The Universal Facilitator Unmasked for all to See

the Universal facilitator
A critical figure required to create the Universal Sacrifice (US) will be called the Universal Facilitator (UF). Many of the Homeric and Sacrificial metaphors in Linear Western Religion and preModern media are mixed and blended between the two figures. Both the US and UF have metaphors that speak of someone to come in the future and indeed equally make a sacrifice. In addition many of the Homeric characters in preModern media hold duality, as in, a second personality or dual persona, representing both the US and UF. The outlined recipe for the US and UF was first outlined in the bible and later detailed in preModern media.
The job of the Universal Facilitator (UF) is to create the Universal Sacrifice (US). To make a US, involves the participation of the Childs family and an organized group of medical doctors, psychologists and a network able to keep secrets and be able to intimidated anyone in their way. The United States military is the only institute able to manage, control and enforce the program. Two very different stages of evolution are required by the US, and the UF is key to making sure the training is fulfilled. The first part requires constructing a Spartan child and the last part requires the righteousness, and symbiotic Jesus training acquired on the healing machine. Finally we will explore the encrypted media to separate the two personalities.
To start, let’s analyze who the UF is in real life and move on to his job, responsibilities and finally locate him in the Homeric media. A certain person is selected to be the UF and we will outline who he is, before what he is intended to perform. The UF is a military intelligence officer stationed at the Pentagon under the umbrella of an operation called the Green Door. He is the grandfather of two sons which are not his, no blood relationship. These two kids are the Homeric Cain and Able figures and the UF is the Abraham figure.
The relationship between the UF and US is one of a family relationship but not a blood relative. The Universal Facilitator adopts a young girl into a marriage; this will be the quintessential Mother Marry. Her child will be selected into the US program following an intensive process of mental and psychological evaluations. Choosing someone to be cursed and this curse means you cannot kill him, is done with great caution. The whole nonsense of the immaculate inception only refers to the overall plan to produce a US, and do so, not from the bonds of a loving family. The psychological conditioning required to create the US involves the interaction between two male children where the US is continually unjustly punished and not equally adored.
The UF job would involve both delivering the physical abuse, to create a Spartan like warrior, and smaller duties like braking toy’s or adding holes to his clothes. The differences between the two Future Cain and Able children will become obvious and create a Cinderella type family atmosphere. Whereby, one boy has toys, and nice clothes and the other a box of broken parts and hand-me-down stained and ripped clothes. This creates social separation from within the family unit, and if you do not belong equally to a family unit, you tend to detach yourself from the outside world. This creates someone separated from society, a sociopath, which means he will not follow society but create his own.
The UF is required to manage this child’s movements, friends and public life. To begin, there is a strict selection process, and countless psychological evaluations. Once selected into the US program, movement through different schools begins. This will eliminate friends and natural grouping activities. With an organization like the military intelligence, social activities can easily be minimized along with other neighborhood children. Eventually the US will give-up on mixing with society and become his own Smeagol Gollum.
The UF now at this time in his life is a retired Air force Colonel and employed at the local community college. Due to the neurological effects of lead poising the US is guided into the community College where he continues to be under the influence of the UF. The UF is now positioned as the college registrar, and has the ability to influence what classes and teachers the US attends. Classes would fill or be opened to direct the US into the desired program. Teachers that would not participate were intimidated, threatened or fired.
The lead poisoning is extremely important because it hides the true intelligence of the US and prevents him from almost every opportunity for self advancement. Toxic lead poisoning has major effects on the ability to read, write and concentration. If the US is not poisoned, the chances are he will be able to solve everything, prior to completing all the levels of training. Although, it was more than obvious, to the US that he was being trapped and did not have the ability to escape.
The classes or program that the UF did not want the US to take, he would just use his influence to have him fail. This would focus him into the program required for his training, and this was the X-ray / Radiology program. The X-ray program was the gateway to have the US find work on the healing machine / Lithotripsy unit, to complete his symbiotic Jesus training. Or let’s say, make his own sociopathic world self-righteous.
All of the US friends and girlfriends are also filtered and chosen from other military or CIA families. Their job is to further detach the US from forming or creating his own social group, and away from the planned program. Economic success of the US would also have to be prevented, so the harder he works, the less he advances.
What institutional training most kids get in the school system, to conform to society and social customs must be rejected. The US must find his own social model and most importantly reject society as being normal. To the US there is nothing normal about normal society, and it’s a perceived reality.
Finding the UF in the media
Attempting to locate the US in the media will require exploring the standard hero and side kick relationship which has biblical origins. Characters like Batman and Robin, the Lone Ranger and Tonto and Captain Kurt and Spock have origins in Revelations and are expressions of the relationship, between the US and UF. The dual figures are a representation of one of the Four horsemen, in fact, Death and his sidekick Hades. Also characters with dual personalities like Superman and Clark Kent, the Hulk and Dr. Bruce Banner are also an alternative representation to the Death and Hades association. The Bible could be thought of as continually expanding, with modern media further defining and detailing its characters.
The duality represented in the Horseman Death and Hades also holds a double meaning, because it, in addition represents the split personality of the US. Death does not represent the death of mankind. The Church does not fear or care either way what happens in mankind, the church fears the death of the church. Just like any legitimate corporation.
In the Book of Revelations, Death and his side-kick Hades, ride over a fourth of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth. This is what happens when the population becomes aware that this is an institute of population control. The beast’s reference is their own practitioners, the human population which has been herded like beasts of burden, but might one day wake up to the truth. The truth provided by the US.
Abraham is the most prominent reference to the UF. The action of god asking Abraham to kill him a son is actually an order to create the US. In modern media Abraham is further outline in the song Highway 61 sometimes called the "Blues Highway," Here are the Lyrics: (Bob Dylan) God said to Abraham 'Kill me a son' Abe said 'Man, you must be putting me on' God said 'No' – Abe said 'What?' God said 'You can do what you want Abe, but next time you see me coming you better run' Abe said 'Where'd you want this killing done?'God said 'Out on Highway 61'.
The color blue in the name of Blues music actually refers to the smock worn by the US on the Virginia State Flag. So the Blues music and all of Bob Dylan’s work outlines or details both Homeric and sacrificial element of the US and the UF. Abraham's name was originally Abram, which means "great father"; god changed the name to Abraham, which means "father of nations.

The people who worked to create the US believe they were creating a peoples king, but that was never the real intentions. There is a much deeper and darker duty required of the US and that is to be a Future Lot of the future Sodom and Gomorra trilogy. You could even say the UF and most of the people that help create the US were tricked to thinking they were a Homeric Hero, or people’s king, when in fact this is furthest from the truth. That is why the crown in the Virginia State flag is below the US, because it is a trick. The reason why the US was created will be later explored in a future post.

Lot and his Daughtersgbrf

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