The last supper pi H2onE2 H3onE3 Da vinci Vitruvian Man

the last supper pi H2onE2 H3onE3 Da vinci Vitruvian Man

This is great, see the painters in ancient times were also the drafts, you have to draw something before you build it. Be it a castle or church or fort. So, Da Vinci’s but geometric figures and elements of significance into his classic paintings. The 3.14 was a real problem for the ancient Greeks because they did not have a decimal point and it could not be represented in a fraction. The Pi number became a mystery a ghost and every element of music, media and religion focused around solving the Holy Ghost.

Da vinci saint john the baptist 2Mona Lisa Painting Da VinciDa Vinci Cecilia gallerani

H2onE2 with H3onE3 second life home

Early works: †Medusa · *Dreyfus Madonna (c. 1469) · **The Baptism of Christ (1472–75) · The Annunciation (c.1475–80)

Mature works: *Ginevra de’ Benci (1475) · *The Madonna of the Carnation (c. 1478–80) · *Benois Madonna (c.1478–80) · St. Jerome in the Wilderness (c.1480) · The Adoration of the Magi (1481) · The Virgin of the Rocks (c. 1483–86) · *Lady with an Ermine (1488–90) · *Portrait of a Musician (1490) · *Madonna Litta (1490–91) · *La belle ferronnière (1495–98) · The Last Supper (1498) · *Madonna of the Yarnwinder (1501) · Mona Lisa (1503–05/07) · The Virgin of the Rocks (c. 1505–08) · †The Battle of Anghiari (1505) · †Leda and the Swan (c. 1508) · The Virgin and Child with St. Anne (c. 1510) · St. John the Baptist (1513–16) · *Bacchus (1515)
Recent attributions:**Tobias and the Angel (1470–80) · The Holy Infants Embracing (c. 1486–90)

H3onE3 sample

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3 Responses to “The last supper pi H2onE2 H3onE3 Da vinci Vitruvian Man”

  1. Pi turns up for the horrorscope of Dec. 21, 2009 and is symbolic of the perfected man, the golden mean and pi.

    I tried to buy your ebook and of course I use paypal but your purchase page doesn’t have a paypal link, so fix it.

  2. hey i was looking at the pic of the last supper u had on your page and on the right hand and leght hand of the pic i can see an aline and 3 heads in the pic and some other pics of heads if u really look in to the pic like 3d book pics u can take you time looking u can really seem them funky a

    • Hi gigi thanks for the comment and for not calling me an idiot, which seems like the in thing to do.

      There is a lot more stuff in this picture than I have uncovered. Leonardo da Vinci actually performed a Greek to Roman translation of Archimedes mathematical proofs. I own two books of Archimedes translations and thought it might be fun to solve the relationships but it turned out to be totally boring. Also when was the last time someone bought a book describing mathematical proofs and there relationship to anything; I would say never. Writers are pinched by the buying public on what books they can write or not write. Seeing that book writing is no joke, it is a lot of work and this work needs to pay for rent, food, computer paper, ext. Chose a shit topic like “mathematical proofs of Archimedes and there relationship to da Vinci’s art” and you will loss your place to live and be standing in a soap line with the migrants work force.

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