survive earth’s environmental switch.

The Pharaoh’s also buried boats at the base of the Great Pyramid, which must represent an alternative to surviving climate change. The pyramids and boats represent that the ruling Pharaoh’s are direct descendents of an advanced civilization destroyed many times over, at a climatic switch. Finally the mystery is solved, but mournfully the proof has been augmented and humanity will yet again suffer the climatic switch.

~ by h2one2 on August 14, 2009.

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  1. Have you considered seeking pyschiatric help? There are some excellent antipsychotic drugs available today.

  2. Got milk?

    Let me say this about that. east,south,west,and,north.

  3. There are a few clues here and there. Nostradamus’ 2nd letter to his son Cesar, says the Holy Spirit will rise up. Nostradamus used a brass tripod. Hippocrates math on squaring the circle was recently discovered on a parchment that had been over-written by a scribe to preserve paper with hymns. Using microscopes and other high tech, it was revealed below, that a circle was formed by joining 96 points of triangles with equal length. The one millionth decimal of pi is 1. An ammonite was found in SW Australia in the 1800’s that had been completely opalized and was destroyed in a museum fire at the turn of the century.

  4. I’m above the 50th but not by much. I think I got it covered nonetheless. My shelter is mostly made of styrofoam ..lots of it. All my preparations are in sealed styrofoam boxes which were iniatially used for their insulation value but now that I’ve been here, I see that I have Noah’s ark. I suppose I will have time to lash the waterbarrels up but who knows. hehehe..

  5. Edward Teller’s pdf on global warming here…http://www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/globalwarmingteller.pdf

    What is your take on chemtrails? Your blog needs more interface. You have to realize that you are out of the box and we, the people need more interaction.

    • Chemtrails are just mis information produced by phony Christian conspiracy organizations run out of churches designed to mis lead the uneducated population. These groups are well funded and own all 20 or so US radical leftwing bookstores in the USA. The monopoly of Christ Ministries with phony conspiracy directives include, truth Christians, Alex Jones, Genesis Communication Network including InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, TruthNews.us and http://www.abovetopsecret.com. These groups have been organized to suppress any new and advanced knowledge from spilling out to the public and went as far as produced the stupid Zeitgeist video.

  6. I live in a remote part of interior British Columbia. We aren’t on a major flight path and particularily not one that offers over the pole access to some huge tourista market that could justify the aircraft spewing their toxic exhausts and apparently headed for Baffin Island, and all the other non-existent airports that would be found on that flight course. These things are happening Bill. You may not believe in a Creator but the evil of eugenics and it’s father satan is among us.

    • All exhaust is toxic but if it is anything other than extremely pure kerosene in the plane, it will fall right out of the sky. I only believe people here on earth are actively playing the part of Satan.

      • More like manifesting Satan.


      • Satan is a representation of a god that challenges the high or controlling god and losses as a Sacrifice. Prometheus which stool fire for the betterment of man was turned into Satan by Christianity, “Hence the fire of Hell” also bad press / public relations produced by the high god media / scripture. Satan is a simple representation of one of the original twelve Titans made into a Gothic beast for challenging rule and political / religious forces.

        I check out the website IceAge and I hate the idea of a localized global flooding event. This was a global event and every culture around the world has similar stories. So that article is mis leading.

  7. 7:55 minutes into the video. The blank stare or flattened unemotional look of Dr. Peterson after Raiders of the Lost Ark dude says something about unknown secret technologies he can’t talk about, well it is priceless.

    I would ask Dr. Peterson something he can answer like how many fingers am I holding up.

    I would call this the Camelnot project, he he he. The guy seems harmless to himself, but can his head fit through a double wides door jam, only the time continuum will tell.

    Camel -Lost in Space

  8. I visited Alaska last week and was particularily looking forward to a second look at the Hubbard Glacier on Tracy Arm. It would have been interesting to see what was going on in the water but particulariy, what the glacier looked like. As we approached the strait which leads to the glacier, we suddenly did not do that. We continued up Tracy Arm and no view of the glacier was possible. Later, I heard we weren’t allowed to view this glacier for environmental reasons. I’m wondering if Holland America had other reasons like global warming political reasons. I want my money back.

    • Glacier growth and retraction occurs in cycles, it is just one indicator to environmental change.

      Holland America should provide a written statement to why the glacier was off limits.

      They are dangerous to approach in a narrow funneled channel since a partial collapse can produce waves of 100 plus heights.

  9. I hear calcium bentonite will detox your body and if you use it in a face mask, it will improve your vision. It detoxifies. I mention it here because the ammonite fossil beds here and Alberta, have bentonite markers throughout the fossil beds. What do you think? Bentonite part of the ammonite diet?

    • The human body has its own system to clean itself. Please do not use bentonite in a mask. Bentonite can form from weathered volcanic ash. However, the term bentonite,, has been randomly used for any clay beds of uncertain origin.

      If you are finding Amonites in a general clay layer it is because the population is living off a rich food supply which must appear and then stop.

      If the Amonites are in real Bentonite from a volcanic ash origin than I different interpretation can be found.

      What you have found is call a death assemblage layer.

  10. Hey Billy..here’s the head’s up you were looking for..

    [audio src="" /]

    • I am not really looking for anything like the material produced by the Project Camelot http://www.projectcamelot.net/. Really, I just write and make my videos. If people like them, they will support my work, if they don’t they move on.

      Project Camelot is on youtube and don’t let any people leave comments http://www.youtube.com/user/jagbodhi on any of their whack-a-do videos.

      Here is the statement from their web page………
      “http://www.projectcamelot.net/ Our purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and whistle blowers to get their stories out.”

      And then they let no one leave comments???????????????

      I have never removed a single comment off any of my videos and love the nutty ones.

  11. I don’t know how you know but I think you hit one of the key ingredients when you devote your time and energy to the subject of ammonites. Obviously the spiral shell that I see are the golden mean but the crystalization of the aragonite is pleiochoric which is part of the mystery where light bends through this crystal and represents the entire light spectrum in such a spectacular way. The experience of cutting and polishing these gemstones to suit my taste of colours just by angling ever so slightly, the flat surface and getting red through purple and blue is really astonishing stuff.

  12. Hmmm. some science behind your prognostications?


  13. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.

    Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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