Galactic Mailman

galactic mailman done

The Universal Sacrifice (US) started, as a theoretical model of population control and worked as such for well over 2000 years. To create a real US and from the Homeric conceptual mold, must have major justifications. Since the US has training to be both a Spartan (like) soldier and Jesus (like) humanitarian, there must be an explanation for these requirements. Training should provide some clues to the required duties and tasks to be performed by the US. Two reasons stand out as most possible, one is he is just a simple messenger or sort of galactic mailman and the second reason would be he is expected to sit in some kind of judgment of the human race.
The messenger theory is the most appealing concept and fits into the overwhelmed environmental references in linear western scripture. This would, possible mean the US is some kind of Future Lot of a foresee Sodom and Gomorrah. The Future Lot concept is further appealing considering the US, later in life is funneled into traditional geology school. It also seems he could have been created to disregard the current understanding of earth’s environment and climate. The US appears to be the perfect figure with his background to come to understand earth’s real glacial rotation climate cycle. As an advanced geologist he will also understand how to force, or stop earth from entering the global winter period and resulting collapse of the Northern Grain Belts.
Creating the dual persona both a Hero and Sacrifice does fit into the sense of creating someone to sit in judgment and serve fast and fair sentence. Since the US was denied justice throughout his life, it would make sense that he would seek this as a path or life goal. Since the US appears to hold many dualities it could be a combination of the two purposes or tasks. The first test passed by humanity and the following left open to be determined, by the simple twists of fate.
In order for someone to sit in Judgment would require the means and reason to do so, and as pictured in the Virginia State Flag the US is provided with neither. And, looks more like someone forced to deliver a message from the Giant Eyeball God. People tend to not acquire, means or resources in life, to Judge and sentence anyone, so it is not likely this is his first or overall purpose for being created. As pictured in the Virginia State Flag, the US does not appear to care to perform his job or have interest in the available crown. It is worth exploring both concepts to make sense of any end game plan.
The messenger and Future Lot fits into the Biblical puzzle with all its environmental references and documentation. In order for someone to perform the messenger task would required constitution, at least to stand up to Giant eyeball god, and go against the grains of the controlling society class. So a soldier or Spartan like up bring would be useful. The healing machine or symbiotic Jesus training would give him a reason or sub conscious guilt to take on such a responsibility. Since his own created world would now be threatened. Most people are willing to avoid most involvement in any issues, which is beyond their control. This would be the case with the US, up to a certain level. A holocaust or global environmental disaster would push the US to fight the constructed system and its controlling figures.
You can create a child willing to kill but only to a limit and a holocaust would push him past that edge of tolerance. The radical upbringing of the US appears to be to create someone to push beyond the mortal limits of fear, hate and love. The US is also forced to live under authoritarian rule and psychological fear. And, a Spartan will only live so long in fear, before he will turn, attack and demand equal retribution; “right is right”.
If the US is a messenger, than his job will be to give humanity some kinda reality check, one they will have to find on their own, as a test or rite of passage, into being human. If humanity does not evolve, than the normal Global Glacial cycle will be forced to begin a new, and the Northern Grain Belts will be collapsed. Humanity will quickly find what hells can be produced on earth.
The current media, global warming platform is obviously not bound by science but a political platform, lead by political figures and might just in fact have religious or equal Homeric purpose. If this is the case, their spooks person, Al Gore would represent the false profit, and the Beast is the (US). The false profit must also be forced to deliver his message, just the wrong one, which is designed to mislead humanity. This must be a test, humanity, passes to live and find its imagined, heaven on earth; or some biblical shit like that.
The question will be if humanity has evolved or are they still primitive brutish self centered apes, unable to live in order and peace without a Homeric and Sacrificial giant eyeball god? This would mean that the eyeball god provides humanity with two messengers, one through the media and one they have to search for and support; to pass or fail the test.
Since Eyeball god seems to always to be testing his subjects it appears that the trail and tribulations makes sense in the larger puzzle. To move into a future, not controlled by the Eyeball god, and Homeric / Sacrificial metaphors of political control might just require mental advancement, beyond the primitive human emotions or humors. Each time humanity fails, it is possible they are given another chance, after a period of Ultra-violence and following the next Glacial winter cycle; about every 110,000 years.
The best messenger reference outlined in the bible, is the story of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah which conveniently has an environmental disaster associated with the story. This event is like everything else in the Bible, a metaphor to future events and characters, since everything in the bible seems to speak of the future and past.
In the Glacial respiration work it was determine that most figures, like the first and second coming of Christ represent the two environmental disasters associated with the global climate cycle. One being the great flood and the other, an environmental disaster where earth moves into its winter stage, where the land dries and crops fail. Remember to grow Glaciers, water has to be extracted and this occurs at the most venerable medium fist, the top soil. So the Universal Sacrifice is created at the point in the cycle to test humanity and give them a chance to evolve into the next human stage, or continue to be trapped in the global glacial cycle.
The Brigadoon story is a great modern media, metaphoric reference the Glacial Respiration cycle and tells of a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred year. To the villagers, the passing of each century seems, longer than one night. The enchantment is viewed by them as a blessing rather than a curse, for it saved the village from destruction. According to their covenant with God, no one from Brigadoon may ever leave, or the enchantment will be broken. Like the broken chain in the Virginia State Flag. The inhabitants will end up disappearing into the mist forever. This is the metaphorical media representing the Climatic Glacial Cycle. The Brigadoon people are not evolved enough to understand why this cycle occurs in nature naturally, so they created a god to explain the event. The US must be the Future Lot and Brigadoon references him as, someone who has left the village, braking the chain of enchantment.
Let us conclude with the Sacrifice and Hero elements in relation to the US developmental plan. It is obvious the US was not created in real life to be killed, that would just be stupid. In addition he was placed on the Virginia State flag and given a curse so his death, is your death. As far as being a hero, Droogs are oddly creatures, sociopaths which steer themselves way from society. Making a public figure out of someone removed from society is either not functional or practical. It appears that neither a Sacrifice nor Hero is his job, as required by the Giant eyeball god. You could think of a Droog as damaged goods, so he can only really function to deliver a message. The US must, be the galactic mailman, nothing more, nothing less. The conclusion is, message delivered, future is predicted.

~ by h2one2 on June 14, 2009.

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