Chapter Prologue of the H2onE2 book

H2onE2, Glacial Respiration, Conceptual Ring of Ice, The End of Linear Western Religion

A Geological Exploration of an E2 Earthen Planet And the H2 Human Species

Author: B Billy Marse, Professional Geologist

Brief Description: is an exploration of the universe, geology, climate, biology, humans, psychology, folklore and ancient structures to uncover the beginning and disclose the end of linear western religion. The true DaVinci Code behind the bible is not a supreme spiritual power but a scientific record of climate change described as Glacial Respiration. The Greek philosophers originated the practice of communicating a hidden idea or message in the short story format, as a metaphor. In the bible, metaphors conceal historic climate change within the fanciful stories. The theory of Glacial Respiration explains the myth behind the Holy Grail, structures such as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island and is the knowledge that was collected in the Jewish Ark of the Covenant.

The environmental changes of Glacial Respiration determine all biological evolution and can explain why higher forms of intelligent humans developed. Further, Glacial Respiration releases the secret hidden by the Knights Templars, Masonic Order and all religions. Uncovers an advanced Blue-Blooded semi-industrial Atlantian Civilization that was built and destroyed many times over for the last million years. The book ends with an explanation of how linear western religion will be physically ended and describes the construction of the doomsday device capable of fulfilling its own self defining prophesy, “Revelations”. H2onE2 is a mind-expanding experience that stimulates the soul, instinct, intellect and is an almanac to the past, present and future of humanity. Rise, awaken and evolve into H3 human consciousness.


Chapter Prologue

GEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION OF AN E2 PLANET Geological exploration of a common solar system begins with the denotation of the four primary types of planetary bodies; sun, earth, gaseous and moon. A sun planet can be separated into actively burning (S1) or extinguished (S0). Earthen planets are classified as (E1) prior to the creation of living organisms, (E2) actively supporting biological life and (E3) anticipated planetary death. An E2 planet actively develops through a progression of biological life, until reaching higher intelligent organisms. The final outcome of an intelligent biological life to develop on an E2 planet is, the human organism. The human species can be separated into three distinct levels of development. The initial human form is an offshoot of the primate species and termed (H1). The H1 species is distinguished as such, if any distinct primate features and relative intelligence are present. The (H2) human form is a substantial improvement of evolutionary progress and is intellectually able to discover its own true origins. The final refinement to the human hierarchy is the (H3) species. H3 is an H2 human in physical form that has become intellectually aware of its true history and origins.

SIMPLICITY OF SPACE The universe is indefinite in size and age with not enough material earthen, liquid or gas to fill its volume or void and this alone causes the space vacuum. Planets form because the space vacuum acts to dispel the natural vibration or movement of a gas molecule. This results in an organized spinning motion, demonstrated as a black hole. The organized spinning gas creates a weak gravitational field that attracts dust to the perimeter or outer rim. An increasing quantity of dust perpetually increases the black hole’s gravitational field, attracting larger space particles (rocks, asteroids and comets). The final stage of constructing a planets outer crust is a heavy bombardment period, which acts to compress the gas core into a liquid state. Hydrogen and oxygen are the most abundant gas molecules found in the universe so the core is mostly built from these ignitable and explosive gases. The final constructed planet is similar in representation to a liquid propane fuel tank. The creation of a planet formed by gas rotation is a slow process that takes billions of years.

FOUR TYPES OF PLANETS A gas-cored planet builds and develops a strong gravitational field until it is able to attract a large enough meteor or solid cored moon to ignite its inner core. Two types of planets develop from ignition, Earthen (E1, E2 or E3) or a photon sun (S1), the last two types of planets (gaseous and solid cored) in the Four Planet Theory form following destruction. The first two types of planets created at ignition are E1 and S1 and can be categorized by either an internal or external burn. An E1 planet is burning internally at a controlled rate, the volume of gas can be calculated to determine the life expectancy of the planet. It would be safe to assume that E1 has contained its heat source at ignition just as a primitive cooking burner controls its heat output in a constant steady state. S1 would demonstrate an external burn, which can occur due to a weakness of containment crust, terminal speed of its igniter moon or volatility of its internal gas matrix.

DESTROYING A PLANET The consequence of ignition, to a planet means it will be actively losing core gas to space because the planet was created to hold gas and not the additional heat pressure from continually burning at the core. An Earthen planet would progressively move farther from the sun as it loses its core gas weight and gravitational attraction. As the sun loses gravitational forces, from the loss of its gas, it would release outer orbiting planets or only intake smaller earthen planets into orbit. Destruction of an earthen planet occurs due to the loss of core gas, which holds the outer crust out, and keeps the planet from caving in on itself.

THE COMPLETE SOLAR SYSTEM The solar system is the visual image or demonstration to the evolution of a gas cored earthen planet. This evolution projects the outward progression of many planets, which are moving from the gas cored, earthen stage to evolve into a solid cored moon. The life stage of the solar system demonstrates the planets closest to the sun were recently ignited, relevant to space-time. Following ignition the planets size grows due to the force of heated gas expanding in its core. This is a mechanical fluffing of the crusted material. An earthen planet (E1) starts its life small and heavy, extremely dense and closest to the sun demonstrated by Mercury. E2 planets are larger as they progress outward from the sun, not due to weight but gas fluffing the crust and expanding at the core. The only planet in the system that was never originally gas cored and is not aged in an outward progressive series is Mars. The planet Mars (solid cored) along with the debris in the asteroid belt between the Earth and Jupiter was the sun’s initial igniter. Implosion of an earthen planet occurs from the cave-in of the outer crust, expelling the remaining core gas into orbit. This is the action that creates a gaseous planet. Because Mars is solid cored and not losing gas weight it is in a fixed orbit. The evolution of an E2 planet either has it naturally imploding or crossing the fixed orbit of Mars. During the residual life or evolution of a gaseous planet it continues to lose orbiting gas to space until it has none and can be classified as solid cored or a moon.

GLACIAL RESPIRATION E2 is in a later stage of its life cycle and has cooled into a transitional atmospheric climate by the time intelligent life has evolved. This transitional climate is called Glacial Respiration. Earthen (E2) planets rotate through both long-term and short-term seasonal cycles. The short-term cycle is seasonally driven by yearly axial tilt; Earth’s tilt consists of 365 days. Long-term global seasons are controlled by the Glacial Respiration cycle and include Global Winter, Global Summer, a dramatic Switch followed by a brief period of accelerated Darwinian biological evolution. Global Winter is the period of E2 growing glaciers and it lasts for approximately 100,000-years. Global Summer is an anomaly, a period of warmer temperatures and melting glaciers, it lasts for an estimated 10,000-years. The Switch is the period of transition from Global Winter to Global Summer and involves the release of energy accumulated over the 100,000-year period from strong glacial winds. These Global Winter winds stored large quantities of airborne ice crystals into the upper jet stream, creating the conceptual Ring-of-Ice. The Jet stream is fast flowing air currents located 36,000 feet above E2’s surface in a region called the stratosphere. The accelerated “Darwinian” biological evolution occurs following the Switch when E2 becomes partially defenseless from S1’s full spectrum of photon radiation.

GLOBAL WINTER Global Winter occurs when E2 dries and cools resulting in the buildup of surface glaciers and a conceptual Ring-of-Ice suspended in the upper atmosphere. E2’s climate stability depends greatly on the ability of the soil profile to hold moisture, resist erosion and support vegetation. The first six inches of the soil profile, the topsoil, is the weakest ecosystem for storing energy because it can be rapidly lost. Soil solely determines the occurrence of Glacial Winter. E2’s topsoil stability is the most vital component to controlling drastic climate transformations. Removing the approximate six inches of topsoil from E2’s surface will end 99% of all biological life living on the land surface. Glacial Respiration is a combination of mechanisms that will naturally destroy the topsoil.

WATER TRANSPORT The function of water transportation out of the soil, rivers, lakes and ocean is required to build glaciers and the conceptual Ring-of-Ice. The process of water extraction depends on basic chemical and physical properties that can be easily understood. The most important property of this process is that moisture extraction occurs first at the most vulnerable source containing moisture; the topsoil. Topsoil is the most defenseless medium, extremely susceptible to moisture extraction, followed by freshwater lakes and finally the denser salty oceans.

THE GLACIAL SWITCH The environmental Switch stops glacial growth on E2 and requires the conceptual atmospheric Ring-of-Ice to play a major role in transformation back into Global Summer. The force that dramatically changes the climate from Global Winter to Global Summer requires a huge quantity of airborne ice to build in the upper atmosphere. The Ring-of-Ice perpetually builds until it grows into the warmer equatorial region over the planet. This causes the ice to melt creating a chain reaction and instantaneous reversal. Throughout the 100,000-year buildup of glaciers, airborne ice crystals move into the equatorial region during the normal yearly season and melt. The catastrophic transformation requires an enrichment and density necessary to permit a chain reaction, melting the entire Ring-of-Ice. The billions of tons of water falling out of the Ring-of-Ice creates the mythical Noah’s flood. This begins the Global Summer season.

PREVENTING MECHANISMS Global Summer begins following the instantaneous reversal causing an energy redistribution that constructs a series of preventing mechanisms. These mechanisms will hold E2 in a state of Global Summer for the approximate 10,000-year Global Summer period. This is the current climate of E2. Preventing mechanisms include the carbon cycle, building greenhouse gases, increased absorption of photon heat energy, from the sun and proliferation of vegetation, to stop soil erosion. A hyperactive greenhouse system rapidly establishes on E2 at the beginning of Global Summer. Due to E2’s geographic contours which are in the shape of large central continental depressions termed a craton. The cratons capture the Ring-of-Ice rain from the Switch producing large inland oceans. The continental oceans are also fed by melting glaciers and act as a photon heat sink, absorbing S1’s energy at a hyperactive level. The carbon cycle and rising of the humidity on E2 are extremely important preventing mechanisms, which help maintain the Global Summer climate for the approximate 10,000-year period.

THE CARBON CYCLE The Carbon (C) cycle is a preventing mechanism that is critical to increasing or decreasing E2’s vegetation and alters greenhouse gas production or extraction from the atmosphere. Different types of erosional materials, sand or clay size particles manipulate the Carbon (C) cycle and cause the production or extraction of CO² greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Rehabilitation of glacial soil conditions and warming E2 following the Switch is assisted by vegetation and organisms, which grow primarily in the super heated continental inland oceans. Throughout glacial rotation the Carbon (C) cycle is an intricate part of heating and cooling E2 and preventing glacial climate transition.

RAISING THE HUMIDITY Water vapor in E2’s atmosphere is the strongest greenhouse gas. High humidity has a positive effect on soil quality, erosion control and vegetation growth. Raising the humidity is first produced by vegetation growing on the surface of the inland oceans and progresses into moss adhering to the glacial soil profile. Following the 100,000-year Global Winter, E2 soil is not in any condition to instantly grow vegetation. Surface vegetation that draws moisture from the air (moss) begins the rehabilitation process and builds vegetation through the plant hierarchy. Grasses, shrubs and finally trees are followed by the growth of moss.

REBIRTH OF LIFE Rebirth of Global Summer begins with a Great Flood (Noah’s flood) and redevelopment of global biological life from the equatorial region (Ring-of-Life). The equatorial region is the only location on E2 able to support life at quantity during Global Winter. Most of the surface soil on E2 is resistant to re-seeding following the Switch due to the glacial soil of a hard packed surface deposit or moving deserts. The moss vegetation starts the soil rehabilitation process, stabilizes surface erosion and captures seeds delivered by bird migration for germination.

GEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE Geological evidence of the glacial cycle can be derived from rock, soil, ice, biological deposition and erosion. All components that prove Glacial Respiration are factual other than the conceptual Ring-of-ice. Continual build-up of ice in the atmosphere is the key to making the entire long-term process occur and reoccur. Geological evidence to proving the development of the conceptual Ring-of-Ice is limited. Proof to large-scale water erosion and instant changes in sea levels are available and abundant. The quantity of glacial surface evidence is very impressive and demonstrates growth of ice fields, hundreds of feet thick, reaching into the 50th latitude. In reality it is nearly impossible to think such a massive build up of ice on the surface could occur without and equally impressive buildup of air born ice in the atmosphere. E2’s climate changes can be extracted from glacial ice, which has continually experienced buildup through multiple Glacial Respiration cycles. Changes in salt (ocean water) deposition between Global Summer and winter prove that strong wind patterns develop during glaciations and slow during Global Summer. The strong winds are the force that completely destroys the soil profile and are utilized to extract E2 surface moisture and surface water resources. In addition, strong glacial winds fundamentally would create the Ring-of-Ice by lifting the ice crystals into the upper atmosphere and maintaining a permanently suspended quantity. The Ring-of-Ice is a powerful mechanism that can help cool E2 into deep glacial temperatures acting as an umbrella to block photon radiation. The Ring-of-ice can also be extracted by examining folklore, religion and social behavioral patterns of humans.

OZONE BIO SHIELD The creation of the ozone Bio Shield depends on the construction from incoming photon energy and reflection of S1 energy from E2’s earthen surface. The oceans, lakes and rivers would absorb S1 energy when rocks, soil and ice would reflect the energy. A northern and southern polar hole in the ozone layer is normal due to E2’s round shape. Incoming photon energy and reflected energy is dispersed over a greater region, decreasing its potency and reducing the production of ozone over the poles. This is the same circular shape function that causes cooler polar and warmer equatorial temperatures. When the Ring-of-Ice instantly falls out of the atmosphere, E2’s ozone Bio Shield becomes extremely week. The ozone (O³) Bio Shield changes during the Switch and permits larger quantities of S1 photon radiation to reach E2’s surface. Following the Switch, E2’s high concentrations of flooding surface water absorbs photon energy and reduces the quantity of photon energy reflected from the surface. A reduction in reflected energy reduces the strength and potency of the ozone Bio Shield. Biologically altering radiation on E2’s surface drastically increases and bio changes begin to reshape E2’s creatures.

BIO CHANGES The energy required to physically alter or mutate a cell is a wave length just above the visual range and includes Ultraviolet, x-ray and Gamma rays. These wavelength frequencies have the force to damage the DNA string without completely destroying the cell. This is because mutation requires that the cell to be partially damaged and it must multiply from the damaged DNA code. At infancy a creature is more susceptible to altering because one cell will be required to divide into a complete organ, leg or arm. Creatures that do not live in a safe environment, have a defensive outer shell, tough skin or adjust behavioral abilities to seek shelter, alter and change into the new environment. Mutation and species evolution can be extrapolated through understanding cellular resistance to photon radiation. Skins cells are the most susceptible to mutation followed by gastrointestinal, muscular skeleton and finally nerve and brain cells. This demonstrates why skin and its accompanying features of color, feathers and hair are the most diversified feature in E2’s biology. Due to the brain’s high resistance to radiation, intelligence is the least diverse feature in E2 creatures. Intelligence requires a relationship and understanding between the environment and conceptual evolution to describe the development to the higher intelligent human life form.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EVOLUTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT Successful evolution requires a positive relationship between the changed organism and their environment. An altering environment (Glacial Switch) is key to producing large-scale diversification, because environments dictate successful evolution. Biological diversity in an environment is evident to radiation susceptibility. Living dinosaurs such as crocodiles and primordial deep-sea creatures like coelacanth are proof that creatures not susceptible to the suns UV energy can fall out of the evolutionary process. Their environment, body plan and reproductive process has resistance or a barrier during the accelerated period of biological evolution.

CONCEPTUAL EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT Conceptual evolution is an image of how creatures mutate into an environment. Environmental changes apply to Bio evolution and can be further distinguished at submersion and altitude. Resistant species including crabs, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards and deep-sea fish prove the establishment of an accelerated Darwinian evolutionary period. An exploration of cave dwelling crocodiles explains social behavioral patterns that are unusual and are only explained by the accelerated radiation period. Migration of flying creatures and a conceptual comparison of completely different species can help to understand biological development on an E2 planet.

THE GREAT AMMONITE The ammonite is the perfect creature to rapidly evolve at the Switch because of an over abundance in food resources and its reproduction method within their environment. The Ammonite resembles a Nautilus with a coiled shell, the body is a subclass Coleoidea (squid or octopus). It can further be described with long tentacles and a head emerging from the planispirals shell. The ammonite lives on the surface and inland oceans, eating algae, seaweed and surface plankton. Glacial washout of fine clay erosion during transformation and glacial melt, promotes a massive bloom in surface water vegetation. The bloom of vegetation resembles a thick carpet. In the geological record it is preserved up to tens of centimeters thick and documented as a stromatolitic limestone of subglacial origin. The Ammonite represents a biological marker to the Switch because it is soft skinned, and extremely susceptible to radiation. The creature’s reproduction method, spawning thousands of offspring weekly into the surface waters, permit it to rapidly develop, mutate and grow. An abundance of these creatures demonstrated in a rock layer is a marker for the glacial cycle. The Parapuzosia seppenradensis ammonite, is 8 feet in diameter and was located in rocks dating to about 78 million years ago. Since the largest of the ammonites are oldest in history this must indicate that the period of Global Summer is becoming shorter. Reduced to the point where ammonites do not have the required time to develop following the end of glaciation and now has become extinct.

HUMAN EVOLUTION The human population (H1, H2 and H3) is derived from the basic primate (ape) platform. The oldest pre-human (H1) fossil dates to about 4.3 million years ago. Neanderthal, the last H1, disappeared following the most recent Glacial Switch approximately 10,000-years ago. The fossil record of H2 Homo Sapiens is incomplete between 100,000 to 1,000,000-years ago. Geological conditions of erosion could have easily removed a 1,000,000-year-old record of pre-modern H2 humans. It is probable that multiple successive sophisticated H2 civilizations were established and removed on every occasion by the Glacial Switch. H2’s are exceptional because of their large brains, language, established culture, natural curiosity and desire for self-expression and cultural innovations such as music, art and literature. A modern H3 human is essentially a H2 that is completely aware of science, the Four Planet theory, Glacial Respiration and does not believe in a higher power or superstition.

THE H2 HUMAN EXPERIENCE The story of H2 must be told by natural science, altering climates and their personal interpretation of these changes. The human interpretation of climate change is expressed in religion, folklore and history. The geological record on E2 demonstrates human’s experienced rotational cataclysmic events. The altering climates include periods of decreased biological life and human starvation followed by a massive flood. On numerous occasions the H2 humans nearly became extinct and redeveloped from the basic Atom and Eve format. A typical pattern of technological development can be extracted between ancient and pre-modern H2 societies. The human experience of Glacial Respiration remains in the archaeological evidence, lack of physical evidence and the predictable course of events. The social and cultural responses to the changing environments on E2 have combined with human’s creative abilities and generated a reflection in the world’s fashioned religions.

FOUNDATION OF A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE The physical organization of religion occurred on a psychological level as a response to environmental interpretations. Religion was created because H2 assumed that their future was influenced by their actions and the actions/reactions of a higher power. Humans have basic psychological impulses that demands a belief in a supreme being; a non-rational creation absent of proof. The impulse that creates religion is the fear of death and the unknown. Religion begins with a concept of surviving nature and appeasing nature’s earthen spirits. The religious experience was fortified and fixed into the culture by the highest social class as a way-and-means to control or govern the lower class.

SACRIFICE Gifting created nature gods, is prominent to the foundation of all organized religions. Interpretations of environmental disasters were explained, as god’s will, similar to his or her own earthly needs of consuming animals for food. This interpretation was reflected into the creation of sacrifice and offerings made seeking self-salvation. A heavenly offering, was gifted in the hopes of selecting the gift and not being the individual taken by what was believed to be their god’s will. This interpretation was based on humans believing a higher power was actively herding and consuming their population. Without death and suffering there is no environmental basis for the conception of religion. Clarification of sacrifice will establish a relationship between Glacial Respiration and creation of all the world’s pre-modern 20th century religions. The sacrificial element to pre-modern H2 religions is the most important feature to worship and will continue to attract under-educated believers, conformists and the ruling elite to a spiritual faith.

PHYSICAL ORGANIZATION Human desires for companionship created tribes and propelled worship into a dominant social structure. Survivability of a group without political control depends on the embodiment of religion for moral values. Studying primitive religions creates a base to understanding the development of the worlds more sophisticated uni-diety religions. Harsh climatic regions, cold northern and hot desert religions, have many basic similarities. Environmentally harsh regions commonly have unsympathetic or even cruel gods. Human creation of primitive religions was to appeal to the developing human psychology and their necessity to describe the unknown. An exploration of historic and modern prominent religions can help explain why human’s created their gods and continue to find an attraction to religion without proof.

PROMINENT E2 RELIGIONS The majority of religions begin as cults or sects, and either die out, or are established into the mainstream society. The development of religion commonly starts with multiple deity but only one or two true high gods and many lesser gods. Later more modern religions refine into one true god. The “progression of religion” involves combining lesser deity and the local holy man, which is an earthly representative creating a definable Prophet. These prophets are a refinement of the multiple deity platform seen in primitive religions. A prophet often channels gods message as a prophecy or revelation. Examples are found in the Judaic Moses, Christian Jesus or the Muslim Mohammed. Two basic schools of religions were developed on E2 and can be separated into Dharmic or Abrahamic. The Dharmic religions are circular in theory. Life is a continual process of destruction and regeneration, reflecting the circular pattern of Glacial Respiration. The Dharmic religious philosophy includes Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Greek/Roman Religions. Abrahamic religions are linear with a distinct beginning and Doomsday ending. These religions include the Judaic, Christian and Muslim religions. All religions believe in a Messiah. This is a high prophet that can command god’s abilities and will solve the world’s problems. The coming of this profit is regurgitated in every cultural reflection; music, art and literature to maintain a subservient and controllable population. The political, philosophical invention for this mechanism dates back to The Odyssey, a Greek epic poem.

SUBMERSION RITUAL The importance of submersion rituals or anointment with water is built on past experiences of Glacial Respiration and global flooding. Examples of water rituals in the worlds’ religions are demonstrated as a physical component to worship, represented in story or in a visual image. In Asian religion, images of deity are sacred to their worship. If an Asian religion’s god originally had eight arms to swim through flooding waters they remain that way locked in a time capsule. Submerging rituals take on geographic importance. Populations depending upon large interconnected water resources would absorb its importance into their religion. Hinduism is a good example of a religion, which was generated out of a major, river basin. Ritual submersion eliminates all differences to religions and demonstrates all religions are based on environmental elements, changes and their produced deity.

NOAH AND THE DOOMSDAY CULT The Jewish story of Noah or Persian Gilgamesh originated from an earlier society called the Sumerians. The history of the Sumerians, includes the prehistoric periods from 5300 to 3000 BC and encompasses the Early Bronze Age. The earliest documented flood myth was preserved in clay fragments, written in the Sumerian language and dating to ca. 2600 BC. These documents include the oldest known alphabetical literature. The Sumerian tale of Ziusudra, predates the Noah and Gilgamesh stories, by some 2000 years. Strong parallels are drawn between the Sumerian stories of the flood and that of Noah and Gilgamesh. The Noah story has had the greatest influence on modern civilization. Conceptually, the Jews were greatly influenced by the original stories of the Great Flood, so they fashioned their own version and focused their religion to surviving the next event. This was the creation of the first or original doomsday cult. The Roman Catholic religion and other sects such as the Mormonds, Evegilists and Scienctologists have continued the doomsday directive. Organizations like the Knights Templar, Masons and Skull and bones fraternities can also be classified as doomsday cults continuing the Abrahamic tradition. The difference between religion and fraternities involves the separation between social class and assumed entitlement.

DOCTRINAL RELIGIONS’ ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE Recordings of climatic changes are hidden within the fanciful religious stories of doctrinal religion. The only human verbatim witness that substantiates E2’s climate record is found in religious scripture. Religion not only supports Glacial Respiration but also defines the conditions. Understanding the glacial rotational cycle and climate changes deciphers any religious scripture. If the stories are taken out of context Noah and Gilgamesh or the Greek myth of Atlantis will release a scientific record of environmental change. Religious doctrine is formulated and expressed in a specific format. Studying this format is key to being able to realize the true purpose of the ancient text. A study of Genesis (history of creation), Exodus, the Nativity and the Apocypha text pertaining to Jesus during his youth will be explored and exampled. This will assist an untrained observer to be able to extract the environmental message from a religious text.

THE SEARCH FOR AN ADVANCED CIVILIZATION Examining human myth is as equally important as the physical geological evidence and religious doctrine. Advanced mythical societies can be studied to form a complete understanding of how humans developed and redeveloped within the environmental changes of Glacial Respiration. The effect of Glacial Respiration is tremendous erosion so extracting the complete human story solely from buried archeological evidence is geologically not possible. Archeology leaves an incomplete story and incorrect timeframe. Every society has mythical tales of an advanced civilization. An exploration of Atlantis will be sufficient to understanding the possible development of an advanced society absent of archaeological proof. The Altantian story can be explored for important geographic characteristics that would advance a society in a largely primitive world. There are distinct reasons why Atlantis would develop; investigating interesting characteristics, which would cause a civilization to advance, helps to bring truth to myth. The Blue Blood expression describing high nobility, personal wealth or social status might be more truthfully connected to knowledge of Atlantis and H3 consciousness. If an intellectually advanced society developed more than 10,000-years ago only geology can predict if this society re-developed 110,000 or even 220,000-years ago.

TEMPLES OF THE DEITY Human physical structures are interpretive of past environmental conditions. The original creation of human’s physical structure was for protection from the environment. Religious temples were constructed to protect against more significant climate change. All ancient structures need to be explored for a human interpretation of Glacial Respiration and humans surviving the unforgiving changes produced by climatic adjustments. If flood was the primary community concern, hills, pyramids, dams and raised pillars would define ancient structures. Mountains would also be significant to human development because they would be the locations of refuge and origins-of-rebirth following the Glacial Switch. If drought was a prominent glacial mechanism which inflicted society, terrace gardens and large water cisterns would be found in the archeological evidence.

STRUCTURAL SUPPORT H2 humans built structures for salvation, salvation in this life not an afterlife. Any interpretation of lost structures needs to first be interpreted by understanding human fear and lastly as a utility for providing safety. Without initiating the fundamental model of fear and salvation to a modern archeological interpretation, true intentions of a structure will be lost. Ancient and pre-modern societies developed both a cultural and physical response to the Great Flood. Ancient structures defined by the Great Flood include Stonehenge, Towers of Babylon, Temple Mount, and the Egyptian pyramids. Stepped pyramids are the oldest pyramid structures on E2 because they offered the greatest refuge to the largest population during global flooding events. Each step in height represented a ladder of social status in the community. Stepped pyramids were built to protect the largest percent of the community during the Glacial Switch. This interprets that pyramids constructed without steps, were designed only to protect the rulers of ancient Egyptian society. As Egypt grew into a government controlled by a fewer percent of the population the need to extend protection also decreased. The concept of interpreting a structure for surviving a flood explains the creation of statues on Easter Island and totem poles from coastal and island Indian tribes. Coastal communities and desert societies would have experienced a more dramatic flooding experience, which would not be soon forgotten; stories would be extended through successive generations.

ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE Human archeological evidence exists in the form of villages and structures, currently below the glacial summer sea level. The remnants of complete civilizations beneath the summer sea level fit into the Glacial Respiration picture. The elimination of established societies would be solely explained through environmental changes, at the Switch and following with altered precipitation patterns. The glacial rotational cycle terminates societies both instantly and over a slow degradation. Environmental changes have discontinued the existence of the Minoans of Crete, the Etruscans of Etruria, the Khmer of Angkor, and the Anasazi of Colorado. Exploring the Egyptian pyramids in design demonstrates that they are ideal structures to survive a future flood. Complex ancient calendars are significant archeological evidence that support Glacial Respiration. The complexity of the calendars and the accurate 100,000-year celestial cycles interpret that these devices were constructed to predict long-term climate change on E2. The calendars of the Egyptians, Mayan, Aztecs and Toltec were not a simple farmers almanac but complex inventions that tracked climate change and predicted times for Glacial Respiration.

CONTROLLING ELITE AND MEANING BEHIND THEIR SYMBOLS The human symbols are important it interpreting ancient and pre-modern H2 development. The significance of symbol text extends into pre-modern society in the form of symbology. The symbols continue to have importance in pre-modern society because they are universally read and understood. Pictorial created identities have an instinctive human value because they developed from the first written language. The older the language the more important it is to study, attempting to reach back through the 10,000-year Summer Cycle. Pictorial images combined to tell a story or describe a name, place or object. Egyptian hieroglyphics are an example of a pictorial alphabet. Identities that hold important symbolism include religious identities, flags and consumer product recognition. The importance of symbols in Christianity is overwhelming to its patrons. Successful religions rely heavily on symbology to grow in popularity. An exploration into religious and Masonic symbols can connect their groups to Glacial Respiration knowledge and further denote them as a doomsday cult. This section will follow the history of the cross and uncover the Holy Grail.

CLASSICAL DARK AGE The Classical Dark Age occurred between 1200 and 1600 AD, and was forced upon society by the Roman Catholic Church. A Dark Age is the elimination of scientific knowledge and cultural advancement, intentionally implemented by a religious or governmental controlling organization to degenerate society. History shows the Roman Catholic Church was able to slow and even regress scientific and social progression by employing the Dark Age concept. With this effect their definable motive is well outlined. There is a distinct relationship between the Crusades, formation of fraternal societies, Inquisition and the last Dark Age. The driving force that propelled the Dark Age upon the population was a religious court and unjust legal system called the Inquisition. Scientist and astronomers like Bruno and Galileo were actively solving the puzzles of the universe and nearly outlining the simple Four Planet Theory. This threatened religion’s control of knowledge, pertaining to the universe, which is closely related to the environmentally based linear religion. It should not be difficult to determine that Doomsday cults do not like to share their insight.

NEOCLASSICAL DARK AGE The 18th, 19th and 20th century experienced the most dramatic catastrophic social events on E2. This chaotic period in history should be considered, as no accident, but possibly a continuation of the same Dark Age concept and political platform. If this Neoclassical Dark Age was secretly created to hinder social advancement and political modernization, this should be speculated at all cost. Even if the credibility of all previous work is challenged and disregarded. Napoleon and Hitler are labeled as the first and second Anti-Christs. This makes them both significant figures in history and both need to be explored as such. If outside influences created them, it would require the involvement of secret societies, which have educated and influential people in place including medical doctors, lawyers and scientist.

FUTURE DARK AGE A personal evaluation will be required in order to determine if the Papacy and fraternal organizations are capable of crafting a doomsday ending appropriate and predicted within their linear religion. The history of the church does indicate a total lack of regard for life, liberty and support for an individual pursuit of happiness. Interpreting its own prophecy the end of linear western religion is forecast to begin at the next Ice Age and will either be caused naturally or artificially. E2’s environment can be understood as never in equilibrium. Climate is forever moving toward cooler or warmer temperatures following the glacial circular pattern. Warming E2 would entail raising sea levels and displacing one percent of the wealthiest population which lives along the coast. Cooling E2 forces the perpetuating mechanisms that will rapidly alter the soil and change the climate, starving some 90 percent of the world’s population. Currently E2’s climate is agreeable, to the population size, with manmade Global Warming pushing the planet toward hotter climates. Drastic population reductions due to climate will not occur. The point where a doomsday cult becomes the producer of its own linear prophecy will require an examination of history and discovering if technology is available to force a Global Cooling doomsday. Interpreting past actions of End-of-Days cults can predict their future direction.

BUILDING THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE The doomsday device will be constructed with three primary components: social/political, chemical and mechanical to guarantee a successful and rapid transformation back into Glacial Winter. The first element is social/political and concerns the removal of wetlands, change in agriculture, fuel and industrial influences. The social/political component also relies on political misinformation and bad science but it can as well be considered as a psychological mechanism. This means that the population is fooled into believing that a green environmental movement, designed to save the planet, in affect promotes glacial transformation. The Chemical device works by rapidly changing E2’s greenhouse gas composition to assist in cooling E2. The mechanical component is designed to extend an umbrella over E2 blocking a portion of S1’s photon energy. All three components are intended to rapidly remove vegetation and expose the soil profile to erosion, which will turn the climatic direction. Timing could be critical to employing an effective End-of-Days device on E2’s current dense population. It is believed that the physical components have all been field-tested and have been proven functional. Research of the chemical component is provided directly from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The social/political and psychological mechanism has been employed indicating the intended direction of the world’s leaders.


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